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My son has had eczema since birth. He is 14 months old now. In the past two months I couldn't tell you how many times we have gone to the doctor. Don't ask about the money either. If you're on here, then you know. I would look at an old picture of my baby and start to cry. (it wasn't that bad then) I prayed and yes, it worked some but God only guides you, He doesn't do things for you. These are the best things that I've found that works: Bathing in EPSOM SALT-make sure that the salt dissolves completely before bathing, especially for a young one like mine.Something in the salt actually dries out your skin but in a good way. After bathing, rub CETAPHIL cream or VASALINE. The Cetaphil will only work for a little while depending on the severity, but keeping that Vasaline on it, locks in the mosture which is what you really want. The results from one day to the next, is like night and day. Cetaphil also makes a body cleanser that is very good. There are also some topical creams that are only available through RX: Desonide worked really well until allergy season kicked in.Its more like a lotion that you would apply a few times a day. The most recent we got has worked the best and is replacing the Desonide its called Triamcinolone Acetonide. Its more like a Vasaline consistancy which I prefer. Good luck to everyone.


I have had eczema off and on, and I have spent over a thousand dollars going to special doctors, buying medicines, and everything else.

What truly works is things you do at home.

First, you should drink a lot of homemade carrot juice. I have a juice maker, and it makes it much better.

Second, I know some people say citrus fruits are bad, but oranges helped too.

I also had massages, where you put cold milk on a paper towel, and put it on your face for 10-15 minutes.

Lastly, Cetaphil and Eucerlin work excellent, and are about 5-7 dollars.

All those work a lot, and now, I barely have any eczema anymore.


Burn ajuan seeds on a red carbon and expose the affected area to the smoke to get inmediate relief, tip given to me by a kind old lady in India.


I have struggeled with Eczema for 39 years and have tried all the above mentioned home remedies plus some! I have woken up with bloody sheets as a kid from the constant scratching.I have had it to the point of seeping and blistering. From Noxzema to Penaten (German zinc diaper rash cream)gold cream and all typs of Hydrocortioson steroid creams Eucerin, Aveeno, Satin hands from Mary Kay you name it. I can say without fail you can try to controll your symptoms, but there is no cure all. I believe one or the other thing will help relieve your symptoms just like I believe there are different grades severity of Eczema or dermatities. Eczema relates directly to your immun system and the fact is
a- your enviroment
b- what you eat
c- stress
has a direct affect on your outbreaks. You got to treat it all to get reliefe. I have found out chocolate and tomatoes is a problem for me and I also canot peel a orange, tangerine or potatoe without getting the immediate effect of itching. Prescription Hylira Hydrating lotion is wonderful and works for me also the emollient night cream from Mary Kay. Takes the itch away right away. Watch what sets you off on food. Acidics, Dairys, know what makes your body tick. It is different for everyone I can tell you that talking to different people with eczema over the years has taught me that. Keep a diary for food and mood for a couple of month then make adjustments that work for you. Expecially take a load of slow down. I have learn to live with Eczema and I am 95% of the time symptom free, but make no mistake there is always the chance of a flare up, for me mostly due to my chocolate indulgence brought on by a stressful day at work or home. Good luck to everyone and I hope you find reliefe.


Lecithin can cure even the worst cases of eczema. Lecithin, made from soy, contains healthy levels of Choline (becomes acetylcholine after ingestion). The body uses acetylcholine to make healthy, MOIST, skin, and moist eyes. Scientists now say it may be a key ingredient in putting Alzheimers at bay; it's terrific for aging brain cells, when we tend to make less acetylcholine, and our diets are so full of nutrient wasting carbs/sugars. An acid, sugary diet actually creates and feeds eczema. Primitive peoples, those on primitive lean meat and native plant diets DO NOT GET ECZEMA....but Western Europeans/Americans do! Take 2 Tablespoons Lecithin granules two times per day; mixed in with fruit smoothy or whatever. Alternatively, there are capsules, here you would take a divided dose total of 1,000 - 2,000mg capsules per day until control is achieved, then reduce. Fishy breath may occur, and you can lower dose at this point. No other side effects.


Pure Calendula oil with a base oil works well!! It stings for a wee while at first but it works. Just apply it when nessesary.

Eczema Cured

Hi, i've tried all forms of home remedy, what really worked for me is eczecure, apparently it is based on ancient ayurveda technique of mixing turmeric powder with soy and rice flour. After consuming it for about 1 week, there was a really huge improvement and my eczema is cleared now


I was prescribed Mometasone Furoate Cream USP, 0.1 percent and Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream and they're the only things that work. Vaseline works just as well: 100% petrollium jelly, not nursery jelly because it has fragrance. Anything with fragrance, lanolin (sheep oil) or alcohol will irritate the skin. Aveno doesn't even work...i would go with an all natural oatmeal bath if you are into that kid of stuff.


My 2 year old was just diagnosed with Eczema after about 2 long months of scratching herself raw(bleeding). The pediatrician recommended Aquafor (made by Eucerin) 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening. Also, she gave us a topical steroid cream to use at night before the Aquafor, and a prescription for a Hypoallergenic Hydrating Lotion named Hylira. Overnight I saw a huge improvement, and now within 2 days even better. The pediatrician said that I would only need to use the steroid cream during a breakout. I hope this is good info, because I know that this is a very frustrating battle to heal. Someone also recommended to bath my child at night, then get them out of the tub and while still damp cover them with vaseline. Take a pair of footed one piece pajamas, get them wet with warm water, ring them out as much as possible, then place them on my daughter. Then wrap her in a towel and put a movie on for her until the pajamas cool down. This is supposed to be good for helping the vaseline absorb into the body.

Chrissy in TX

My son has eczema on his cheeks, but it usually only flares up in the winter time. I took him to his pediatricain and he told me to try AQUAPHOR and to apply it as often as possible. After about 3 days it was gone. You can find it at your local drug store, like Walgreens, CVS, and even Walmart! It is very inexpensive and helps with the cracking and drying! I do have to say that it comes back every winter, but so far has stayed very minor. I know that there is no cure for exzema but however can be controlled!

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