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i've had exzema since i was born now but it never goes away, i've heard that dead sea salt helps alot; put into into your bath and relax or ask your GP for a mixed cream with cold tar inside, it sounds wierd but works. Hope this helps!


My heart goes out to all of you suffering with or who have a loved one suffering with this mess.
My son will be 15 in 2 months and he has had this since he was born. He is what is called a triad sufferer. Meaning he has eczema, asthma, and allergies. He also has 4 of the 5 classifications of eczema. He is miserable most of the time. For those of you suffering as he does, you understand the itch that NEVER goes away. It is controllable, manageable, but it never goes away completely. Many times he's scratching and unaware.
We live in East Texas and his eczema covers 75% of his body (on good days). Being outside in the sun helps him but only on low humidity days. A high humidity day, the moisture just sits on his skin and drives him nuts. The winter is the best time of year for him because breakouts go down but the dryness ratchets up a notch. And he's 14. He's tired of the girly thing of lotioning, of having to do it several times a day, of having mom boss him around, of restricting his diet. All of which keeps his eczema under control. So now he has to want to.
I will say, many of these remedies have worked at one time or another. The oatmeal baths, the bleach baths (to limit infection), the vaseline, cutting out gluten and dairy, protopic, the steroid creams, bathing in bark water, keeping hydrated (the MOST IMPORTANT), staying away from ALL nuts and nut products (anaphylaxis allergy as well as skin irritating). However peanut oil (thru the pharmacy) did wonders at one point.
The key is to remember your body changes and adapts. My son has been growing (most of the time) and his body chemistry continues to adapt. So I found that something that worked when he was 2 didn't work anymore at 6.
The only thing that has worked consistently is moisture. The effect eczema has is that it breaks down the barrier that your skin is supposed to be. Without the strength of that barrier, pollutants, allergens, even the body itself, attacks the skin. I am all for home remedies because all of the drugs that get thrown at us are usually more harmful in the long run. But sometimes that is all thats left to us. Otherwise I would have had a child with eczema covered in staph. He's had too many instances of that. Several scars where they have had to remove MRSA will never go away.
The best way to help yourself is to build that barrier back up. Moisture, moisture, moisture! The vaseline is still by far the best for it. It gives such a great barrier against those allergens and pollutants. Next, is take care of the itch. For some it may be the lemon. My son could never use it. It set him on fire for days. But then he couldn't have anything acidic. For some it will be tea, or oil, or oatmeal. Lastly, avoid your triggers. For my son, it is anything with fragrance, gluten, citric acid, and food coloring. Ever read labels? Everything has yelow dye in it it seems. And anything processed, sugars or otherwise. He's basically supposed to be on the Celiac diet. But he's 14.
One other thing I really recommend is silver. Your health food store should have a nutritional supplement or ointment. Silver is a natural healer. The ointment is great because first its an ointment (barrier) and second it has healing properties. Very, very, very few individuals have an allergy to it. Taken internally (as the bottle says) can help you get over a breakout. Be sure to only use it as you need it so as not to build up a tolerance. Applying to skin through the ointment is even better because you can do that longer.


I got rid of very irritated patches of eczema on my hands in about 3 days by doing all of these things:

-I used a natural soap with blue clay in it to wash my hands and body
-I soaked in a solution of warm water and colloidal oatmeal for fifteen minutes several times per day (I used about 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of oatmeal for my hands). It really helps to soothe the itching.
-As someone else already suggested here, you can apply moisturizer on wet skin after a shower or a bath. Don't dry yourself with a towel, apply the moisturizer right onto your skin when it's still wet. It really makes a difference. I used regular moisturizer for the first couple of times and then I switched to natural cold pressed unrefined shea butter.
-Right after I started using the shea butter, I found out that the dry patches were peeling when I got out of the shower. I could take off the dead skin just by rubbing lightly with my fingers. The skin underneath the patches was healthy.

I hope that helps someone!


Hi, just stumbled across this board and had to post this info. It breaks my heart that anyone, but particularly little children, are having to deal with this. I've had eczema for about 45 years. I had it very, very, badly as a teenager. I get slits in my fingers, like paper cuts, and also between my fingers. My hands get covered in the itchy, red rash, and my skin becomes brittle so that if I pushed on a finger, there would be a dent that would take a moment to fill back out.

I came across a book by a doctor William Crook who says our eczema issues are due to too much yeast in our bodies. There are different kinds of yeast, and some are beneficial, but candida yeast is quite harmful to our well being and we inadvertently 'feed' the yeast by eating certain foods. If you cut those out of your diet, your eczema should go away. I found it to be true! I also learned that foods I had been eating in abundance and had never thought twice about, were sparking my outbreaks. (For me cheese and mushrooms cause breakouts.)

So if you can check it out, the book is called, The Yeast Connection by Dr. William Crook. It was written in the 80's but I think there have been updates. WELL worth checking out. It was such a relief to be free of the pain and itching and embarrassment and inconvenience caused by eczema, especially when I learned I actually had the power to do something about it.

Good luck to all of you and God Bless.


My daughter is 1 1/2 yrs old. Has eczema since 4months old. It's on her face, arms and legs.
This is what helps for her:

I use 'lil goats milk Bath soap. (made by Canus)

Feed her yogurt for probiotics.

Lotion:( I mixed together)

Aloe Vera gel (skin soother, promotes healing)

Dr. wheatgrass healing balm (anti-inflmatory)

coconut oil, (highest natural source of essential fatty acids- lauric acid that eczema skin is deficient) I get mine from trader Joe's.

vitamin E oil, (skin softener, skin regeneration)

Palmer's cocoa oil, (emmollient acts as protective barrier and keeps skin moisturized longer)

Shikai borage& flax seed lotion. (highest natural content of essential fatty acid GLA that eczema skin is deficient in) the Shikai brand has Shea butter added- Shea butter contains vit A& E- skin regeneration and anti inflamatory properties. also cinnamic acid- properties that block sun rays-a natural sunscreen)

I used to need to put steroids on her every week before I started this routine. So far I haven't used steroids on her in 4 months.

Hope this info helps.


I don't think of my eczema as a skin disease, but as just a symptom of my food intolerances. I was too impatient with doctors: After my first visit and the only help offered was an rx for a steroid cream and advice to essentially 'live with it,' I did some online research and checked a book out from the library on rotation diets. It was a pain, but I found my food triggers and as long as I don't eat the foods I am intolerant of >once in 4 days, I have no symptoms.

I encourage you to seek your triggers if you want lasting relief. Seek, seek, seek and you will find it. You are more motivated than anyone else to heal YOU!

I appreciate everyone sharing their remedies. I am excited to try out some probiotics to further heal myself. After reading online, there are certain foods that contain more probiotics. And I am lookng into zinc supplements. Lots of great info here. Thank you!


When I was pregnant with my third son, I found out I have eczema on my hands. I have tried every lotion out there to help it, finally in 2010 I caved in and saw a dermotologist about it and was prescribed creams. Some worked some didnt. What I wasnt thrilled about was my insurance company doesnt like to cover much of anything with it came to it. Finally last year, I walked into The Body Shop at my mall near my home. I am so happy I did. Their Hemp Collection has everything to ChapStick, Oil, Body Butter, Hand Wash, Hand Cream, Cream for the feet. I am so happy I actually invested in that small $10 hand cream to test drive on my first attempt for something over the counter for year. I have not had a break out in a year. I joined the Love Your Body Club that cost $10 I get 10% off all my purchases for all the hemp product I buy, points for free products which goes towards more hemp to prevent a break out. I am so happy I found it, and it actually worked. I really do recomend going to The Body Shop or going on their website to get it.


I have had so many treatments done to help cure my eczema, but now i have found just the thing to cure it,you just have to drink one whole pint of goats milk a day for on week and then wait until it natruley works.


Hi I work at a drugstore and have gotten many different remedies that customers have come in looking for. My son is 4 and I havent completely gotten rid of the eczema but its better.
I have been pouring Vitamin E oil in his baths with epsom salt. also using Cerave lotion. Sometimes I put some of his prescription cream on a band-aid for the night if he has a patch (once a week).


In soaking bath try--
Witch Hazel & Grape seed oil
the witch hazel clean and the Grapeseed moturizes it works GREAT for my kids. They bath everyother night.

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