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Grace here again! There was one important part of our skin management system that I forgot to mention, and this is a good one! I read the posts on this site for over an hour and didn't come across this remedy once, and for you fellow sufferers, you must try this...WET WRAPS! They are simple; hydrate the affected area, put wet clothes over it, then dry clothes.
For example, my son's eczema is the worst on his feet. On days when he has a horrible flare-up, before bed I put a thin layer of cortisone, wet socks, then dry socks. His feet are a million times better in the morning. On days where his feet are just really dry and cracked, I use Vani Cream instead of the steroid cream (not as natural as I'd prefer, but still better than most products available). When his skin is really dry all over, we give him a luke-warm baking soda bath at night, barely pat him dry, put wet thermal pjs on him, and then put footie pjs over those. It's a rough 10 minute process as he's 2 and doesn't understand why mommy is putting wet clothes on him, but he's over it by the time his footies are on. We put him to bed like that and in the morning he's nice and moist!
My eczema is the worst on my face, and my sweet hubby took an old cotton tee of his, and cut it up to make a face mask for me! I look ridiculous in it at night, but it's worth it to me to be able to wake up in the morning and have a soft face.
Wet wraps are GREAT for the hands. My hands often get so dry that they get paper-like cuts all over them-so painful! But when I wet-wrap them before bed, they are like a 'normal' persons' when I wake up!
Seriously, people, you must try this! :)


Try eliminating gluten and dairy which cause inflammation. And take two evening primarose a day. I used to suffer from eczema every winter, the kind that froms little blisters on the hand and then start cracking and peeling. I moved to FL it was completely gone, then to CA still gone. My nutrionist is CA told me to avoid gluten and take EPR and i should be fine moving back to Chicago. Well i have been here for 5 months and i notice a little bit of the bumps coming back but then again i wasnt taking EPR. Normally as a child, my eczema would start in nov/dec, but now its just starting and its mild (for now)So i will be taking the EPR and see what happens.


Sorry i left a step in coconut oil making, after you get the juice put in the freezer and the oil freezes first, remove it and heat in your microwave to get the oil. Kinyua


Hello i have a long history with eczema but to cut the long story short i would say coconut oil has been wow and my flare ups only come after i take something i react to. In case you can't get the oil but can get the nut this is how you can make your own oil. Get some big mature nuts and dice the flesh, roast in a microwave to dry, blend in blender with water, squeeze out the juice and heat in microwave to get your precious prize. Don't skip the roasting. You will have a sweet smelling oil to give relieve in 3 days. Kinyua


I'm 30 years old and I have suffered with eczema my whole life. Unfortunately it only seems to get worse as I get older. The only time I have experienced what felt like a true cure, was pregnancy. I never felt better in my life. Literally the day I gave birth, my eczema came back with a vengeance. It was so bad at one point that I had to stop nursing my baby to take several high potency drugs to give me relief. Fortunately I was able to resume nursing after 2 weeks, but again, the eczema got worse and worse, especially on my face causing all kinds of scarring and discoloration.
I have 1 thing and 1 thing only that has offered me the most relief (not cure, cuz as we all know, there doesn't seem to be one). But what has truly helped keep my eczema at bay is juicing! Here's what I do:
Once a day I juice (I have a Jack LaLane, but the Breville is also great) I try to pick mostly green leafy veggies, including cucumber, and 1inch each of ginger and turmeric root, as well as an apple for sweetness (everything should be organic as veggies w/o fiber go directly to your blood stream). Warning-the juice does not taste good! But here's the bright side-you can gulp it down in about 4 drinks, after a while you're taste buds will adjust and it will become more palatable, and best of-it helps, so isn't it worth it?!?!? After my first 2 weeks I noticed that the inflammation went down tremendously. My skin even takes on a dewey, healhty glow). My 2 year old has terrible eczema too and while I give him the juice everyday too, he does not seem to be getting the same relief as I am. I am puzzled. If anyone has some wisdom on this, please share!!!
Other things I recommend are eating a whole foods diet-protein, grains, veggies, fruit, all organic, and limited to no processed sugar and dairy. Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods (google them).Get lots of sunlight-it is amazing what a relief sitting in the direct sun can be! Sweating is good too (I find that I don't sweat a lot and I wonder if that's part of the problem), sitting in the sauna at the gym helps, it stings if you have open cuts, but again, it's worth it)! Of course, working out is a great way to bring on the sweating too! Drink tons of water and also green tea ( it's one of the top 10 anti-inflammatory foods). Only use all natural products-skin care, make-up, laundry detergent, etc.
Keep the steroids on hand for emergencies. I hate that I need them, but sometimes I do turn to them as a LAST resort when the pain and itching is just too much for my son and I (but now that I juice, I only need the over counter strength and that's enough to help). When the itching is bad, wearlong sleeves. I find that I scratch less when my skin is covered. Always keep your nails short too! Prayer!! Reach out to the Lord for healing, as He is the Great Healer! God Bless those of you who suffer from eczema, my prayers are with you!


I have had eczema for about 6 weeks, have tried alot of products and lotions,and have read alot about eczema. decided that I would treat the cause not the symptoms. I believe it is caused by an imbalance in your system, mostly bothers people in winter because of a lack of sunlight and fresh fruits and vegtables, also an imbalance of acids in your body. Decided to try probiotics and a good multi vitamin, I also am on a bland diet,no tomato sauce or orange juice which I love and probably have too much of in my diet. Limit acid food and drink. for the symptoms I am using cortizone 10 for eczema,4 timesdaily, followed by a moisturizing stick made for babies, would like to try bag balm. I also started using fragrence free soaps, lotions and laundry detergent, no dryer sheets. I have had a 90% improvement in 24 hours. i had my best night sleep last night, NO ITCHING. I recomend trying not to scratch, put cold pack on flare ups to numb it. I also have not used soap directly on affected area, just rinsed for a couple of days. Hope this helpful to someone, Good luck


i hav been told to use aveeno daily moisturiser on my daughter as she has eczema.its even been recommended by doctors as its oat basted and natural try it people.


I have eczema on my feet. It started nearly a year ago and now it was spreading.I came across this site where i read about BAG BALM.So,i gave it a try.I have used it only twice morning and at night right before going to bed,itch is gone right away and i can clearly see red n blue effected skin is clearing up. BAG BALM IS REALLY WORKING FOR ME. My many many thanks to the person who posted it.Thank you.


i have been with eczema all my life since i was born ,
I was looking for a cure and i have found it but dnt have the resources to go out and get it , its hemp oil , extracted from the cannabis plant and also importantly must have the thc product in with it without this it wouldnt work. Avaliable to get from australlia, america etc Not in the UK! Because it dosent have the thc because it is not labbled as legal over here in the uk , you must know someone to order it for you because if you do not then u might face the police ! So good luck :)

mike m

The answer to solving eczema is simple:
drink a lot of water: what is a lot of water: i'm a 175 lb male and must drink at least one gallon of fluids (water, being the best choice)per day.
That was the easy part.
DO NOT consume or limit drastically to any and all sugars (refined sugar is the worst, like the stuff you find in sodas and candy)with the exception of naturally producing sweeteners found in fruits.
results take about a week or so depending on your level of determination in getting rid of your eczema.

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