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I FOUND MY CURE! Last December, I noticed I got a dry patch of skin in my arm that was very itchy and scaly looking. I showed it to my dermatologist and she told me it was mild eczema, that it would most likely clear up once the weather got nicer. So I waited, and waited. Meanwhile school became very stressful and I noticed that my eczema was actually spreading. By January, it had covered my entire thighs and legs, my abdomen and inner arms. My itching was so bad, I had blisters all over my body that would not heal because I would constantly scratch over it. After trying everything from topical steroid creams, changing laundry material, avoiding fragrances, oatmeal baths, trying different soaps and avoiding certain food, by frustration took over. One day I was commenting to my co-worker about my frustration with my eczema and she told me about the 3 day apple diet. You basically eat nothing but apples and drink water for 3 whole days. She said her niece had suffered from eczema and tried this diet, and she was cured. So I went ahead and tried it, by the second day my skin was feeling so much better and on the third my itching was minimal. After doing a little more research I came across a chinese acupuncture clinic that had MANY reviews from previous customers, stating that their eczema was cured after going through the acupuncture treatment. So, I gave it a shot. The Dr. performed the acupuncture on me and rubbed on some ointment on affected areas. After she was done she gave me several herbs and herb tea to take for a certain amount of time. (I do not know what the herbs were, as the names were in chinese) She also gave me a list of food to avoid, which were: No spicy foods, no deep-fried, alcohol, shell fish, beef, pineapple, mango, peach, oranges and no celery. Ever since I left the clinic and took my herbs, and have been staying away from those foods, I have been eczema-free. I am ecstatic that I am cured! I hope this information helps you.


use organic virgin(unrefined)cold pressed coconut oil for eczema! i had an outburst that came from washing my hands too much while having ringworm that my hands became super dry. a red flaky hideous patch grew on the top of my hand and spread to inbetween and on my fingers on both hands! it was hell. i was ashamed of my hands and refrained from wearing jewelery for about 6 months :( i tried vaseline with limited results, olive oil, eucerin. nothing really worked until i started using coconut oil! because i was tired of suffering i was hoping the coconut oil would cure my hands fast but it actually took about 1 and a half weeks to see supppper results! its completely moisturizing,and your hands will thank you! trusst me, try coconut oil, its all around good for your skin. help yourself and youll be happy you did! look it up, coconut oil has many uses and its completely natural and good for you!


I met this product though Ipsy and this is hands down the best moisturizer I have ever used! I have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive face creams at the mall in departments stores and nothing compares to this. This has transformed my face into a smooth canvas for my makeup and I don't even wear as much anymore because I don't need it! It has been a miracle treatment for me and now I don't think I'll ever be able to be without it. I'm addicted.

The product that I'm in love is call '3 in 1 RevoLotion' from LeeAnni Eco. This this natural skincare company that made with natural and edible ingredients and it fixed the eczema on my cheeks and smoothed out my entire face!

I def recommend this brand to people who suffer from eczema. This is just a miracle. You will see what I'm talking about when you use this.


My daughter suffers from bad eczema and I have tried almost everything! My last solution really worked, bought her seventh generation body soap and scrubbed her skin with a loofah and gold bond eczema lotion n after two days her skin is glowing and beautiful!!!! After ten years of pain, discomfort and absent days from school I have finally found something. Good luck oh yeah and lots of water with lemon.


Aloe First, Gelly (for wet eczema), propolis crème (for dry eczema)


Once a year I get a flare up around my nose and nothing seems to make it disappear except time. I have tried prescription creams, hydrocortisone and even polysporin meant for eczema and nothing helped. One day I was so tired of the gross flakiness so I lathered Vaseline on it before I went to bed. I woke up and I wasn't sure if it was just in my head or if it was disappearing, so I kept applying Vaseline to it. So far, there are no more flakes or bumps, just a bit red. I'm sad I didn't try this before!!!


ive been suffering with facial eczema.after being prescribed steroid cream for years with very little relief i'd almost given up. a week ago while in walgreen's I bought a six dollar bottle of Johnson and Johnson purpose facial cleanser and after a few days it has began to clear and disappear.hope this helps someone.ive also been using bacitracin or triple antibiotic ointment around my nose and corners of my mouth at night.seems to really help.considering what ive shelled out for prescription ointment this is a god send.


I had a very bad flair up of eczema on my hands. I have used prescription cortico-steroids in the past. They are prohibitably expensive. I have discovered a cream called Bye Bye Dry, by BabyGanics, in the baby section at Walgreens. Less than a week after I began using the cream the cracks are gone and are not bleeding anymore. Give it a try.


In recent months I have had a bad case of eczema around my eyes, mouth and all over my hands and arms, I have tried many products and natural remedies and I thought I'd share the ones that worked for me.

Facial eczema:-

Eyes - many websites that I have searched through recommended the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, but for such a small amount it was costing over £25 in Boots. As an alternative I went to Holland and Barratt, they have a brand called Burt's Bees, I got a 50g pot of their sensitive night cream (another 8 hour cream) for around £14 and within 2-3 days my eyes were almost healed. I used the cream as often as necessary and after a week my eyes were no longer red and blotchy, just a little dry, which cleared up with the continued use of this cream.

Mouth - around my mouth I used the Burt's Bees cream, also a very small amount of Fucidin hydrocortisone cream on my lips and at the corners. This was the first area to heal.

Hands and arms - my hands have been a long term eczema sore spot, especially my palms which crack and bleed. The creams that were prescribed to me were; Cetraben emollient cream (used as much as needed, general moisturiser, especially good to use in cotton gloves at night), Fucidin hydrocortisone cream. However, the cream that has healed my hands completely is Mometasone Furoate Cream (0.1% w/w). Improvement to my hands was apparent overnight!
If you cannot get these creams on prescription, other things that I have tried include, Aveeno daily moisturising lotion around £5 in Boots, Badedas shower and bath gels, my eczema is aggravated by water, I found I could soak in the bath for as long as possible using Badedas. Also porridge oats work when used in the bath (cut off the foot of a pair of tights and fill with porridge oats then tie it up, either attach to the tap or just dropped in the bath while it fills, the porridge oat moisture really soothe the skin).
I really hope these ideas work for you as well as they have done for me!


I have had eczema on the inside of my arms and ALL over my eczema on my neck looks like hives, red and in flamed and really itchy. I use selsun blue to wash when in shower, that soothes the itching and after really lather corn huskers hand lotion area.

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