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I got the best present the internet could ever give for free! Thank you to everyone who has posted a remedy for eczema on this site. I did suffer from eczema as a baby, but never saw any traces of it on my skin. However, this problem revisited in 2008 at age 40, when I started drinking Soy Silk consistently and I didn't even suspect it. I absolutely love it - One mug in the morning and one at night all year round. If I am working late into the night, I could easily consume 4 cups a day! Someone on this site recommended to stop soy products - that was my light bulb moment. Everyone in my family still consumes Soy Silk, but it is not good for me. I discovered this site a day before Thanksgiving 2010. I stopped taking Soy Silk immediately and within 24 hours, I noticed no flare ups and there has been none ever since. I have been able to get back to eating nuts of all kinds, shrimps, chocolate, red meat and living a normal life - I am so happy like some with a pot of gold. I have been wasting money on oral steriods - each 15 day treatment gave relief that lasted six months each time. My family was worried about the effects of steriods my liver and kidney; I had seperate creams for my neck, something stronger for my hands, nipples,thighs, back, stomach, legs, arms; had Demasmooth ointment and colbetasol tropical solution 0.05% for my scalp (all this costed approximately $480); I was worried about the shame of eczema- my right hand was completely covered and my left was progressively getting worse - it is the first thing you see when I am in the office. Though I wrote down 15 things I could possibly try from this website, I decided to try the simplest - I took a daily shower with non-scented soap which I have been using for two years, applied Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion, applied fresh lemon juice and left it on for about one hour. Followed by Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the kitchen. I feel so confident now that I know the root cause. Please work on finding your root cause and refrain from using bleach on your skin, as your skin is very delicate. Once again, thank you.


Okay, so developed eczema the winter before i turned 18. It slowly became worse, but once summer hit, it completely disappeared. It did not return until that October. Itching became horrible. Olive oil helped the itching, but the feeling was disgusting on my skin. A friend of my mom's suggested using Vasoline before showers on the affected areas because water increases dryness, and vasoline repels the water. It definately did its job. I went to the doctors, and they perscribed a 2.5% Hydrocorizone cream. He also suggested Lac-Hydrin Five. The combonation of the three worked wonders.I use the lotion and seroid twice a day, and it is almost completely gone after five days. I HIGHLY suggest Lac-Hydrin Five. It works wonders. A bit pricey, but well worth it! Good luck to anyone who suffers from Eczema. It's no fun. Hope this works!

Lisa from Vegas

First of all, I would like to thank the people who wrote about using olive oil to stop the itching. It worked! I was with my baby and I didn't want to leave home, but I was 'dying' with pain. So I used Spanish olive oil and rubbed it all over the eczema--I really drenched it--at then the pain moved from a ten to a four. I then used it again fifteen minutes later. I also took two ibuprofins and then pain moved to a two. The next day I bought water which is called 'Real Water.' I bought it at Whole Foods. It helps balance the alkaline in your body. I also used an enema and cleared out my body--sorry to be gross. The next two days I made sure I ate a raw food diet. I felt a little weak but I noticed that my eczema was going away. Later that night I decided to 'fool myself' and sneak in a donut. Yep, you guessed it...I was a fool!! A few minutes later I was itching all over again. I know that there was a direct correlation between my sugar intake and my eczema. My body was not done clearing the toxins and then I decided to hurt myself and pollute it again! I tell everyone this: sugar, fatty foods, lack of good water and stress will bring back your eczema. Go on a raw food diet for two days and you will notice a difference. You may not have the donut dilemma that I did. But if you do have problems with eczema the raw diet, olive oil and ibuprofins worked for me and I hope they work for you. By the way, the eczema is not totally gone, but at least it does not hurt now and it just has that low level itch because it is now just dry skin.


I suffer from severe eczema ever since I was 3. I always keep it under control by avoiding the sun and heat. It's bad that I live in Asia. But for most of my teenage years, I coped with it really well, until I moved to Chicago. My conditioned got worse, I started to develop huge red patches that's bumpy, dry, flaky etc. And that haven't happened to me in years!!

And I noticed how fast it went away in 2 weeks when I returned to Singapore. I suspected it was the water.

I installed a water purifier in chicago and it became clear to me that it was the hard water in US that caused the flare up. And everything became normal until I was in NYC for the summer. It came back and much worst, my skin looked like it was burned and again, the water is the culprit. New York has really soft water but the chlorine content in it is really high. So I got a shower filter and everything went away.

After all the trial and error, I am very sure that water is the main culprit! please please please, do yourself a huge favor by getting a shower filter or purifier. it doesn't cost a lot and you will definitely see the huge improvement. Only pure water!! i know it's a hassle for me as I travel a lot and I always carry my shower head filter with me. But I need that.


I have had eczema since I was a little kid, and have been dealing with it since. Here is what I feel is the real Story. Eczema is not cureable, although there are many steps and home remedies you can take to make it appear as if it has been.

The Process:

Your skins sensitivity can very even by location on your body and will react differently to different treatments depending upon what it is sensitive to. No matter what remedies you try, you must remain dilligent with it even after it appears to be gone. This is especially true with seasonal eczema. Test out different remedies to see which ones work.

The remedies that have worked for me:

Topocal steroids from your dermatologist; worked with limited sucess and never for very long.

Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar; works very well to reduce swelling and irritation, however dries the skin out. Reccomend using a very good mosturizing cream in conjunction(eucerin origanal is my reccomendation)
The idea hear is there are a lot of amino acids that help regenerate skin, also works well on age or liver spots.

Olive oil; again limited success and gets kind of expensive and its kind of messy, although very gentle on the skin.

Lemon or lime juice; Same idea here as the vinegar, the combination of amino acids and the anti inflamitory properties work well when used with a good mosturizer. Body butters can be a good alternative to the eucerin, but its still my recomendation.

Bleach; Beware of using bleach, it can work but very harmful to the skin itself. Not recomended on extremely sensitive areas aka the genitals.

FOR MASSIVE FLARE UPS!!! For emergency relief of massive flare ups, but also a good remedy for every day flare ups.
This is not exactly homeopathic but cortizone 1% and eucerin original mosturizer combined 50/50 works great.

Again, remember to always stay on top of it, constant application of mosturizers is a must.


Guys, I had HORRIBLE eczema, as in, my skin was cracked and burned every time I showered and was oozing, now it's completely gone! *knocks on wood*

Here's what I did:
1) I changed my soap to a hypoallergenic soap (sometimes fragrances can worsen eczema) and I showered with lukewarm (not very hot) water
2) I used CALENDULA SALVE and would rub it on affected areas after showering and whenever the area got dry again. I found calendula salve at my local health food store, but I think if you look carefully, you can find it at a pharmacy or grocery store! I was lucky enough to find one with not only calendula, but it also had olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and essential oil of lavendar.
3) Within only a few days, and me continuing these steps, it was gone! Also, I felt instant relief from the horrible itching and discomfort... I definitely say this is worth a try!

*Random side note* before using the calendula salve in the beginning, I put a 'natural astringent' on the areas oozing. The astringent I bought contains Witch Hazel, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Rose Petals, Calendula, Rosemary, and Sage. It stung pretty bad the first time I used it, but the area was so badly infected, I needed to put something on it to help clean it.


I had a horrible Staph Infection for two years which caused so much trauma to my skin that I have developed Eczema. I had a horrible flare up and was desperate and was getting depressed. My skin looked infected, red and blistered. The blisters would ooze clear fluids and it would stick to my clothes. It was so itchy that I couldnt even sleep at night.

My doctor put me on oral steroids which wiped it out and prescribed Fluocinonide Cream. It was really bad and was all over my legs, arms, buttocks and torso. I was prescribed Moisturel lotion with Kenalog in it. All that gave me temporary relief but nothing that would really keep my Eczema under control. And the steroids actually made my skin more sensitive. The smallest scratch would break the skin open. And that wasnt any good for me since I was always terrified that the wounds would get infected with Staph again.

So I did a little research and came up with something that helps me keep my skin under control.

- Keep your skin well moisturized. It will itch less. Ive tried so many lotions and creams. Avoid anything that contains fragnance. I always have Eucerin Intensive Repair lotion on hand. Its a bit greasy and heavy and I only use it before bed. Throughout the day I use Moisturel which is a lot lighter.

- I take an Aveeno Oatmeal bath once a week. Usually before bed. Two pouches in bathwater and soak in it for 30 mins. I rub the contents of an additional pouch all over my breakouts if I have any. It really does soothe your skin. I rinse of with a quick shower and skip the lotion and massage extra virgin olive oil all over my body. Wear long sleeved cotton shirts and pants to lock in the moisture.

- I use Yes to Tomatoes shower gel in my everyday shower. It has 99.6% natural ingredients and contains Dead Sea water, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed Oil, Green Tea extract, Sesamee Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Tomatoes, Rosemary, Niacin and Calendula Oil and a whole bunch of other good stuff. It is Paraben free and very moisturizing. If I dont have that on hand i use Eucerin Shower oil. It goes on as oil but turns into a rich lather.

- Vitamins overdose. I have discovered that a Multivitamin alone daily helps. I take a Multivitamin in addition to Vitamin C, Flaxseed oil, Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamins C and E and Fish Oil Capsules. Since I was on antibiotics for months at a time, taking the strong Zyvox antibiotic i also take a Probiotic daily.

- And when I have Eczema rash, drying, cracking and peeling I use Balmex Daily Skin Protectant on the spots that are bad. It helped my son when he was little and was getting a rash under his chin. And it helped my skin when it was breaking out really bad.

- Avoid stress. I have noticed that my skin itches intensivly and I get rashes when Im under pressure or stressed. So I try to live a stress free life. Which is somewhat impossible but cutting out unecessary stress will help a lot.

This might seem like a lot to do but you will see improvements within about two weeks once you work this into your daily routine. I rather do all this than be miserable with itchy skin.

I will try a bleach bath since that would probably kill any staph lingering on my skin as well. And lemon. I have yet to start a food journal to see if maybe certain foods make me flare up. I hope this helps someone because i know how bothersome Eczema can be.


I've had extremely bad eczema on my feet for the past 2 years. A few weeks ago I went to a fish spa where garra rufa fish are used to eat dead skin cells & my eczema is GONE. As in NO more red, itchy, scaly feet & can get back to normal life again. I went to the spa ONCE & did a 15 minute session & thats ALL it took. I've tried EVERY cream so I'm extremely happy & in awe. Now to get rid of my tinea versicolor!


I've had eczema for about 16 years now and I've tried everything under the sun. This includes steroid creams (over the counter and prescription), pokeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, acupuncture, homeopathic detox, Mayan Magic cream, shea butter, oatmeal cream, and even Reiki and meditation. Nothing seemed to work and it was very disheartening and depressing.

However, I recently found out about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)... OMG... this is the REAL DEAL!!! I mixed a 50/50 solution of ACV and regular tap water and dabbed it on the affected areas once in the morning and once before I went to bed. It stings for about 10 seconds and causes the eczema to get itchy for a minute. However, after that passes, the eczema is not itchy at all for the entire day and night.

It's been 2 days now and the eczema is almost entirely cleared up... I can't freaking believe it!!! I plan on doing this for at least another couple of days. I admit that I had serious doubts that something so simple could be so effective, but I'm way beyond happy with the results. I only wish I'd known about this many years ago; I'd have saved a lot of heartache and a lot of money.

Here's the website I found that told me about ACV and eczema:

I truly hope this helps you too because I understand the anguish you're going through. Good luck and God bless!

If you have any questions about how this worked for me, I'd be happy to answer. yooner71@gmail[dot]com


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to whomever it was who suggested lemon juice and olive oil! I had a major flare-up recently that started on the inside of my right foot (where it usually does), and this time spread to almost the entire foot and my lower right leg too. The itching was absolutely intense and just about made me want to cry, and I'm a 38 year old man! Tried every anti-itch product on the market, most of which were completely useless. I found an herbal product called DermaE, which helped take the edge off the itch for a little while, but that's about it. My foot and leg were red and swollen, skin was scaly, painful, and had wounds from me scratching so hard. One week ago today, I found this site and read about lemon juice in one post, and olive oil in another post. I ran out during my lunch break at work and bought some, and sat in the car and applied it.

What a difference a week makes! I can't say the itching is completely gone, but it's about 90% better, and each day is better than the last. The skin is no longer red and swollen, and doesn't feel like a crocodile anymore! It looks and feels like a normal foot again!

2-3 times each day, I do the following: Cut a chunk of lemon and rub it on the skin, while slowly squeezing it to make sure the juice comes out. Will it sting? Of course it will! But in a 'hurt-so-good' kind of way. Rub lemon juice over it for a few minutes, then apply olive oil. I also apply a little bit of Desitin Creamy diaper rash ointment, for the extra zinc, and to help heal the skin. So yes, it will look like a white, greasy mess... but the Desitin disappears after a few minutes and then I dab off the extra oil and put a sock back on.

This has worked so well to control this flareup! As I've done more research over the past few weeks, I've come to believe what others have said... that the effects of eczema can be controlled, but not cured with topical treatments. So as well as the lemon juice/olive oil/Desitin treatment seems to be working to control the symptoms, I will also soon be starting an herbal treatment for candida, which I have a suspicion may be at the root of this.

Anyway, if you're really suffering from an outbreak, try the lemon juice, olive oil, Desitin - it's working for me!

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