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This is a remAdy to tell the differance between a ear ache and an ear infection. Put a few FEW drops of peroxide in your Hurt ear if you can hear a little bubbling/fizzing it's an infection not an ache if there's no bubbling/fizzing it's just an ache


me and my children get ear infections alot, its genetic. and the best thing that i used for pain and is also safe for my kids is i pour some salt into a pan and warm it up till its a light brown color, than pour it onto a cloth(salt is very hot BE CAREFUL), than i wrap up the cloth and hold it on the ear. the salt stays hot for a long time, and it helps a great deal with the pain and also helps drain the infection out. i hope this helps for you like it did for me:)


I'm only 19 and have suffered about 17 inner ear infections in my lifetime. When I was little my parents would heat up a potato in the microwave, wrap it in foil and then wrap it in a cloth or a sock. It stays warm much longer than a rice heating pad, and feels wonderful on an infected ear. To this day I still use the 'sock potato' method over ear drops. I have found that over-the-counter ear drops can make an infection worse if you get them for an earache without knowing you have an infection.


For an infection in the ear canal, I recommend 1 teaspoon of olive oil with 4 drops of myrrh essential oil mixed in. Put into ear canal with a medicine dropper. Use until infection is gone. Myrrh essential oil can be found at your local herb store for about $14 to $16 for a 1/8 oz. bottle. A bit expensive for a small bottle but it lasts a long time. Other essential oils can be used as well, such as tyme (previously mentioned) and frankenscense and maybe even lavender. Tea Tree is also an excellent oil to use (also previously mentioned). All essential oils must be used in a diluted form or else it could burn as they are very concentrated. This also applies to the vinegar that has been previously suggested. Believe it or not the veterinarians are using a solution of 2 percent acetic acid, 2 percent boric acid mixed in a 96 percent neutral carrier of some kind (my guess is distilled water). They call it F1/0 ear cleaner and was given to me by the vet to clear out an ear infection my cat had. The instructions was to use the solution twice a day for 2 weeks. They charge a ridiculous price for a 12 oz. bottle of this solution that can be made in my kitchen for far less money. Boric acid is generally found at the hardware store as a cheap ant and roach poison. While acetic acid is just another name for vinegar (for those of you who didn't know). You should be able to use this type of a solution in people as well. You can substitute baking soda for the boric acid if you don't want to use boric acid. You can also use lemon or lime juice in place of the vinegar. Just be sure you are diluting the acids down enough so it won't burn.


Get some vanilla extrac warm up in a Tea spoon over stove top put some on cotton ball let cool for a little place in ear!!! You will fell like new!!!


I tried vinegar, peroxide, alcohol, vodka and the warm cloth and none of them worked for me. I ended up taking a painkiller before bed and in the morning I was better. That should've been my first option. But I think it's different with everybody.


I've been dealing with ear pain,and ear infections almost 3 months on my 3rd round of antibiotics. The numbing ear drops work here and there.pain pills work but i dont like taking them so i try not to. Do not put vinegar in your ears. Do not put warm peroxide in your ears. Buy the over the counter all natural ear drops. Can buy them at target,rite aide,walmart. Use those with a heating pad or make a homemade heating pad with rice in a sock. The heat will help out alot. Peroxide only helps with loosening ear wax. It does not help with taking away infections. But i now have to have tubes in my ears. Just get the all natural ear drops,take 800mg ibuprofen, put a heating pad on the ear. It will help. My moms a medical assistant. Her dr deals with this alot. Trust it will work. If the earache is persistant.its time to see a dr and get professional medical advice and help. Also chicken noodle soup. Lots of it. It has something in it that is related to penicillin. Garlic n olive oil is good choice to. Good luck. Hope this is helpful.


take half of a medium sized onion and place in a glass dish in the oven. turn oven on to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. let bake until onion is soft, about 20-30 minutes. place onion, flat side, on infected ear. you can wrap with a towel around your head or just hold.
this is like the hot towel remedy but lasts longer and the onion has beneficial properties for the infection.


hi! this is my remedy for an earache. Ok so i've missed 3 days of school this week and I'm going to Florida Sunday. I missed 3 days bc i had an earache, cough, not much sleep, stuffy nose, and sore throat. Now its just my ear and cough. When I cough my ear hurts so here's what I reccomend. Take a hot paper towel and hold it up to your ear for about 20-40 minutes. My school nurse has these ear ease things and its exactly that and it works within 20-40 minutes!!! I sooo reccomend this. Hope this helped!! <3 And hope you feel better! <3 Emily <3


My mother is an Audiologist (ear specialist) and I have a degree in health. BE VERY CAREFUL PUTTING ANYTHING IN YOUR EAR! Many of these 'remedies' call for putting vinegar, alcohol, or peroxide in your ear which is VERY DANGEROUS. An easy and fast way to relieve ear pain is to heat up a washcloth in hot water or a heating pad and lay down with the affected ear on it. Do this for at least 30 minutes (heating up the washcloth as needed). Take ibuprofin- this will reduce the swelling in your ear. Make sure you see a doctor to make sure it's an infection, in which case you will need antibiotics. If your ear is especially painful SAY SO and make sure you ASK for numbing ear drops if you want them. They can make quite a difference in terms of pain. Also, something easy that will relieve pressure is to use Afrin (a nasal spray). Lay on your back with your head hanging off the side of the bed. Turn your head toward the side of the affected ear. Then use the Afrin but NOT AS A SPRAY. Turn it upside down and let 4 drops drip into your nose. Leave your head over the side of the bead turned toward the ear ache for about a minute. You will feel it go through your nose and toward your ear. This should provide some relief from pressure very quickly. Again, make sure you see a doctor if the pain persists.

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