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Hie i suffered with eczema since my i was a child, i tried all cream,pills bt evrything was waste of money,however the other doctor told me to use Tetrecicline,that tube wch cure eyes,after that my eczema disappear forever,guyz this remedy is the cure of eczema im jus taking from experience******

Emma Marie

While taking my daughter to see her doctor recently, the nurse on duty mentioned her grand-daughter's eczema and how they finally found a solution.
Remedy: Use ALL 3 daily-
1)SOAP: Grandma's Lye Soap (made in Tulsa, OK) Don't use any other soaps. Mild enough to use on your face. Don't let the word 'lye' scare you.
2)SUPPLEMENT: Fish Oil -daily as directed.
3)LOTION: Use only- CRISCO WITH BUTTER- as your 'lotion' on your eczema (I use vanicream lite lotion on my face and crisco w/ butter for body parts with eczema)
(The nurse told me her grand-daughter's pediatric doctor recommended the remedy), which cleared up my severe eczema within 3 days.
BTW: I purchased a pink, empty, travel- size bottle and stuffed it with crisco w/butter. No one knows the difference- crisco looks and squeezes like other lotion. (I don't hide it- I've been telling the whole world- finally I have relief).
Best of luck - hope it works for you too.


Believe it or not...Bleach baths. I had a doctor tell me this and I thought he was crazy. Its like being in a pool of chlorine. In a luke warm bath, add about 1/2 cup of bleach and soak. Do this every other day. It cleared up in about 5 baths....:-)


hi my name is aja this helps nd with painful eczema rashes no its not contages its fine dont scratch it at all because it will get dry and crusty and it will break open and bleed and clear puss will come out if that happens what you can do is buy coco butter and derma e every night rub coco butter on the spot with the eczema and derma e on top every night constantly until the eczema clears:)


Blend coconut oil, grape seed oil, vegetable glycerin and aloe Vera gel. Apply atleast twice in a day.


I recently put together a facial special for eczema, you're going to need half a teaspoon of vaseline/ petroleum jelly. It doesn't matter what brand. You're also going to need half a teaspoon of hydrocortisone cream and hydrocortisone ointment. Add in a squirt of Aveeno lotion, along with a squirt of GoldBond Aloe haeling lotion. Last, add a little bit of scar cream, because there will most likely be scaring. Mix it all together then spread an even coat of it where its needed. For me its my face, arms, and neck, i've been having eczema since i was born. Wash your face with an UN-scented face soap and moisterize your face with un scented lotion. Do this two times a day and within a week the eczema will slowly dissapear.
I know I am only 13, but I make this and it works. If you want you can add a banana because it is smooth and makes your face smoother. It also makes it more of a facial. Oats also make a good substance in this recipe


I am 54 years old and have endured eczema all my life. As a child, I would get flareups, primarily in the humid summer months, in the crooks of my elbows and knees. A tar based treatment ('Tarbonus') was used back then for relief. At the age of 10, I began receiving allergy shots and took them until my early twenties. The injections helped with my eczema and my hay fever. Because I had made significant improvement, I was taken off of injections at the age of 21. I did fairly well until one particular day when the eczema reappeared with a vengeance..nearly covering all the usually unexposed parts of my body and face within a few hours. A steroid injection was given and it cleared up. I went back on allergy injections from the age of about 30 until the age of 49. The eczema was eased but never went away - and some days was worse than it had ever been. I've had steroid injections, steroid pills ('prednisone'), and used all sorts of immune suppressing ointments - including 'Protopic'. At 52 years old, I was sick of all this stuff that did very little good and affected my immune system and organs in a negative way. I finally took matters into my own hands. I'm not suggesting anyone do this but, if you do, know and accept the risks. I finally realized my body would break out, primarily, on the parts of my body that were seldom exposed to the sun. I decided to utilize a tanning salon and see if it helped. I went to the tanning salon and used their standup model for 2 minutes. Standup model because there's more sweat with a lay down model and sweat is an enemy if you have eczema. That first evening and for the next three weeks I broke out severely - so bad that I lost sleep and wanted to peel the skin off my body because of the itching. I used Neutrogena UNSCENTED Sesame oil to moisturize and ease the itching. I also kept a tube of Aveeno for eczema at work and would go to the restroom to moisturize two or three times a day. I won't lie, this process was pure hell...and that's putting it mildly. About the 4th week of this I began to notice a change. The eczema was going away as my skin pigmentation changed and became darker. As I said, that's why I decided to try this to begin with. I'm fair skinned, I wear shorts in the summer and short sleeved shirts. I usually wear ankle socks too. My eczema would always appear on the tops of my feet, my ankles, the areas my shorts and my shirt covered...paler areas...areas never exposed to UV light. I've had amazing results with the almost complete disappearance of my eczema (almost a year now) I no longer use ANY pharmaceuticals or over the counter remedies and my skin is clear. I still moisturize with the sesame oil - as needed (great stuff, by the way). I have a little trouble with the crease underneath my left earlobe (go figure) and when I inadvertently expose small areas that are usually covered in the tanning booth. I go once a week to the tanning salon. I began at 2 minutes and now I stay in there for 11 minutes - without flaring up. I am sooooo looking forward to getting to the beach and being able to take my shirt off and enjoy it without breaking out. I know, some say..'What about the skin cancer risk?' That's a good point, I will admit, but I ask...have you read about what all those steroids and immune suppressing drugs do to your body? The stuff that doctors make $$$ on? It boggles my mind that a doctor (mine included) would have NO problem prescribing all those medications, with all their potential damaging side affects, to a patient and then balk at using UV light. In my case, I seriously believe that eczema has something to do with skin pigmentation and UV. That's my remedy. I guess if you decide to give it a whirl..take it slow and be prepared to itch like mad for awhile. That was the hardest keep going to the tanning salon when I was already severely broken out. Plus, forcing myself to NEVER scratch. That's where my loyal and devoted friend, my wife, was my support and my comfort. She would tickle me to sleep every night - my chest, stomach, and back were the worst - it worked as good as scratching without damaging the skin. Today, as I said, I'm pretty much eczema free and so thankful. I thank my wife so much for supporting me throughout this ordeal. I couldn't have done it without her.


home remedy for eczema on hands and feet. Its called Dyshidrosis. Break the blisters with a sterile needle then take plain alcohol and soak the affected areas about 45 mins. do this 2 to 3 times a day and with in 3 days they will be gone and the itching stopped. You can also use white vineger.


I've suffered from eczema since i was an infant. The first ten years of my life was spent in and out of hospitals. I'm in my late twenties and still get outbreaks once in a while. I usually get it on my face neck, fingers, and inner arms and legs. About three months ago I started getting a light outbreak on my arms, which turned to a horrible attack a month later. I had to take time off work, because I couldn't concentrate on anything! I literally felt like my skin was on fire. I have tried many home remedies to no avail. I know the eczema became worse from eating and drinking through the holiday season, so the first thing I did, was I started eating clean! Very important. I finally found something that relieved the itching and dryness, and wanted to share it with you guys. About two days ago, my skin was fire hydrant red, cracking, and weeping. As a last resort i tried a bleach bath first thing in the morning. (I never wanted to try it before because I try to put only 'green' organic ingredients on my sensitive skin.) It definitely subdued the itching. Half a cup to a cup of bleach in a bath tub of warm water (depending on the size of your tub) for ten minutes. Rinse in the shower after wards. Then at night I took another bath with a half a cup of baking soda which helped more with the dryness and the inflammation. Right after the night bath, I put a mixture of olive oil and virgin coconut oil on, on top of that i put Cetaphil cream, and covered it with a wet dressing for the night. I wet the bandage in half aloe vera juice/ half chlorophyl water, then covered it with a dry bandage. This morning I woke up, with skin that is actually smooth to the touch. I almost wanted to cry. My skin hasn't felt like this in months. It still looks red and patchy, but it is on the way to healing! You can get chlorophyl drops to add to filtered water at your local health food store, as well as alove vera. I hope this remedy helps someone else. Good luck to you guys, I can how draining this ailment can be.


rule # 1 never scratch, scratching will spread the ezcema and unfourtunately treating eczema is very costy, a healthy diet is very important! perfumes and dyes and certain lotions will irritate the eczema dial hypoallergenic soap is the best i have very severe ezcema and i recommend that over dove! I also use arm & hammer hypoallergenic laundry detergent with no perfumes and dyes also be consistant with treatment remember you treating layers of skin so when using the oatmeal bath take one everyday um drop about 3 tiny drops of baby oil in your bath water keep the skin moisturized eucerine if you use to my you will clog the pores and irritate the ezcema they're are ways to make it better it just take alot of time and money and patient and see a dermatologist if you can

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