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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches


alot of these remedies say that it needs to be a warm fluid, so i just put some warm water in my ear & considering i wouldve rated it a 11 before out of 10, i'd now rate it about a 7, so significantly better, just a bit of relief really, when you have nothing else


a couple of drops of tea tree oil mixed with olive oil, put in ear with a little cotton wool usually does the trick, pretty quickly. The olive oil I suspect loosens any debris (wax etc) and tea tree is renown for its ant bacterial properties.


A large (important so as it doesn't get lost!) garlic clove warmed in the microwave for a few seconds then placed just inside the ear canal will treat infection and soothe away pain.

Warmed bread placed against the outer ear will draw out infection and soothe.


It really is all about heat, no matter what you use really. Just a warm liquid or heating pad.


dip a q-tip in vicks rub and put in your ear but not deep then put a piece of cotton in your ear but leave some out so you can pull it out then put a heat pad on the sore ear and lay down and relax this works so great


Swimmer's Ear:

It is important to know what is causing an ear ache, as different causes should be treated differently.

Swimmer's Ear is a fungal infection, and almost any type of fungus is quickly and effectively treated with vinegar.

The Remedy:

Mix white vinegar 50/50 with clean water. Drop into ear, and wiggle ear to ensure it goes all the way in.

This provides almost instant results, especially if the infection is caught early. My son woke with Swimmer's Ear one night, and after a quick vinegar treatment and about fifteen minutes for the pain to subside somewhat, went back to sleep and by morning his ear was completely well.

You may mix vinegar with rubbing alcohol instead of water, but the alcohol will sting and is not necessary. The vinegar does a fine job of creating a pH environment that is completely unfriendly to fungus, and the little bit of extra water will run out and not cause further problems as long as you dry your ear carefully.

Side note: Vinegar of various sorts and in various concentrations is wonderful for other fungal infections as well. I rub it on my scalp for dandruff, for instant results. I pour apple cider vinegar in the bath for vaginal yeast infections, for instant relief and quick recovery. For fungus, vinegar works better and faster than any store-bought or prescription remedy. But only for fungus--for bacterial infections, vinegar can actually make the problem worse. So be sure you know what you're dealing with!


A few drops of breastmilk in the ear applied every three hours will clear an ear infection in 24 to 48 hours. Worked better than antibiotics for my family.


I had an ear ache that was causing sharp pain through that entire side of my head. I melted some margarine and used a baster to squeeze it into my ear. I kept it in for about 5 minutes and then let it drain on a towel. I did this 2 times about 2 hours apart and my ear ache was gone in an hour. My mom did this when I was a child.


To help with ear pain caused by an infection, place a few drops of warm sweet oil or warm garlic oil into the affected ear. It will relieve the pain immediately.


First i will give you my remedy then my story!

You take......
4 BIG Tablespoons of garlic
some water
some olive oil enough to fully cover the bottom of a sauce pan
chop up some onion
let it simmer (stir occasionally) until the garlic looks chunky and dry then strain the juice into a bowl or cup and use an eye dropper or siringe and put it into your ear hold your head sideways for about 5-10 min.

My story......
this is the first ear ache i have had in my 21 years of life and it was AWEFUL.... the worst part is i have no insurance i got online and found this web site while i was searching everyone kept saying how the onion was good for this, garlic good for this, sweet oil (olive oil) soothed but, no one conbined those things so i tried it and it works FANTASTIC i will swear by it from now on!i am not a believer in the whole herbs thing but, this has definately changed my mind and i truely hope and know it will work for you or whom ever! i hope it works and you/they get better!

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