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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches


Try using Ear Candles. Homeopathic specialists or natural health stores carry them. Follow the directions for them. Be certain you have someone with you to help you, and be patient.

Chad the Plumber

After getting over a pretty bad cold I returned to work only to slowly feel my ear throb and seemingly swell shut. I went to my doctor, who confirmed this was an ear infection. My doctor gave me Anti-biotics but did nothing for what had evolved into a ridiculous amount of pain. Once home I got on the web and tried every home remedy i could find, Hydrogen peroxide, ear candles, garlic and olive oil, everything to stop the pain. In the end the only thing that worked, and worked tremendously well was a hot rag to my ear for over a half hour. If you are reading these and just want the pain to stop, get a hot wet rag ( i nuked mine in the microwave for 10 sec over and over) and put it to your ear and keep it there for AT LEAST half an hour. Good luck!


Well if you are in the same spot as me its 3 am and i have wwork the nect day and i need something thats going to get me thru the night!!
I used:
Heated up oil and crushed garlic into a little bowl
Heated it for 30 seconds and since im alone i dipped a cotton ball and squished it into my ear
Pain seems like its getting better.
I also took an alieve pain killer
This looks like it works for me hope it does for you!


Woke up this morning with a terrible earache and by 12:30 this afternoon couldn't take it anymore. Decided to go on the net and find a quick homeopathic remedy. Decided to go with the garlic and olive oil remedy. Got two garlic cloves and put them in the garlic press. Got the smallest measuring cup and mixed the crushed garlic in with about 4tablespoons of olive oil. Put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds, just to get it bubbling. Put a couple of drops of the warm oil in my ear and in about 30minutes the pain was gone. Not only in my ear, the right side of my throat and sinus. Garlic really is a miracle plant.


When I was younger,I had recurrent ear aches.My grandmother had me rest my infected ear on a warm step on our patio for approximately 15 minutes.When I got up there was always a wet ring on the concrete where my ear had been... and miraculously the infection/obstruction had cleared.

Kim H.

My 5yr old soon just woke up crying and screaming his ear was hurting, I gave him some Motrin, boiled a face towel in hot water double wrapped it in a sandwich bag and covered with another face tirrell so he could lay his infected ear upon it to help release pressure, then I dropped to drops of regular vinegar in his ears and now he has not cried since, testing calming until he falls back to sleep, hope this helps some one who is not able to see a doctor for antibiotics until the following day....just a simple mom sharing my experience :)


Ear aches. In Mexican culture we get paper bag/thick paper make it into a cone. Set tip into ear light the top on fire. The instanly releases pressure. Ofcoarse you dont do this by yourself.
We also use capfull of peroixde to clean the ear. Just pour then wait for bubbling to stop the pour out. DO NOT WARM THE PERIOXED IN ANY WAY.


I have had a ear infection for a week now. my doctor put me on antibotics because of my bad past with ear infectons. well my pain was Horriable while i was visiting my grandparents, my grandma put a heat pack on a pillow and had me put the infected ear down on the pillow and lay there for a while. the heat take the pain away for a show time. But it does help beak up the infection so i do it offten till the infection goes away. I got numbing ear drops AFTER asking my doctor. that helped while i was at school and thoguhtout the night. if you dont have a heatign pad you can make one by heating up salt in a pan and put it in a towel, ths may make a mess if the towel opens. another way is to buy the no pop popping corn and put it in a pouch and put it in the microwave.


I've had a cold for a few days and my right ear, along with the right side of my throat and neck has been SO sore that I wince every time I have to swallow. After reading some suggestions on this website, I tried a hot steamy wash cloth held up to my ear, and laid down for about 15 minutes but that brought no relief. So I poured a bit of white vinegar in my ear, waited about a minute, then let it drain. That didn't hurt, but it didn't do anything to help either. I tried using my blowdryer, which didn't do anything. I poured some hydrogen peroxide in my ear, but it didn't bubble, or make a sound. I almost gave up, but then I decided to take a garlic clove and cut out a bunch of the outer white part, (as the inner green part is where the healing properties are at,) and I sortof carved the garlic clove into the shape of an ear bud, (the kind you would use with an ipod) slipped it comfortably into my ear, and put some tape over top to hold it in.

Well FINALLY, it feels like SOMETHING is happening! There's crackling, popping, burning (so I wouldn't recommend this with kids) and at the same time, I am finally feeling some relief way inside my ear, and even in my throat. Whether this is going to cure it or not, I don't know. But I'm happy that it at least *feels* like it's working. And I can't smell it, so that's good too.

Garlic is amazing, isn't it?


ok now i am 17 my ear drum busted and my tubes fell out so i am prone to infection so i always get these. go get a heat wrap of some sort heat it up to where it is almost hot. grab a towel to wrap around it and rest your infected ear on it. the heat moves and breaks up the infection. now you can hear the infection breaking up and pus or goo should come out on to the towel. just lay there for about an hour or two and it will get better. if you need to go reheat the heat wrap. i do this all the time and i can garentee you it will work for infections

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