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266 Home Remedies for Eczema


What helped me cure my eczema was:
1. use less lotion (chemicals in non-organic lotion can be very drying)
2. use cool water to wash hands with.
3. Peel a banana and rub the peel onto your skin. Wait 10 minutes then rinse in warm water (no soap.)
4. Use less soap on your hands.
5. Drink a lot of water.


Brown vinegar!!!! apply directly to infected area. ie.soak in tub for back area or saturate a clean cloth to apply. It stings a little (at first) but will soon subside. I have tried this for many years. My children developed eczema too and now they also do it. To keep from smelling like a pickle I f/u with a non-fragrance deep moisturizing cream (Eucerin or WalMart has a very brand)


Avoid dairy products, acidic juices such as orange and tomato, and avoid peanut butter. Keep skin moist at all times...flare ups are worse in extreme hot or extreme cold


Tons of Vaseline (no off brands here) and be super careful when shaving inside and around the raised welps or risk bleeding awhile. Ironically, when the skin is slathered with the thick grease, it doesn't itch and, even if it did, you couldn't get to it (lol) Good luck and let's hope it works on mine as well.


Apply Noxzema to the infected area twice a day. After 6 tubes of prescription cream failed to do the trick, I gave up and decided to just let my excema run its course. Then a month later, I read an article about Noxzema and decided to try it. I could see a difference overnight. It helped with the discoloration that can sometimes left by eczema. Keep using it until it eczema is gone. Mine was completely gone within 2 weeks!


gold bond ultimate healing cream will completely rid you of eczema just rub some on every chance you get and you'll see it disappear


olive oil. apply liberally with cotton. cover area with white gloves for hands, white socks for feet.


My best friend's daughter had to deal with eczema. After spending tons of money with doctors and creams, my grandmother recommended that she give her daughter oatmeal baths (stops itchness) and mix almond oil with castor or mineral oil. Being that its a heavy oil for her dry skin and doesn't have the fragrance/perfume dyes that lotions have.


Quit eating dairy products of all kinds. No milk products. My life long eczema totally cleared after I stopped ingesting milk products. Try it!


Apply a teaspoon of sandalwood paste mixed with a teaspoon of camphor to the affected areas.

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