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Simply soaking a towel with hot water and holding it to your ear will help with most ear pain. Heat helps reduce the pain dramatically. You'll notice almost immediately the pain is reduced and will be going back to re-heat that washcloth or towel several times. Even a hot shower or a hot bath will suffice, but getting some hot steam into your ear will make a considerable difference.


Last night my ear was hurting a lot, so I asked my dad to put some hydrogen peroxide in it. I was hoping it would ease the pain a little, but it was still hurting. My mom gave me some pain killers and I went to bed.

When I woke up, the pain was worse than last night. I told my mom about it and she's going to take me to Urgent Care this afternoon. Earlier today I tried the hydrogen peroxide again. After I tilted me ear to let the solution out, I still heard some fizzing in my ear and my ear still hurts.

My advice:
1. If you can, go to Urgent Care ASAP.
2. For teens: I know it's embarrassing to talk to your parents sometimes, but you should tell them if your ear hurts ASAP. It will get worse if you don't take care of it now.
3. I don't recommend hydrogen peroxide for easing pain in your ear. The solution won't ease the pain as far as I know.
Question: Does anyone have a remedy that is natural, quick, simple, and will take care of pain quickly?

Friendly Helper

I've solved it, seriously... First of all, see a doctor, always. Because if you have any kind of infection it needs to be seen and treated by a professional. BUT for a QUICK fix, im talking minutes/instant this is what you do:

Get a vibrating toothbrush, or some other such device (Eardoc, phone, etc...) and put it BEHIND your ear at about the level of your earlobes. Leave it there for a good few minutes. It wont cure your infection but it will really help deal with the pain. Hope it helps


The Eardoc is a gerat device i have found that should be available in every household. it's a therapeutic device, non invasive and children friendly. it helped me a lot with my kids, and it has definitely become a must at home.

it relieves the pain in a few minutes, and helps me get through the day with my LO.


I saw some remedies about blowing tobacco smoke into children's ears to relieve the pain. You can get the same effect by using any heat source: hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, heating pad, put rice in a cotton sock-tie the end-microwave for up to 1 minute. The heat is what relieves the pain. Use something appropriate to the age of the child. This is a much better method than exposing your kids to tobacco smoke at that close of a range.

ear infection help!

Ok so I've had ear infections for as long as I can remember. Maybe once or twice a year. Well I came across someone whole helped!
** Best to do in shower!!!!!**
So pretty much take a cotton ball soak in hydrogen peroxide, then tilt your head to the side and ring cotton ball into affected ear, you will hear a lot of fizzing/ popping ect. Totally normal then you will take a syringe of warm not cold not hot water and gently rinse the ear with water. Repeat till you don't hear any fizzing. As for the pain take ibuprofen!


This will sound crazy but take a few drops of warm urine and put it in the ear place a cotton ball in the ear n about 5 10 Min later tilt head n let it drain i was up w my baby all night until i remembeed this old indian remedy n she has yet to have another ear problem along w several other family members it was done to me when i was small n ive never had any ear infection


Vinegar has always been tried and true for ear problems, but you definitely shouldn't put it in undiluted. Use 2 parts saline water to each part vinegar. And if you live near the ocean, substitute ocean water for saline water.

Then dab onto a q-tip/cottonswab and apply gently. For babies and kids use an ear bulb to pour a few drops in. Hold the head tilted for a minute, then tip out.


Gramma Mary's Ear Ache Remedy!!! Thanx Gramma Mary!! this realy worked!!! I was up at 2am looking for a remedy for my 14 yr old son who was in major pain due to his ear-ache:(
Thank God I found Gramma Mary's remedy!! I was reading a lot of the remedies on here wich really seem painful & not something my son would be willing to try(especially while being in excruciating pain)
I followed the directions of baking an Onion(i only had a big yellow one) then I cut it in half and put it in a coffee mug(As I couldnt find a jar) I jeld it to his ear for about 20 minutes,while he was sleeping. This morning I asked him how his ear was feeling and he said good!!! Amen:) Amen:)
This will be in my Home Remedy Memory:)


I bought a bottle of Mullein Garlic oil from a local vitamin store hoping it would cure my preschooler's ear infection. Used it for a week, and the infection got worse (accumulated yellow fluid). So, we ended up having to put her on antibiotics. Do not waste your money, and increase a child's suffering by purchasing this!

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