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I had my first bout of what I can only believe was eczema after a stressful couple of months of digestive problems. My skin under and above my eyes (very delicate areas) was red, puffy, sore, itchy and peeling off by layers every morning. I tried all sorts of creams, changed make up and was unsuccessful until I came across a remedy from a book I had. It suggested putting on Evening Primrose (comes in capsules - you prick it with a pin). You apply it directly on the affected area and it you should see results with a few days. If you are treating a larger area, you can dilute it with olive oil. It worked like miracle. I also apply Almond Oil on top of it in a thin layer and this seems to keep it moist and suptle. I hope this helps, it was my savior.

Boston, MA

For seborrhoeic eczema my doctor prescribed Elocon. It worked in the begining but over time lost its effectiveness. I tried Tea Tree Oil from a health store and found it cleared up my outbreak almost over night. Just apply to outbreak area a couple of times a day. The only down side is the smell. Not too pleasant but at this point anything is better then the itching and outbreaks.


A&D Ointment, commonly used for diaper rash is wonderful for eczema. I have tried everything and this along with neosporin + pain relief, vitamin E oil, and sugar scrubs completely cleared the rash.


During the winter my youngest breaks out on her face. I tried the prescription stuff and it was a hassle for very little improvement. So I figured something out on my own. Now during winter, I carry sticks of Palmer's cocoa butter formula everywhere :P I just out it on her face where its dry frequently and it goes away in no time and you can catch any dryness before it turns into anything more.


The best thing I found for eczema ( And I have it worse than anyone i have ever met ) is Equate hydrocortisone plus, with 12 moisturizers and aloe. It took only about a week and the rash and blisters were almost completely gone. It is fairly inexpensive (about 5 dollars a tube) and it works great. I do warn you all though, dont stop using it until about 2 weeks after symtoms are gone or it will come back strong. Eczema it INCURABLE so you symtoms will come back again, but when it does simply start using again.


Boudreaux's Butt Paste gets rid of the itching and dryness rather quickly for me. Don't be fooled by the name, it's a diaper rash treatment. I use it before bed on my fingers. And sometimes I even use athlete's foot ointment. The butt paste is my favorite though. I think you can get a free sample at the web site.


I have battled eczema for years. I have finally found a combination of things that work extremely well not only with outbreaks but with preventing them too.
Sea Salt!!!! I buy it in 20 lb bags online and I use 'Dead Sea' salt from Israel. I put about 1/4 cup in a sink of warm water at least once a day. My problem is usually confined to my hands and face. You could easily use this in a bath but increase the amount used. I follow that up with Aveeno Bath & Shower Oil then I rinse and apply my moisturizer. I only use Aveeno Oatmeal Soap for all washing all the time.

Gabi - Woodbridge

After a couple desperate attempts to tame the eczema on my baby's legs (cortizone,benadryl,lanacane), I read some of the articles here and implemented the at-home remedies I found listed. This is what worked for me.
An oatmeal bath 2x day (Aveeno). At nightly bath I integrated in small parts a 1/2 cup of olive oil mixed with a tsp. turmeric into the oatmeal bath. I spooned the mixture directly onto the affected areas and gently rubbed it into sore areas. The remainder I added to the bathwater.
After a good soak and while the area was still moist I rubbed legs with plain olive oil and dressed the legs in loose fitting cotton pants. (Natural materials seem less likely to provoke onset of rashes)

Results: After two days the rash is almost invisible and the welts have gone down considerably. Will continue to apply as needed.

...Which goes to show a little holistic medicine never does hurt!


my son has had eczema since he was born. He has it on behind his knees and on top of his feet. he used to scratch so much he would bleed. (it's hard to get a toddler to no scratch!) we tried EVERYTHING! even hte very expensive prescription stuff. the only thing that has worked for him is BAG BALM! every night after bath it was aour ritual, feet and legs covered in bag balm. now the only time we have to do that is in the winter, it gets really dry here. but it keeps the itching and redness away. it's inexpensive as well. look for it at walmart or pet stores.(it was made for dry cracked cow udders) it's in a green square tin. i swear by it!


Turmeric (the stuff in curry spice) is an incredible anti-inflammatory and will help all eczema sufferers. It is proven as effective as steriods/corticosteriods, but don't let the pharmaceutical companies know that.

Buy Turmeric from healthfood store in pill form and take 3-6 pills 500mg daily. Or mix with tea or put in food.

Eczema has a link with Candida fungus. When you eat sugars, it feeds the fungus which causes your body to 'overreact' or become inflamed. Your immune system attacks fungus around your entire body including skin, hence the itchie, scaly skin. (it's actually more complex, but I am shortening it up a bit)

Avoid sweets, gluten, dairy or foods with fungus to balance out your intenstinal flora. Find out slowly how much sweets, etc you can safely eat w/o showing symptoms. However, I suggest detox for the first few weeks including lost of Omega 3's (from Salmon, perhaps).

Many dermatologist don't recognize the above well established science and prescribe dangerous drugs.

Eczema is genetic and enviromental based. This means that you can effectively cure it, although technically it is not curable.

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