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I have had eczema since I was a kid. Recently got a huge outbreak on both palms. With these remedies it is clearing up! Used mud pack with sea salt to draw out toxins once a day, use cold ice packs for itching, wash with noxzema original cream 2-3 x's a day. Also used baby 'butt paste' for softening the skin, (then wipe off) 2 x a day plus using Crisco (the kind that comes in a brick) instead of lotion (lots all day!) to keep the skin from drying out. Had lots of redness, blistering, cuts, bleeding and flakiness. Now it is all receding in only 2-3 days! Can't believe it! Can also use antibiotic (Neosporin) on open skin with a stretchy band-aid. Works great overnight.


Hello, I have suffered from eczema since I was a kid. I am now 21 & I've never had a flare up since I probably was 15. The other day I had the worst flare up ever. All over my body. It has never been this bad ever. Literally everywhere I touched or scratched caused a flare up. I tried EVERYTHING from tea tree oil, calamine lotion (this only soothed the flare ups) lemon juice (stung really bad) grape seed oil mosturizer (this was very soothing it makes your skin feel great) but none of this actually worked. I was so frustrated. I decided to use coca butter, I am so serious this works. In one day it was almost gone. Every couple hours I would put this on. I even kept the coca butter by my side in the bed. & constantly put it on. I woke up it was gone. This is amazing I recommend this to everyone. You should try this if your suffer from eczema. It worked great for me. Be patient & see results. I had to share my story with you all. Thanks =) I hope this works for you.

Claudine Davis-Whitely

For eczema I massage Olive Oil on the skin. Be patient because this really works


I have eczema in my ears. No where else on my body, although I do have dry skin. I also have chronic eye dryness, which I wonder if it's all related, but that's another topic I'm sure. Anyway, after a particularly nasty secondary ear infection recently I was bound and determined to find something that healed my ears of the constant pain, burning, itching, and crusty weeping. I've been dealing with it for the past 10 years, and I thought I had to live with it. Pain is a funny motivator. My ear was swollen shut and the lymph nodes from under the ear down my neck to my shoulders were all swollen. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and oral steroids and a steroid creme. The oral steroids were magic. It took away the swelling, the pain and the itching! But quite soon after the last dose the itching returned as well as the crusty weeping. I knew the steroid creme would only be a short term maintenance solution. (I haven't even filled the scrip.) I want my ears to be healthy! Not just maintain the condition. I found an oil called miracell. See I had a sample sitting in my bathroom for months, didn't know what it was!! I put it on my leg to try it out and immediately knew it was quality. I got online looking for more and kicked myself when I learned I could have put it in my ears! I got more and I've been putting it in my ears now for the past few days, 2 or 3 times a day. I'm in love. It's a combo of oils and contains myrrh which is an antibacterial. I highly recommend this stuff! They have an oil called Calm Ear. I compared the ingredients to their main oil, Skin Relief & Support. Its the same exact stuff, only the FDA requires they put a paraben in the Calm Ear, the other oil is paraben free. The Calm Ear is hard to track down, they ended up sending me samples of the Calm Ear, and I just bought the main oil at my local health food store, its the same stuff.
My ear infection was severe and I'm glad I went to the doc for that. I don't know if it's a remedy for an ear infection, but for the eczema it is absolutely helping and I hope that it will indeed help my skin help itself to return to complete health. I am also cutting out dairy and sugar in hopes to eliminate the root cause. Good luck to you.


Thank you to everyone who submitted their remedies! My 18 month old son has had eczema since he was a newborn. Currently it is only on his legs, behind the knees and badly around the ankles. It's worse during the winter when he doesn't get the sun exposure. Like many of you I have just struggled along. He saw an allergist and I have eliminated allergens but the exzema persists. The steroid cream his doctor gave him doesn't help much at all and I hate using such a thing anyway, just doesn't seem safe for the long term. After reading some of the remedies on here, I've tried a couple and what I have found that works well is the bleach bath. I use 1/4 C. bleach in his bathwater and have him sit with his legs all the way in it for about 10 min. Drain and refill the tub- not necessary unless it's a toddler who wants to play and splash around- and wash like normal. For lotions, I have found a wonderful one. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion. It's hypoallergenic and one of the first ingredients is coconut oil. In a matter of days, his cracked, scabby oozy areas are almost completely healed. He is down to just a little bit of dry skin left where it was the worst. Also, to help soothe the itch until it heals, I use witch hazel on a cottonball 3 times a day. It doesn't burn and he stops scratching almost immediately. Thank you everyone who submitted remedies. It's such a relief to know that there are safe ways to deal with this. Hope this helps someone!


I suffer from eczema on my hands (and when it's really bad other areas) usually in the spring and summer and the ONLY thing that has helped me has been to get out of my house and spend the day outdoors and in the sun. I notice that the more active I am, and the more time I spend outdoors, the less I have flare ups. Unfortunately, I'm having a flare up right now, but it's cloudy and rainy outside.


A friend told me to mix one part antifungal cream like for athelet's feet and one part niosporin ointment. Mix the two together, spread on effected areas. It is a miracle!! I've tried so many things. This works!!!Please Try It!!!!


steamed frozen broccoli cuts from Target & raw organic baby carrots..try it every night with dinner and see if it helps.


i started getting eczema when i was 21 years old. up until then i had the most beautiful and literally baby-soft skin. i have been suffering for 3 years now and i feel like its consumed my life. ive used all the prescripted stuff, but am so reluctant to because i dont like using meds in general. using Aquafor on my hands makes them worse and causes blisters. However, i found it to work on my legs. after i shower i use LOTS of aquafor and rub in really well into my legs. after reading some comment im trying olive oil for my hands. i pray that it works!


This is the best combination I have tried so far. After I get home from work and in the morning before I get ready, I rub kiwi fruit on my eczema. Then at night before I go to bed I use Dermarest lotion. I have also gone tanning 2-3 times a week for about 7 minutes. After I put the kiwi on, it almost disappears. Sounds crazy, but I swear it works! Good luck to everyone and thanks to all who have posted their ideas.

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