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I have noticed that my flare ups tend to happen when I am stressed out... I dont know if that is a common link for other people. I know that this is a basically uncurable condtion; you can really only treat the symptoms. Those hand gel sanitizers are horrible if you have it on your hands/wrists. Moisturize, and then do it again....


I have struggled with eczema for the past 4 years on my hands. Its pretty minor now compared to how it was when I was a child (huge patches, head to toe). I have tried every prescription to make it go away! However, the only thing that I have found that actually works is the Jergens Skin Smoothing lotion. It stings a little if you have raw areas, but used routinely, it definetly helps clear it up.

The other lotions I have tried only take away the dryness, not the actual patch.

Try this! I hope it helps!

S McKinney-Mittlestadt

I've had eczema all my life and it always comes back. I have several food and skin allergies so, I don't use anything with fruit or nuts. Vinegar, Noxema, vaseline, and alcohol also dry out my skin. Hot oatmeal baths help as long as you're consistent and oatmeal or nutmeg mixed with honey and applied directly until itching stops works, also. Afterward, apply Eucerin, Aveeno, or Gold bond (white and gold bottle only) Remember to drink lots of water, take B vitamins with vitamin E oil daily, keep infected area clean (use dove or other unscented soaps), and stay away from hairy pets, lint, dust, and pollen. If you can stop yourself from scratching, try to be aware of that while you're sleeping, too.


Penatin baby butt cream (spelling?) a little hard to wash off but it works wonders. Put it on after you get home if you know your not going out, or before bed and just leave it there. Babyoil will help get it off in case of an emergency.


For people with slight Eczema problems, use a soap alternative with a Pinetar base solutions. Then apply a Coldtar base cream and continue doing for about a week. Trust me, I could not believe it when I tried it on myself. I was using an EGO product from Australia which is called Pinetarsol Solution for the wash and Egopsoryl TA for the cream.


My daughter had developed excema all over her body. I took her to a dermatologist, and was displeased because he acted like he was afraid to touch her. She noticed his actions. When we left his office she asked me why did he act like she was poison? I told her he was still ignorant in his practice. I talked to a clinic doctor who my sister worked for and he prescribed Elacon. I think I am spelling it right. She used it and in about 3 days it was gone. We also prayed along with it. She has never had it since. She was 12, now she is 28!!!


I had eczema all throughout my childhood. I had it behind my ears, my eyes, and in my nose. It was oozing and itchy and I had an unfortuate childhood.Anyways my step mom got me Destitin Diaper ointment for behind my ears((they used to crack and ache. For my eyes ( they would be like glued shut in the mornings and i would lose eyelashes) she got me the Polysporin optimatical ointment. I used the creams from the doctors the never worked. I used these two and it went away. More proof? A woman came in to my work with cracked red hands i suggested it to her and she came in a few days later saying it worked.TRY it! Ps its messy


okay, first off, eczema is an incurable skin disease. I have had it my entire life. It will never go away. You can only treat it by moisturizing with whatever you can find that works or by using a topical steroid. So all of you people that claim it 'went away' must have had something else. Aveeno lotions and oils are about the only things that work to treat the area. A thick layer of Vaseline will also do the trick if you do not mind a greasy feeling. No matter what you will still see more flares.


Vitamin B complex taken twice a day for the first week and once a day after that. Mine was nearly gone after the first week.


Noxema the original (not the newer fancier versions) works great, three times a day, my 2-yr old hasn't struggled with it since I tried it. By the way the name was derived in the late 1800's as Noxema (standing for No-Xema) who would have known?

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