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Corn Huskers Lotion marketed as a heavy duty hand treatment has worked wonders for me. I slather it on and let it sit and soak in. I reapply a few times throughout the day, and after a few days I've noticed a big difference. I also apply Vitamin E cream in a thick layer after bathing. Drinking Green Tea is also a plus.


My 11 year old son has been struggling with eczema since birth. We've tried every OTC and prescription available. the dermatologist resorted to oral steroids to calm two recent horrible outbreaks. Within two days he was completely clear! Not wanting to have to continue that, she also recommended we try bleach baths followed by CeraVe cream and a topical cream called mometasone - but the thing that's worked the best has been the bleach baths! 1/2 bath tub of warm water, one cup regular bleach, soak for 5-10 minutes and you can rinse with soap and water afterwards if you like. Try this every other day for one week - I think you'll be amazed! Pat dry after bath and apply CeraVe cream (not a prescription-if not on shelf at store, pharmacist can order for you, about $20 for a large jar). I have not had to use the mometasone as long as I follow the every other day regime with the bath and the CeraVe cream. The cure has been AMAZING! He's so happy to not have to wear long sleeves to cover his red and often bloody arms and hands! Please give this a try!!! Can't believe I've never seen it posted anywhere before


For Eczema relief I sometimes wash with bleach it stops the dry itch from eczema. bleach is a vary powerful chemecal it's best to test it first on an itchy area to see if it works for you..
plus changing laundry detergents from regular to all natural no chemicals helps. I notice the regular detergents have chemicals that bother my sensitive skin..all natural ( No sodium laureal sulphites work best)..after a shower I started putting the bag of balm ointment on it's used for cow utters or something yet I feel much better from it. it also helps provide moisture to my skin..


I am 23 years old, just started working in a hospital and it's been very dry lately.

My hands/wrists/arms became very red, splotchy and incredibly itchy.

Employee health thought it was contact dermatitis (WRONG) and their suggestions made it ten times worse.

I finally went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with eczema! They gave me a prescrip for betamethasone (awesome!!!) and told me to lotion right after showering with Cetaphil CREAM not lotion (lotions have too much water in them). All my symptoms have pretty much disappeared in less than a week.

I stopped using the betamethasone and I noticed a little bit of redness coming back on my wrists :( I am hoping that constant lotioning will gradually make it go away without having to continue the prescription stuff.


Twenty-five years ago I had bad eczema and tried numerous remedies. One day I read about Zinc pills for eczema. I took it and the itchiness went away. Zinc pills are found in the vitamin section in stores. They work. It's now 25 years later and I'm fine.


All of the folks who are recommending staying away from acidic foods are dead on! Cooked tomatoes and tomato sauces, citrus fruits, pineapple, dairy (lactic acid) are all foods to look out for. My newborn son had a hard time sleeping and had eczema on his scalp. I suspected the milk was at fault so I switched him to soy formula. After one bottle he sleep quietly and peacefully and the eczema went away quickly. I now drink very little citrus juice and I haven't had an outbreak in years. I've also found clobetasol propionate to be very effective against outbreaks (2 treatments and they're gone!). It's pretty cheap and a small tube lasts forever. (It's sold as different product names, Temovate, Dermovate...) An allergist also tested me and found out that I was very allergic to mold. My eczema was much worse when I was sleeping near a leaky water heater. An allergist should be able to determine your 'triggers' (although mine didn't detect the acids issue) and give you a prescription for the clobetasol. Good luck!

mom of 3

My 3 yr old daughter suffered with eczema for about 2 years now and I have tried EVERYTHING from steirod creams to home remedies with apple cider vinegar.
Nothing has worked on my daughter except diaper rash cream (TRIPLE PASTE) and this worked great but didn't cure her eczema. but I came across this website talking about using kiwi fruit and putting it on the infected area and I was so very skeptical but decided to try it. I tried everything else nothing has really worked except the diaper rash cream but I wanted it GONE for good. So I tried it and it worked. Honestly. Her hands were the most affected and I mostly put it on her hands and not her whole body because it stings a bit and since she is young. Now when ever she gets a break out which is TOTALLy due to sugar (when grandma gives some treats) she NEVER breaks out on her hands but her body breaks out. So I know for a fact it is the kiwi that did it!!! Please I know it sounds weird but this really works. just give it a try you have nothing to lose, especially if you tried everything else. It is safe and 100% effective in my opinion.
I suggest, after you follow the kiwi treatment, the skin might be a little red so put the diaper rash cream on and I really promise you, it will be life changing!!!
for some reason this website will not allow me to post any links so if you google or type in the search box:
Michael chin's eczema and kiwi it should come up.
Good luck to all


Drinking the 8 - 10 glasses of water a day has slowly improved my eczema. Definitely have upped my water intake at work. I try to drink 2 twenty ounce glasses during my shift (anywhere from 3 to 10 hours, and I may drink more if my shift is longer). To get started you can drink a bottle or the equivalent (16.9 oz) every morning when you first wake up. Lotions/cremes can help eczema on the outside, but drinking water can help it from the inside. We're always told to drink lots of water and it probably is a good way to get rid of your eczema!


I am cautiously optimistic. I've had eczema on my hand for several months now. The cortizone creams make it go away but then it comes back. I read these posts and last night soaked my crusty, painful hand in warm salt water for about 20 minutes, then covered it in vaseline. This morning I soaked it longer and massaged it. Eventually I started to molt! Yes, the hard cracked skin got so soft it gently rubbed off in the water from all my infected fingers. This never happened when I would soak it in the bath without the salt. All day I've been massaging it with Noxema and vaseline. I can bend my fingers now. The skin is soft, but still redish, but it's showing definite signs of healing. No itching at all.
It's less than 24 hours since the first salt bath. Can't wait to get home to do the next one.
Maybe maybe this'll work.


I Have Had This Skin Irritation Since I Was A Baby,I Use A Prescription That Is Easy To Get From Your Doctor.Its Very Easy And You Can See It Working In Hours!!!Get Betaderm Ointment 0.1% DO NOT GET CREAM IT TAKES LONGER TO HEAL.GET THE OINTMENT!

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