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After many years without having eczema, I got an allergic reaction to pistachios. I immediately drank more of the XanGo juice and also made a paste of it and applied it directly to my arm and it disappeared immediately. I have been drinking 2oz daily of this delicious juice everyday for the last two years for prevention of other health conditions, I just increased the dosage to 4 oz. Highly recommend it.


I love the new Milk and Honey Soap by Krayv Naturals ( They make every bar by hand with natural ingredients that really helped stop the itchy dryness. And they don't use any frangrances or dyes so it didn't bother my allergies. They have a really great Avocado cucumber bar that remoisturizes too. Try it, Love it, you'll never want to go back to the expensive prescription stuff again.


Working as a nurse, I'm in alot of stress. This was first exacerbated by working for Dr.'s offices, as time flies it progressed to different parts of my body elbo,neck, knees, underarm etc. it got worse while doing night shift.Clobetasol for 3 years but later read about the side effects of possible skin cancer. cortizones are very bad when used long term, also thins out the skin.
i read this website in one night: this problm should be addressed systemically: by diet, exercise, supplimentation in combination with topical ointments and emollients or lotions.
the Chinese dr said to me: stay away from fish, red meat and crab and shrimp, he suggested to use mint oils (white flower which has a high dose of mint+ camphor and salisylate) + aveeno lotion to sooth the inflammation that causes the overproduction of dermal tissue causing flakes and plaques of skin.I alternate this remedy with cortizone (8$ a tube)+ aspercream (5$)since im out of clobetasol( 600$ bottle but if you have good insurance only 60$)
my other dr. friend said to eat antiinflammatary foods :this i got look up. he suggested: fish oil,mint teas, fruit, veges,along with eating mostly organic foods
he said to stay away from foods that cause inflammation: tomatoes,peppers and hot foods,anything red
my other nurse friend said she remembers that in nursing school we learned to stay away from eggs; i still have to look this up.
then when doing research: Psoriasis is Pruritis: 'painful itching', the more you itch the more the cells with develop under the skin, so i think if i can releave the pain i can atleast releave the itch, Iam currently using cortizone and Althletic aspercream and applying them mixed to all my areas twice daily. this really helps relieve the painful itch. its important not to scratch and when before applying fresh dose you must cleanse or exfoliate (with clean rough rag)the old cream off with dove soap and rinse well with cold water. after i figure out what exaclty and how exactly i will modify my diet, i will keep you posted. if inflammation is so severe apply ice cubes, so far my diet will consist mostly of vegetables, water, tea, chicken and pork,eggs(i plan on keeping this anyway for now and maybe take it off later)& flax seed oil eliminating all together: coffee, sugar (this will be hard) dairy (this too) and only drinking organic milk or soymilk, wheat, chocolate and shrimp and crab. i plan on adding each of these items one by one each month to see if i can handle consuming them along with my set diet.
this is alot but most of this info is obtained by what i got from this website, my medical friends and research.
i am gravitating to the idea of using Vit D, fish oils, cod liver oil, probiotics, zinc, b-12 vitamins: then i will do the Sea salt and add it to my lotions as well as bath soaks for 30 minute each night.good luck everyone...m LPN


I had eczema on my chin, it was very red and itchy and cover-up did nothing whatsoever, I was so embarrassed to go into public. I took crushed garlic to my rash 3 times a day for about 3 days, it helped with the itch a little and burned, and seemed to help somewhat then I took the fast dissolving Bayer Aspirin and a few drops of water, let the aspirin dissolve in the water and took the paste an dapplied it to my rash and let it stay for 10-20 minute and when i removed it the itch and red was completely gone on the first time!!! did this for3 times/day for 3 more days and after 1 week from when the eczema started it was now gone, Good Luck to you All, Bayer Aspirin really is a WoNdER DRuG

Kobe Tay

I havd battle with eczema for sometime now.and l have being using antifungal cream called Dithranol, and it heals like magic.


Oil of oregano two to three drops under your tongue daily till sytoms are gone


NAET works!!! I have suffered with eczema for 27 years and my 8 month old has it terrible. Please visit my blog and see how it has helped. It is amazing and I have to share because it will change your life! Search 'naetexperiment' on blog spot


Thank you to the person who suggested a link between yeast infection and eczema!!

I never had eczema until I hit puberty. And each eczema flare up coincided with a yeast infection hitting. The link just never hit me until 10 years later when I saw this forum.

So I went to the gynae, applied some powerful antifungal creams, took oral antifungals and amazingly all the red patches cleared. Sweet relief!

Of course, yeast infections as most ladies know is recurring(same goes for eczema flare ups). Hence, it's important to work out a diet to keep yeast at bay by avoiding foods like bread for

Really hope this works for all sufferers! And thanks again the person who suggested this link!


Go in the ocean, salt water! tada-gone


I have had eczema since I was six years old, I am now thirteen. As you can imagine it's very difficult being a teen, and having this uncurable disease, I have it all over my legs l, upper arm, back and hips. I can't wear shorts or bikini's. When I went to my dermatologist a week ago, he prescribed me prednezone. And gave it to me as a shot. I have not felt itchy when I woke up the next morning! I still have some cuts but they are healing very nicely. I still have many scars, and I but mederma on them at night and in the morning. Please try this and ask your doc. About this.

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