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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches

katie b.

I've read about all kinds of suggestions to stop the pain, but so far, this has worked the best. Put 4 tablespoons of salt into a wash cloth, and tie closed. Wet the outside of the cloth with about 1 tablespoon of water, and put it into the microwave for about a minute. Put the salt pouch on your ear, covering the opening to your ear canal. But BE VERY CAREFUL!! The first time I did this, I used an old cloth. I reheated it once it cooled off, and put it back on my ear. The old cloth was actually smouldering and I didn't notice. I pulled it off my ear just before it caught fire. So it works, just BE SMARTER than I was!!!!


iv got two daughters had bad ear infections when they were around 2yrs old babys the dr. Wanted to put tubes in a man told me about useing a lim from a hickory tree cut a short peice off lay it on the stove over the fire and heat till the juice drips out cutch in a spoon till you get a half of teaspoon full pour in infected ear done that with both girl one time with one and it cleared right up 2 time with the other it stops the pain the time it touches the ear it is awsome they never had an ear infection again there mother thought i was crazy till she seen it work


THIS REMEDY WILL CURE EAR ENFECTIONS WITHIN MINUTES!- this is the best remedy I learned from my parents.All you need is an onion.take a small ring of onion and cut a small piece enough to fit in your ear.I know it sounds gross but it works.Heat the small piece of onion on your stove top till its warm.You don't want it too hot the warm piece of onion in your ear till its just touching the rim of your ear.immediatley you will hear your ear make a pop sound and you'll notice your ear open up be able to hear again. Keep The onion there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Within the time you feel no more pain and feel as if you didn't have an infection at all. It has always worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you.


my ear has been aching since morning today and its probably due to the cold ive had for the past week and ive looked up on different health websites such as nhs (uk) and it says that for the first day or two just take painkillers every 4-5 hours like paracetamol or ibruprofen )dont give children under the age of 16 aspirin) to relieve the pain. it also stated that keeping a hot flannel against the ear helps reduce pain too - im using ahot water bottle (in a cover ofcourse) at the moment and it really helps. be careful as it is hot. check your country's health organisation website - (eg the NHS in the uk) you can check your symptoms and if it can be treated at home .


To lessen the pain and prevent ear infections from coming back, mix a solution of white vinegar and water and pour in ear. Let sit for 1 minute then pour out and do same for other ear. To prevent ear infections from returning, do the water vinegar before and after going swimming. Hope this helps because I have had terrible infections all my life. (which has only been 13 yrs but it still hurt...)


Okay, this one is a bit weird, but it has worked for me. In my case, my station tubes have never dropped, those are the tubes that let your ears drain. I'm twenty three now and when I was little, the surgery. To drop your station tubes was still in early stages so my mother decided not to do it. The side effect is that I get chronic ear infections. A good way to manage it is simply wearing ear plugs in the shower. If I don't, I make sure to dry my ears very carefully. Same with swimming. My friends thought it was weird, but it worked. After a shower, take a qtip with a drop of baby oil on it and run it carefully in your ear. Do not do this if you are currently suffering from an ear infection since the ear drum will be swollen and poking it hurts like hell. If you have an ear infection, rub it on the outer part of your ear canal. This helps to clean the ear and prevents dirt from getting in. For me, I've had ear infections for a long time, so i know what the signs are and get a home treatment until i can see a doctor. I am a physicians kid, so I know the system, but I also know how to work things at home since my mother taught my brother and I that the hospital is for emergencies! In the sink, let the water get as hot as you can stand it and soak a washcloth. Two drops of tea tree oil in the middle and then fold it up and place on your ear. Lay down and let it soak. A lot of this is distraction really from the pain. In the morning when you go to the clinic and they tell you to put the drops straight into your ear, you can, but most people like me, find the sensation really uncomfortable for the first few days since its putting a counter pressure on your ear drum. Take a cotton ball and rip it in half. Gently place the medicine on your half cotton ball and then place in your ear. This has the benefit of letting the solution come into contact with the infected area without that weird dizzy sensation from a sudden pressure on your ear drum. It will feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but as the medicine soaks into the area, it has a small analgesic to numb it. If you are on the antibiotic, whatever you do, take it like it says. If it means getting up in the middle of the night, take it. Do not skip a dose, do not stop in the middle. Generally, I take one in the morning, one at lunch, one at dinner, and one just before bed, if it's a four sequence. If its a three a day, take one with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Skipping or stopping these has the effect of breeding a resistant bug, so do what the doctor tells you to do. Generally for me, the cotton ball works, sometimes, you can also try dipping half a cotton ball in salt water and then pressing that in. Also, remember, that your ear drains down into your throat, so you need to take care of it, during an ear infection, I gargle salt water four to five times a day. It breaks up the mucus that is in your throat and will help clear the lower passage of your ear canal so it can drain freely. Hope this helps!


My boyfriend has had constant ear infections and ear aches for around 6 months now. For awhile there, they got seriously horrible, pus draining, him in a lot of pain to the point of tears. & When I looked in his ears, it was absolutely disgusting. When we flushed his ears out, globs the size of pencil erases would come out. We finally got it down to a science as far as helping with pain and getting the infections to go away.

1. Take medications for pain every four hours as needed. It helps with inflammation as well. We use 600-800mg of ibuprofen. Don't miss a dose.
2. Heat up 1/2 c olive oil, some garlic, and 5 or 6 drops of teatree oil. Dab a cotton ball in the warm mixture and put it in the ear while laying down. Let the mixture seep into your ear.
3. The salt cloth. Pour some salt into a rag. tie off the end with a hair tye or rubber band. Dip just the end of the salt ball into some water and heat the entire thing in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time. Lay the infected ear over the salt ball for at least 30 mins. Will help with pain.
4. If you're having problems with ear blockage and buildup. After the warm oil soaks in your ear for about 15 minutes, flush the ear out with a soft nose bulb and some warm water. Tip your head over a bowl or sink and squeeze the warm water into your ear with even pressure. Don't force it in too hard or you could damage your ear. This may take a few times of rinsing to get all the gunk out. It sometimes takes 8 or 9 rinses to knock it all loose.

Remember that if your pain and infection lasts more than a week or so, you should definitely see a Dr.


I've had ear aches for the past couple of days & they started hurting more at night when I tried to sleep. I tried the hot water in a cup, hot rag on ear & finally I tried the hot oil. It worked but not for long, so I decided to mix it up a little. First I put a couple drops of hot oil (vegetable) hot a little heating action. Then I put a little bit of Vicks vapor rub in my ear so after the oil wasn't hot anymore the Vicks vapor rub kept my ear cool & pain free. You won't regret trying it.

P.S. Sleep with a towel under your head so you don't get your pillow all nasty.


My grandmother taught us to take a bottle of sweet oil,heat it up in microwave for about 20 seconds or until its very warm.Get a cotton ball and put the very warm sweet oil on it and put it in your ear,replace about every hour or so. It's always worked or our family so maybe it will be helpful for someone else. :)


Ok so i have had 3 earinfections this month. Ive went to the docter and he gave me an antibiotic. But while the anitbiotic is taking its own time i have to take action. What i do is take a boiling pot of water on the stove and i take a washcloth and put it in the water i get it scolding hot and let it col a little bit. Then this is the fun part lay on the couch and place it on your bad ear tak a nice nap or wathch tv it should dothe trick in notime.

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