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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches


hi my name is gloria and as a child i had earaches alot my mom used a roll up newspaper made it into a cone put it in the ear lite it up on top with fire and all the water will evaperate u can hear it come out it work very good put a towel around ur ear and u will be good as new


Ear aches are sometimes water trapped in the eustachian tube. I have found that using a blow dryer about 12 inches away from the head and on medium heat will calm the crying child.


For Swimmer's Ear:

Equal parts of 70% isopropyl and white vinegar

Let sit for a few minutes and then drain. There will be tingling/slight stinging in the ear passage as it kick-starts the bacteria in your ear and helps to remove the excess water.


At the first tinge of middle ear pain use a capful of regular hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear. Hold the head tilted and keep in ear for about 5 minutes, and then turn head and drain onto a cloth for several minutes.


To cure an ear infection and pain of ear infection both for anyone of all ages, even infants, use garlic oil. Just break open a capsule and pour it in your ear. Lay down on the opposite side for a few minutess so it can drain in good. About 20 minutes later the pain should be gone and the ear will not bother you again, but it is good to do a second time after a few days just to be sure.


Lobelia extract in water will help with relaxation.


Use the juice of marigold leaves as ear drops.


Use ajwain oil as an ear drop for earache relief.


Place a drop of garlic oil or lobelia extract into the ear and rub softly. Do this three to four times daily.


Take hops in capsule or tea form to help the healing process.

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