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I had eczema since i was little... and we had tried EVERYTHING! (creams, detox, we even went as far as wrapping my legs in saran wrap with vasoline when i went to bed!) NOTHING worked until i started using a tanning bed for my eighth grade graduation...

it went away within a matter of WEEKS and its been gone ever since.

I was reading a health magazine while waiting to go see my doctor, and read that in some extreme cases, they use Ultra-Violet light to treat eczema.

You have to keep the tanning up though, i go once or about three times a week, and if i havent gone in a while, like skipped a week or two, i can tell my legs will start to itch again.

Tanning also helps take care of Acne!:)



Try castor oil.
I have a weird type of eczema on my fingers and toes where the skin peels a bit. Not really painful or red or anything. But my doctor said it was a type of eczema you can get on your hands and soles of your feet. I get this eczema looking patch on my hairline. Red, itchy with flaky skin. I'm assuming eczema since my doc said thats what I have on my fingers.
I read about a cleanser that people use, which is to mix castor oil w/ extra virgin olive oil and use that to clean your face, and you use a hot wet cloth to get the oils off. Well, my red patch went away when I did it. Didn't make my face look any cleaner, but the redness left. The next day I used straight castor oil, rubbed it in and wiped it off. The patch is gone now.
The red patch comes and goes naturally. It could totally be a coincidence but if it works it's worth a try. I got it at walmart, small bottle under $3 near the rolaids.


My daughter has severe Eczema flare ups behind her knees and inside her elbows. Don't spend buko bucks buying Aveeno oatmeal bath, all it is if ground up oatmeal. Run a pkg of oatmeal through your blender or food procesor until it is a fine powder & you've got the same thing for much cheeper.
For 'Spot treatment' on the areas that are really bad (blistered or bleeding) I take a piece of plastic wrap & coat it with A&D ointment & cortizone ointment and then stick it to the rash, wrap with an ace bandage & leave it over night...Usually clears up by morning.
Hope this helps


Honey, salt, and light
I had psoriasis on my hands so severe I couldn't tie my kids shoes or keep my house clean for four years. Splits all over my fingertips and between my thumb and index fingers were excruciating. This is what I've learned. The topical steroids worked at first, but over time actually worsened the condition and thinned my skin (even though the MD said it wouldn't on my hands.) I quit using them, which made it worse for awhile, but then gradually improved. I use salt soap (without perfumes or additives), light therapy, and a hand lotion with honey in it. (Burt's Bees grape seed and honey). I also cut out most (not all) processed and refined sugar in my diet. I now have a little flaky skin, but I can live with it. It's not painful!! I played basketball with my boys yesterday! The transformation wasn't overnight, but it only took about three weeks.

I think we need to look at why our immune systems are overreacting -- why don't we ever ask what they are overreacting to? I think maybe it's an overgrowth of bacteria/fungus in our systems. Think about it; salt is a natural disinfectant. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. Honey has natural antimicrobial/antifungal properties (otherwise it wouldn't sit on your shelf so long without spoiling, right? I used to bake bread, and bakers would always say that recipes that used honey improved the bread's 'keeping qualities.') So maybe all those years I had underlying secondary fungal and bacterial skin infections that were worsened by the steroid use (they suppress the immune system). Maybe we should work with our immune systems instead of fight them. Wishing you the best.


Please stop saying eczema is incurable. That is disempowering and ridiculous. I was born with it, had a very severe case of it for many many years, and as long as I stay away from certain foods (dairy, sugar, wheat, corn products, white potatoes,eggs) my skin stays beautiful. I eat some of the things I am allergic to now that my system has gotten stronger, but only in moderation. When I first discovered I had food allergies, I stayed away from the offending foods for 2-3 years, and added hot yoga (Bikram)to my wellness regime. If i eat any of the foods I'm allergic to, I don't have that food for another 3 days to give my body a chance to get rid of the allergens. As all eczema sufferers know, when you get a flare-up, it takes forever for it to clear, so it's best to not get a flare up. Learn what your body can tolerate and what it cannot. By all means, stay away from brewers yeast!!

Here is my personal Rx: Plenty of water - at least 16 oz with a bit of lime/lemon juice first thing in the morning for internal cleansing, and 2 quarts throughout the day, plenty of fish, fresh veggies and olive oil, fresh green vegetable juice every day, a positive, loving state of being (very important)hot yoga (started my healing process). People who have skin problems are sensitive and special, and have to be more mindful than others, and if you're willing to do the work, the results will be wonderful. Best to you all....


Chlorine has been effective for my excema. Aquaphor is also very beneficial.

Itchy Feet

There's a product called Calmoseptine Ointment (if you Google it, you'll find it), which is sold to hospitals for rashes, bed sores, itchy wounds, etc.

I have found it's pretty good for eczema relief. Not a cure, but gives a lot of relief.

It's a very thick pink cream, almost like the zinc lifesavers put on their noses (in fact, one of the active ingredients is Zinc). Unfortunately, it is something like oil paint, and can stain some clothing.

It has Zinc Oxide and Menthol, and a bunch of oils like lanoline. All the ingredients are fairly recognizable. Kind reminds me of an oily version of Caladryl, with a lot of menthol.

Also, with hydrocortisone cream, I find the best thing to do is put that on immediately at the first signs of a flare up -- but do it after you take a shower or bath. It absorbs better when skin is wet. I find that sometimes if I do that right at the beginning for a day or two, it will go away. Unfortunately, if it doesn't, you can't keep using hydrocortisone -- it thins the skin, and eventually will make it worse.


Hi all.

I have been suffering from eczema and allergies my entire life...from the day I was born. Unfortunately, my dad's religion did not think highly of doctors, and I went through my entire childhood and teen life (and beyond), just suffering, trying different possible home and OTC remedies. I had severe flareups, especially on my hands, that were debilitating at times, not to mention embarassing.

I have come to the realization that eczema is not just external, of course. It has everything to do with what you are putting in your body, stress levels, etc. Therefore, you HAVE to know what sensitivities your body has.

I would highly recommend going to an allergist and getting a huge battery of testing and blood work to find out what you are sensitive to. Then work from there.

There are so many good home remedies and ideas out there, but if your body is allergic or even just sensitive to part of the remedy, it's just not going to work or maybe even make things worse.

First learn more about your body, then start avoiding the foods and other elements that your body seems to reject.

I also agree with the idea of a detox, but I think you first need to know what your body is sensitive to, because what if part of the detox ritual contains an ingredient that you are allergic to?

It's such a tedious and difficult process, I know, and I feel for all of you out there who are going through this.

Good luck to all.



I had always surmised that whatever was causing my eczema was something in me trying to get out or something I was lacking producing a symptom of something lacking. Well for me the latter was true. I saw something posted that said I should try washing my hands in Head & Shoulders shampoo because of the Zinc in it. Well I figured 'why wash my skin when I can take a Zinc supplement. Well that's what I did and after 3 weeks My hands started clearing up and seem to be maintaining rather nicely. 50mg of zinc per day and things going well


I have suffered from an extreme case of eczema since I was born. It comes and goes but basically remains constant. I have literally tried everything from oatmeal baths the every 'cortisone' possible. I have also been put on oral steroids such as prednisone and a few others, those do the trick and it also made me feel like I could be myself for at least a week or two but it always comes back and usually with vengeance. I really do believe that eczema is related to these things
1. Your stress levels
2. What you eat/ put into your body

I have many food allergies and I know that what I eat directly affects my skin. Dairy, wheat, fruit...etc
I promise anyone who suffers from eczema the way I do, just try cutting a few things out of your diet for at least 3 weeks, I bet you will see a chance. Eczema is INCURABLE! I feel for all those that have to suffer with this stupid disease the way I do!

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