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Hey guys.!
Thank you for all the helpful suggestions. Im 16, a senior in highschool and ive had exzema my whole life. I get made fun of for it all the time. People say im on meth and coke cuz i have so many scars from itching and my face is always dry. I litterally hate feeling like theres nothing i can do to stop it. I plan on starting the following today: vitamin pills (a,b,c,d&e), yogurt, olive oil and rosemary on my skin, and ceraVe moisturizing lotion amd face wash. Wish me luck and good luck to all the have it.! I hate this...
Also, does anyone know of a good chapstick other then carmex that can help.?


when i was little i had eczema really bad all over my hands my mom tried everything, but what ended up making it go away was taking Thuja 200 C. After a few weeks it was completely gone and i havn't had it again until now. im 17 now and a small patch has turned up on the bass of my ring finger, it has slowly spread to my palm and has horrible blisters all over it. i covered it with bandaids so that i wouldnt itch and then i started putting neosporin on it. Neopsorin with bandaids everyday made the itching and burning stop. then i went to whole foods and found thuja, the highest dose you can get is 30X. otherwise you have to get it prescribed form a doctor. my eczema is almost completely gone and doesn't bother me at all.


i have had eczema for about 2 months and a half. i am so frustrated i literally cry myself to sleep evry night. i am sooo imbaressed to go out anywhere because its in my both hands. i had red online that apple cider soaking was good i did it tonight and it immediately releived me from the itching hopefully it can make it dissapear. i am so deppressed


hi I've been battling exema since I was little also ...the other day a friend told me about miracle anti-fungal oil from bed bath and beyond ... She said it helped her exema soooo much! I am tryin it now... It does make your skin a little dry so I've been using the miracle hand creme along with it! Hope it helps u too!!!!


Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Cream has done wonders for my babies skin. we have tried many home remedies and many other natural lotions, but Aveeno Baby Eczema has continues to be the only thing that keeps his skin baby soft and not hard, rough, and cracked


My name is Sarah, i'm twenty one. I ended up getting Eczema on my elbows, I spent an hour on this website, and finally found a solution to my problem.. Honestly, I went to grocery store and bought Apple Cider Vinegar, Probiotic Yogurt(called Activia),KOYA Aloe sugar free with Real Aloe Vera Pieces, non-scented dove soap, and a brick of Crisco all-vegatable shortening. When I got home I poured the Apple Cider Vinegar into a bowl, dipped one elbow in and let it soak for five minutes, then my other elbow. They both stung for about ten minutes, then the Apple Cider Vinegar dried up. Then i waited for an hour and rubbed Crisco oil on my elbows. Then directly after that I ate two yogurts and drank my Aloe sugar free(1.5 litre, which i finished the same day I bought it). Couple hours later, used the Apple Cider Vinegar and Crisco oil and ate two more yogurts. After I came home from work that night, I repeated the Apple Cider Vinegar and Crisco Oil before I went to bed but didn't eat no yogurt. The very next day, my Eczema felt much better and was starting to dissapear right way!! I did the Apple Cider Vinegar and Criso Oil twice and ate one more yogurt and then jus left my elbows alone, didn't stress over it.. The next day , it was almost gone, can barely see it, it disappeared!. Wow I was so happy lol Thank god for this website! I was going to go to the doctor and get the prescripted medication for it but I didnt have no health card... Honestly, I work at a strip club, I depend on my looks to make me money, thank god This website exist... Apple Cider Vinegar is actually really good stuff, look it up on google, really!


For nine months, I have had eczema on my hands. My hands hurt, crack and itch so bad. So embarrassing! I went away this past weekend to the beach and realized after 3 days my hands were healing. I came home from beach and the next day they flared up again. I decided to drive back to the beach and get a gallon of the water and rubbed some on my hands last night before bed and this morning before leaving for work. My hands look so much better and not one crack or itch today. I have been staying away from creams, harsh soaps (buy castile soap) and lotions. PLUS, I stopped drinking tap water and started drinking bottled and Kangen water to help with the healing. Just wanted to pass this information forward hoping it will help someone else from this terrible condition...not convinced it's a disease. To sum it all up: Ocean water for eczema and clean water to drink; no tap, and wash hands with castile soap.


I first messaged olive oil and rosemary to the areas each night and covered them with clean socks. In one day the itching was gone and the skin was no longer red, dry and scaly. In addition, I apply warm Himalayan salt and water compresses as needed (this stops the intense, painful itching too). I have added krill oil, probiotics and vitamin D orally to my regime.


My daughter is 7 and has had eczema since birth. She has it over 70% of her body but worse in the creases of her body. She has had skin test after skin test and they found she is allergic to eggs,beef,dyes,fragrance,mold,trees,grass and many other things. Her eczema is usually always out of control no matter what I do. But I took her to a different allergy specialist and he has her on a GREAT plan that works wonders. We both cried each night at bath time because of the burning but it has got alot better with this plan. The plan is:

Allegra 2x/day
Singular RX 1x/day
Periactin RX 1x/day
50/50 apple cider viniger and water on bad areas
Aquaphor several times a day
Curel with the National Eczema Assoc. seal on it
Derma-Smoothe RX (dont dry off, apply right out of the shower)

This was the miracle combo!!! Parents that deal with this everyday with their children are real troopers. Maybe one day their will be a complete cure, but until then I'm sticking to what I know helps and I hope it helps you too.


My 2yrold has had eczema for 4 months. We went to an allergy doc and she is allergic to eggs, peanuts and soy so we have eliminated those from her diet for 3 weeks now. we have been using CeraVe cream on her skin or Aveeno Baby Eczema Lotion and just started using Alba Un Petroleum on her really dry cracked areas and after 3 days it is getting much better. I apply those moisturizers as soon as she starts to get dry & itchy. We are going to try the prescription ointment Mimyx too. Not a steroid just an expensive type of barrier cream.

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