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who ever said warm peroxide was the was to cure an ear infection is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i followed the instructions and when i applied the 'warm' peroxide to my wrist to check temp i ended up with 2 and 3 degree burns on my arm. ER doctor said heating up peroxide changes its composition and it will burn you BADLY even when barely warm. I AM SO GLAD I DID NNOT PUT IT IN MY FREAKEN EAR!!!

ear doctor

gently warm some olive oil and crush one clove of garlic. mix together and dip a tissue in to it. place the tissue into infected ear and leave for 5-10 minutes. the pain should go away.
p.s my grandmother used this remedy to cure my ear ache because somehow when i used to visit her (she lives by the sea)i used to get a really bad ear ache. so she used it and i got better. hope this helps :)

jon heath

today at work my ear hurt worse than a kidney on here to put vineger in your ear. Just did it in the bathroom at work.BOOM instantly gone


1/4 cup warm water. 3 drops tea tree oil (100% natural). Drop in the ear several times a time until ear infection is gone.



It's almost 3am and I haven't had any sleep I'm 13 and really don't want to wake my mom so i looked at some of these remedies basically I didn't want to put anything in my ear because I'm pretty paranoid that it will get worse so I put one of my old hand towels in a mug and wet it a bit so it was damp then i put it in the microbe for 30 seconds or until hot then hold the mug up to your infected ear i left it there for a while then when I removed the mug im not going to lie it wasn't pretty but instant pain relief NOTE: use an old towel because i wouldn't want to use that towel again!!!

Stephanie Nicole

I have i guess a process that I do whenever I get a ear ache or infection. Mind you I am 20 years old and I'm not certain how this affects kids.

I start by cleaning my ears with a q-tip to remove any wax build up then pouring a capful of peroxide in the hurt ear for about 5-10 seconds, let it bubble it will help loosen the wax build up if that seems to be the issue.

I take a hot steamy shower holding a damp towel under the back of my ear or put hot water in a cup and let the steam rise into the ear.

after my shower I then swab in a bit of vicks into my ear to generate heat since the heat helps release pressure, I also apply vicks on the back on my neck and lightly on my cheeks.

I take 2 penicillin pills that help kill infections.

At bed time i use a heating pad to help keep my ear warm and usually by morning I'm ready and good to go


If you have earache's often, you might be living in a moldy damp house or basement. Get the air in your home tested for mold. My house was infested.



my son went six months with an ear infection, he was on every antibiotic out there, which never cured his infection. I fianlly pulled him off the antibiotics and gave him raw honey, probiotics, and silver water, then waaalaaa his infection was gone in two days!


Just take sweet oil on a cotton ball and shove it in ur ear and sleep with the cotton ball side up so the oils gradually work and in the morning it's all better


I burst my eardrum, which got infected. After a few months I attacked it with a Qtip. My warning to you is Never Ever stick a Qtip in your ear. Your ear is a self cleaning organ. The end of the Qtip came off in my ear. The fluid build up carried it down my ear and it's now embedded around the eardrum. Antibiotics aren't helping. Doctor can't get it out. Don't put yourself in my position for any reason. It's the most miserable thing you can have happen.

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