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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches


Tried many things for troubled ear...congested/infected. What has seemed to help the most is liquid iodine (the kind you can ingest safely - bought the Life-Flo brand @ Lucky Vitamin - it's clear and contains only potassium iodide and purified water.

DO NOT think I would use tincture of iodine in my ears (the brownish yellow staining stuff for cuts and scrapes etc.)as it is for topical use only.

The kind I bought is for internal a supplement - a few drops in a glass of water or juice.


Water pick! Have your dr put warm water and hydrogen peroxide into a mini pressure washer... And flush it out in minutes!


May be very painful (especially if your ear is infected and/or sore already )


Drink a cold substance and there will be relief not all relief but some

Ivon Calderon

Mullein garlic ear oil by herb pharm the best natural remedy.


this might sound nasty but it works!! pee In a cup and get a dropper and put 2drops in the ear that is hurt or infected. this takes about 5 minutes to work but then it feels amazing.


Take a cup of Mustard oil (available in Indian grocery stores) heat it and add 3 tablespoon of Ajwain seeds (carrom seeds) (only available in Indian grocery stores)

bring it to a boil, let it cool. seive it and remove the seeds. Add 3-4 drops of oil in the affected ear, 3 times a day. My child was suffering from ear infections we had got tubes, but then I came to know this remedy, I did it for my second child and she never had any issues with ear infection again.


For ear problems, rub 100% essential oil of lavendar behind, just in front and about an inch or so below your ear that's giving you issues. Works wonders!! And no need to put anything in your ears!


I have tried alcohol, netti pots (not in ear but normal use), gargling salt water, special ear ache drops from GNC, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, willow bark extract, chiropractor....nothing works. Pain is so bad I've been to 2 doctors today who've done nothing (say my ear is clean and no infection) and will see a 3rd tomorrow for pain.

Right now I'm using a heat pad then I'm going to use peroxide to clean my ear out followed by pain relieving ear drops.

I work in a call center and the fact that both docs say even with severe pain I shouldn't have trouble at work just irritates me. I'm in so much pain I can't sleep, I'm dizzy, and also nauseous.


hydrogen peroxide.. soak cotton ball or drops in ear....


My mother is an audiologist and I've learned along the way ear drops NEVER work they make it worse take some Tylenol extra strength and put a hot compress down on your pillow with your bad ear on it and take a nap works like a charm to loosen wax take a hot wash cloth and soap and rub it around the opening of your ear NEVER use q-tips it will make it worse and drink alot of vitamin c and water hot peppermint tea with honey also works like a charm for the sore throat since honey is a natural antibiotic

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