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I had eczema on my wrists. I couldn't find my usual creams. So I tried whatever I could find which was Boots Protect and Perfect Intense night cream and then I put Bio-Oil on top of this. I woke up the next morning really surprised to see there had been a massive improvement. Within 1 week of using both of these at night before going to bed, it had cleared up :D :D :D

Someone else please please please try and vote my reply if it works for you. I work for neither Boots nor Bio-Oil, just want to share to help someone else.


I am not sure if this qualifies as a home remedy but I have given my son 1/8 to 1/4 pill of protandim. It has been amazing after about 3 weeks, his eczema was almost completely clear. He has had head to toe extreme eczema and nothing has worked like Protandim. This was taken from a site adveritising Protandim.. 'PROTANDIM is the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average 40%, slowing down the cell aging process to the level of a 20 year-old.* Protandim is not a conventional antioxidant supplement. Each Protandim caplet contains a unique combination of phytonutrients that signal the body's genes to produce its own antioxidant enzymes, which provides thousands of times more antioxidant power than any food or conventional antioxidant supplement. List of ingredients: Milk thistle extract, Bacopa extract, Ashwagandha, Green tea extract and Turmeric extract. Additional ingredients: Calcium, Croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, modified cellulose, silica, stearic acid. Protandim is 100% Vegetarian - Free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Gelatin and Yeast'

It truly has been a miracle for our son. Because he takes such a small dose, it it not too expensive. $5-10 a month, since one bottle lasts 4-8 months. I do not sell this product but I can tell you where to get it. :)

We have also had success with Body By Vi Shake Mix.


I didn't really use anything at home, other than some unscented St. Ives lotion, but I went to my family doctor and she prescribed me Protonic, which has noticeable changes within the next day. It doesn't contain steroids as it goes on the facial area, so it's not harmful to your skin in the longterm, it also helps the eczema permanently disappear.


I've tried so many different things mine was triggered this time to some scented deoderant ' I got the intense itching followed by blisters, I tried coconut oil which helped sooth but it just seemed to make it worse, this time I tried non scented talcum powder it dried up my blisters which were agravated by me sweating and my skin seems to be on the mend hope this helps. Just make sure you use non scented talc go.


EPSOM SALT baths. Epsom salt can be bought at any drug store or pharmacy (I.e. Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade). Costs less than 5 dollars, usually comes in a milk carton looking container. Normally found near ointments or joint care. Epsom salts are good for joint discomfort or bruisng. After long work outs or stress on the body a bath of epsom salts can be soothing and rejuvenating. Or in this case for clearing up eczema. Also while your at a drug store consider picking up some aquafour. Good for scars and healing. Better than triple biotic ointment can be found near cream and lotions.
For bath:
Draw a warm bath. Add atleast 3/4ths cup epsom salts. Soak for about 30 minutes or until fingers become pruny. Can shower after if desired. May also just use say a bowl of epsom salt and water solulent and soak a hand or foot instead of whole body. Do as many times as once as week, more or less as desired. Should see complete results in a day or two after single use. Should yeild some irritation relief instantly.
In extreme desparation I rub a concentrated mixture of epsom salts with a small amount of water. Creating a kind of rub or mild abrasive. Use this on cronic effected areas even letting stand for about 5 minutes. Again expect complete results in a day or two.
About me:
I suffer from mild eczema mainly on my hands and arms. Sometimes it spreads to other parts of my body. Small bumpy, itchy, dry, red patches. I break out with season changes, stress, irriated akin, and sometimes I think for no reason. Drives me crazy and looks embaressing. I have only dealt with eczema for a few years. I didn't know at age 19 what was happening to me. I have tried prescribed steroid creams and find I need more and more. They are not good for you, they cause skin thinning and discoloration (which I noticed at 22 after a few weeks use). Of course it works its a steroid that's what it does but it is only temporary. I have used over the counter creams, thick moisterizers, fab diets, anything I thought would work. I sometimes would just experiment I was desperate.
But what works for me as a natural, inexpensive, safe, and soothing way is an epsom salt bath. It is refreshing and even though you don't see immediate results you start to feel them. Then in a day the outbreak will disapear completely. If I feel an outbreak coming on I take a bath. Sometimes I delay and try and deal with it. I don't have a lot of time to soak and then shower with a busy NY schedule. But after my baths and it disapears I'm always surprised I don't do it sooner.
Hope this helps!


I developed eczema as an adult. It seems to be a systemic problem that has gotten worse along with all of my other allergies due to where I live (Colorado). When I travel elsewhere I don't use the two inhalers for my asthma, antihistamines and pseudoephedrine for my sinus allergies or anything for my eczema. At home I live in what feels like a constant state of flare-up. A couple of things...

-While things that make you sweat like sports may do well to be avoided remember that exercise helps reduce stress, and I know a lot of us find our conditions are aggravated by stress. This is the most stressful my life has ever been and my eczema is awful. I don't like to, but I've resorted to prednisone just to get some relief. I ride my bike everywhere though and while the sweating doesn't help the workout does. Exercise reduces stress which reduces eczema.

-Activated quercetin has been extremely helpful in managing my allergies, asthma and eczema during lower-allergy-activity seasons. During spring and summer I often have to be on benadryl and sudafed and inhalers and prednisone. But the rest of the year I rely on activated quercetin. It's extremely effective in supporting histamine response and immune response. And it's not a drug (find it in natural stores in the supplements section).

-Hidden dangers in the home: my entire body except for my trunk was completely covered in a horrific flare-up that lasted almost two months before a friend saw it, gasped, and demanded that I go to the doctor (the next day I ran a fever and my slow dance with prednisone began). At the same time another friend who also has hypersensitive allergies started asking me questions about what I laundered things in, etc. I mentioned that my clothing smelled kind of funny when it came out of the dryer. My friend told me to reach into the washer and jiggle the drum to see if there was standing water in it. And oh my God wouldn't you know there was standing water in my washing machine. Nice job, former property management company! I was sleeping in sheets and pillows and wearing clothes that were all completely infused with some kind of mold or mildew from my crummy washing machine. Talk about an invitation for a flare-up! So if you can't figure out what you're doing to trigger it start investigating options you might have thought were perfectly fine/healthy/etc. A lot of people are posting about shea butter which is great stuff, but I bought a few bottles of a brand (Everyday Shea), fragrance-free of course, that just seems to bother my skin more. Live and learn.

Finally a word on SILVER: I used to work as an apprentice goldsmith and my company refined precious metals; I spent a fair amount of time handling, working with, and dealing with silver. Silver is entirely antimicrobial and antibacterial. Nothing will grow on it. This is why emergency rooms keep colloidal silver sprays on hand: especially for burn victims, it's something they can spray onto a large area of the body to keep infections at bay. BUT the human body has no use for silver. It cannot process it. Probably any effects you're thinking you're getting from taking silver or painting your skin with the stuff are placebo effects only. The mind is an incredible tool; don't knock the placebo effect. Taking too much colloidal silver isn't good for you; ideally it should only be used, if at all, in humans, for instant-contact problems, like food poisoning. It works great for food poisoning because you take some colloidal silver, it gets into your stomach, and it neutralizes that wonderful bacteria sloshing around causing mad panic down there. Colloidal silver for a cold? No. For the flu? No. For an everyday supplement? Definitely not. The thing is, the body can't do anything with the silver and it will filter it if it's no larger than 4 microns. At 4 microns or more though it stays in the body. Since the body doesn't know what to do with it it stores it in cellular tissue. Specifically skin tissue. Prolonged exposure to topically applied colloidal silver will turn you blue. The condition is called argyria. If you're taking it internally you can do it to yourself also. I met an old-school refiner who clearly took colloidal silver regularly: his skin has a bluish-grey cast. Also even if silver is properly filtered if you're taking enough of it regularly it can still build up in your body. We've yet to determine if it's really BAD for you, but it really isn't GOOD for you, and you're blue. Literally. Don't take colloidal silver for this condition. Yes it will knock out microbes and bacteria. But there are plenty of things that do that (soap, anyone?) and don't turn you blue. Google Images 'argyria' if you don't believe me.

Thank you fellow sufferers for all of the incredibly helpful tips and advice.


Tumeric and olive oil for eczema. My husband has bad eczema on his leg. Nothing worked and the more he scratched the worse it got, of course. I've been doing research on the effects of tumeric in the diet to ward off cancer. Tumeric is a natural anti bacterial. I mixed a teaspoon of tumeric with with an 1/8th of a cup of olive oil in a little glass dish. I took a soft clean cloth and applied the mixture to his leg and the spot between his toes. I did this twice a day and within three days I noticed it was healing nicely. They itching is under control and the skin is clearing up nicely. Of course tumeric stains anything so I cover the area to protect the clothing and sheets. Hope this helps someone. I really appreciate all the comments on this site I find them all interesting.


I have eczema and get rashes from animal allergies. For a cheap useful alternative I suggest warm water with everyday salt mixed in. You can a cloth in it and app,y it to the area if its on the face, or if you have a bath you can add bath salts, or if you are by the ocean or sea I suggest going for a dip in the water.


I was diagnosed with eczema several years ago and was prescribed a RX steroid cream (desonide) but was told that long term use can cause thinning of the skin and other problems. I mostly get in on my neck and cheeks and sometimes between my fingers. I noticed that when I didn't let my skin dry out the flare ups weren't that bad. I found a really thick face cream that I use when I get out of the shower that really helps my skin from drying out. It is kind of expensive but since it is so thick a little goes a long way. A small jar of it literally lasts me a year but I only use it once a day and only on my face and neck (a pea sized amount will work). I thought I would share this since I have tried a million different types of moisturizers and face creams and finally found one that keeps my skin from drying out i.e. flaring up. (the smell isn't great - smells kind of like baby powder but there are worse things I guess :)
It is called l'occitane shea butter ultra rich face cream. I buy mine at Sephora but you can order it online if you don't have a store near you.


i've had 'p' for 26 years. the waiver: everything i recommend or say is my own opinion and works for me. i try to back up all my info so you can research it for yourself so you can decide if its accurate and safe. depending on if your looking for a permanent solution to your eczema or a get rid of it at any cost person.

eczema and psoriasis are related by they both involve toxemia, thinning of intestinal wall, excess body acidity, diet and internal cleansing are the most important to alleviate outbreaks. diet should be highly alkaline. although sun is good for 'p' tends to aggravate eczema. this diet has been very beneficial to people with eczema.

steroids, enbrel, humira, bleach!!! all of these take care of the symptoms not the cause and do more long term damage than help . steroids thin your skin over time and screw up your adrenal system. enbrel, stelara, and humira suppress your immune system (definition of immune system - network of cells, tissues and organs working together to PROTECT the body from attacks by germs, viruses, bacteria and disease) does that sound like something you want to suppress. go to clorox bleach website and look at the safety tab (wear gloves when cleaning, bleach will corrode metal parts!) i don’t use bleach products to clean much less take a bath.

there is no quick miracle cure for eczema. these creams and babies butt aid (which contain lead and cadmium only control the symptoms not the cause. temporary relief. you put cream on your eczema the rash goes away and you think it “works”. but then it comes back so did it really work. eczema is an internal disease. think of eczema like chicken pox. the virus causes your skin to break out. you can put cream on your skin but until you get rid of the virus inside your body. your skin will continue to breakout. fix the inside and you won’t have to use any creams. diet is the most important factor in controlling eczema. dr. john paganos book is good reference material but for me is incomplete. the premise of this diet is anti-inflammatory, reduce toxin intake, alkalanization, and repair the digestive system (leaky gut syndrome). is an excellent reliable resource for info on soy, fluoride, milk, artificial sugars, ect.

first thing is go 100% organic. there is too much junk (pesticides, hormones and unlisted ingredients) in processed foods which is hard on our over taxed immune system.

do a body cleanse or juicing cleanse

do a food allergy test to eliminate trigger foods specific to your body.

eat an alkaline diet (raw fruits and vegetables should be at least 50% of your diet. i make vegetables shakes. (rice milk and 3 or 4 vegetables and fish oil with vitamin d3 and coconut oil) if you need it sweeter add apples. the roughage is good for cleaning your intestines.

omega 3 is a very important part of diet. excellent anti-inflammatory (i use carlson super d omega 3 with vitamin d3. probiotics are critical to help maintain proper ratio of good bacteria in your digestive system.

i eat chicken, turkey and fish (low mercury like tilapia, no tuna) no red meat too hard to digest.

i drink distilled water or high ph water. many states put fluoride in their water which wreaks havoc on your immune system. yes that includes tooth paste. i use fluoride free 'natures gate' no cavities since using it :) - look up 'fluoride toxicity'. chlorine is bad too. they kill the good bacteria in your digestive tract. I use a chlorine filter on my shower.

i drink fruit juice but water it down by 90%, too much sugar. for cereal use rice milk or almond milk (soymilk is bad - contains estrogen and causes a lot of problems - look up 'dangers of soy') (cow’s milk is too hard on the digestive system. if not organic it contains hormones and antibiotics) goat milk is a good alternative. i've started drinking raw goat milk kefir with no flare ups.

only whole grain bread and pastas in small quantities (processed white flour products are highly inflammatory)(gluten free diet is very beneficial)

the deodorant i use is 'thai' liquid form. i've tried every natural deodorant out there and this is the only one that works. it's awesome. most deodorants have propylene glycol or some form of aluminum junk in it. use natural shampoos, soaps and household cleaners. it reduces the amount of toxins getting in through your skin which leaches into your bloodstream.

stuff to avoid:

night shades- tomatoes, tobacco, eggplant, paprika, all peppers, goji berries and white potatoes. hard to eat out with this list :) night shades all contain toxins which overload our immune system. good resource dr. norman childers 'no nightshade diet.'

all refined sugars (highly inflammatory)
no white or cane sugar, agave, no high fructose corn syrup. alternatives in moderation: stevia is the best, lo han (monk fruit), and xylitol. needless to say all artificial sweeteners are never allowed (sucralose, aspartame, saccharine, sorbitol and many more. chewing gums and diet products contain all these poisons). if it says diet don’t buy it. Sugar is the main cause of my “p” getting worse.

no shellfish, fried foods, yeast, alcohol, smoking, smoked foods, peanuts, and reduce stress.

your skin goes through a 28 day cycle. it normally takes about 1 1/2 months to get my skin virtually clear. what normally happens is my skin normally gets a little worse at first from the toxins being flushed from the cells and going into the bloodstream. last only a couple of days. after two weeks or so the red patches start to heal from the center out. you will have a red circle but the middle will heal first that’s how you know if you’re on track. the rest of the healing process is up to you depending how dedicated you are to avoiding toxins and sticking to the organic diet. it’s really simple - if i'm on the diet my skin gets better, off the diet my skin gets worse. i have no one to blame but myself. i'm in control not my 'p'.

eczema is the itch that rashes. so don't scratch (easier said then done) if you itch try a non-fluorinated/chlorinated water and salt compress use a good salt like himalayan or sea salt no table salt to reduce the itch.

this diet allows the body to heal itself. this diet is for anyone that has tried all the immune suppressors, steriods, exotic remedies, miracle cures, and every eczema cream known to man but had the eczema come back and it will come back. fix the inside and you won't need any temporary external treatments. treat the cause not the symptom. eat to live or live to eat. the choice is yours. the diet works just give it time!!!!! i hope this will change someones life.

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