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Maxine C.

i suffered from eczema on the palms of my hands for 4 yrs, after trying all the prevex and steroids that i could stand, from my doctor, i thought id admit defeat. but a good friend of mine suggesteda product made locally here in newfoundland, canada. Hempwear, on water st. sells a line called 'rocky mountain' i bought theyre unscented body butter made especially for eczema(unscented and also comes in a pumpkin patch soap) it was cleared up in just under a wk. i was amazed!! the thing i liked about it most is that even ppl with allergies can use this , as its all-natural, ad hypo-allergenic, as well as scent-free. i would highly reccomend it to any1 with small children, with delicate skin. its a miracle drug!! again the store'Hempware' look it up i know they ship orders all across the world...hope this helps
Maxine C.


A good friend of mine tried every 'cure' and medicine ever suggested...he is now ADDICTED to the Hydrating Butter Bar...he swears by it! Says that women LOVE his skin now and he won't leave home without it! I know he always smells great and his skin is smooth and silky looking now...good luck!


If this simple remedy can help somebody like it has me then its worth a try.

As an 18 year old female having battled with complete body eczema from as far back as i can remember, i was shocked to find that the best remedy for me was the simplest!

After trying every ointment and steriod treatment under the sun, i discovered that olive oil relieved the itching immediately, however it needed to be light (extra virgin). i saw results within a week.

here is the method i used:
1 - spray olive oil over the body / affected areas and rub in for 5-10 minutes.

2- get into warm shower and continue to rub the oil into the skin.

3- when finished shower, pat dry and use an oat based moisturiser.

This works best with showers as you wash the excess oil away! i found that this prevented the flares and also stopped itching. i am able to use natural soaps, although i opt for oat and honey based typed. (type 'LUSH' into google, 'figs and leaves' is a good one!)

Not only has my eczema subsided, my skin has a natural healthy glow. with the product being completely natural, you can do this as often as you like.

warning: bath or shower can be slippery afterwards, clean and rinse well!!


Eye wash and tee tree oil.

I use Bausch& Lomb eye relief because it contains boric acid as the active ingredient. Then, followed by jason's tea tree oil. It cleared up 80% within 4 days.


For five months I have been dealing with a small, but very uncomfortable eczema patch on my face. I followed the dermatologist treatment with steroid creams, and had some temporary relief, but then the itchiness would come shortly after I stopped the treatment. Aware of the anti-inflamatory properties of turmeric I started drinking a tea spoon of turmeric in warm soy milk every morning. The eczema receded shortly after. I can't guarantee that it was the turmeric that did it, but the timing makes it seem like it did. It may be worth to try it.


I am an excema sufferer (for 33 yrs) and have tried many products, creams and concoctions given by pharmasists and doctors. I recently on a whim discovered a good remedy/concocture which temporarily heals and aleviates the itchiness and swelling of excema skin. I dab with a sponge on the affected area a little caladyl/calamine 'lotion' which u can get for no more than R9.00 at ur pharmacy followed by patting on a a generous amount of Bennets Baby Bum Cream on the affected area. The itchiness is minimized and after two or three applications for three days the affected area is almost fully healed - depends on how bad the excema is. This is not a cure but sure does work. Try it! Trying will not hurt ;)


I am 35 years old and a long time sufferer of the most severe eczema possible. The eczema is on over 90% of my body with highest levels of inflammation. I recently found a treatment that provides a almost 100% recovery from eczema. I take DORYX( anti-biotic) which is a delayed time release pill that is designed to remove certain bacterias that causes inflammation on the skin. The bad news is DORYX at this moment is costing $1000 for 60 tablets. The good news is that there is a Generic brand ( Doxycycline Hyclate) which cost significantly less, I found one sight that sells the generic brand 20 tablets 100 mg for $13.99. Not sure how effective the generic brand is but it's definetely worth a shot. I take DORYX 150 mg for 7-9 days , 1 for each day and that's all you need.Once you are done with the 9 days, Stop using the DORYX. Eat a very minimal snack when taking DORYX, you don't want food to interfare with the absorption of the DORYX. The DORYX attacks the inflammation from the 'inside of the body' which is the most important part in the success of this treatment. Then I use Triamcinolone acetonide ointment with Aquafor healing lotion. The triamcinolone acetonide is attacking the eczema from the outside and the Aquafor 'healing ointment/ shielding lotion' is locking the triamcinolone medication in and shielding your skin from external pollutants that effect the healing of that area. You can use the Aquafor as many times as want all over your body, the more you use it, the faster your skin will heal. This method is extremely effective. I first apply a wetter lotion( any good lotion ) and then apply the Aquafor to lock that lotion into my skin. Your skin will be forced to hydrate and become healthy. The eczema being attacked from inside and outside is forced out and a newer, stronger skin recovers over that area very rapidly. Do those steps and I Guranteed a almost 100% recovery from eczema. You'll be extremely shocked how effective this works. Within 1 day you'll see dramatic results. Using the generic brand of DORYX (Doxycycline Hyclate) will be around $14 and the Aquafor at ( Walmart) is around $14 maybe the generic brand can even be cheaper. Add a lotion maybe $10. Total cost maybe around $38.The DORYX can last years, the Aquafor can last years. It's definetely worth it. This method was recommended to me by a 'BRILLIANT' dermatologist.


my 2 year has recently showed symptoms on his cheeks, arm and leg pits. I'm using pure organic coconut oil before bed. by morning it's gone. From what I'm reading here, I need to put it on a couple times a day every day to keep it at bay. I was wondering why it's not just 'going away' for good ;o(. he loves to help spread it all over himself...get those kids involved!


I have been suffering from eczema since age of 30. The infected area was mainly the feet. After consulting physicians, I have been treated with steroid cream and some itching prevention pills. The syndrome was off very soon but it happened again. Besides, the infected area became secondarily infected and antibiotics treatment resulted. I seek for other alternative methods such as herbs but it took a long time and the effect was not obvious. Someone recommended acupuncture and heat treated but I¡¦m not eager to try. Finally, after I read through many relevant articles and searched over the internet, I try to control my diet (no suspected allergic food), drink a lot of water, keep skin moist by scent free aqueous cream at least three times daily, warm to cool bathing, complete rinsing of clothes to get rid of washing powder, limited soap cleaning of infected area to preserve oily layer on the skin, using humidifier in winter season, wear pure cotton clothes, change bed lining frequently etc. Now my skin condition is under controlled.

Diane B

I have eczema on my back, between my fingers, the inside of my elbows, and my underarms...when I have flareups the itching is unbearable. I tried a lot of stuff before getting diagnosed, and while some of the remedies work, the relief never lasts. It's depressing to think I'll always have this...I have other health problems, but it's this one that drives me the most crazy!

I'm so happy I found this site, and I'm making a list of things I'm going to try until I hit on one (or a combination) that works for me.

I've often used Tea Tree oil for other things, but it never occurred to me to try it for eczema! Then on to salt scrubs, oatmeal baths, lemon, olive oil, Crisco, tumeric...all things I have on hand. I hope to be able to post a testimonial soon!

Thanks to all of you who cared enough to post your remedies.

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