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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches


Here is a list of multiple options, and can all probably be used simultaneously;)
Pharmaceutical antibiotics are overrated bigtime!
Natural Antibiotics!:
Olive leaf extract should help with infections, colds, ear aches, etc. Add 5-10 drops of warm tea tree oil to 1 Tbsp. of olive oil, mix thoroughly and trickle a small amount into the ear as needed.
Colloidal silver, B & C vitamins will help too... try it and let me know how these worked for you please.. Thankyou


I have to agree with the hydrogen peroxide. I woke up at 5am with SEVERE pain in my ear after having a cold - the only thing that helped was a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in my ear - the fizzing sound inside my head was terrible, but it took the pain away almost instantly!


I don't care what any of these other remedys say I'm sixteen years old and at 4 in the moarning the best thing to do is pour hp proxide in your ear and drain it



I'm half deaf in my left ear, so I get ear infections rather easily in that ear. I use to buy the over the counter homeopathic ear drops until that no longer worked. I just recently got an ear infection that I can only describe the pain as being that of an ice pick going strait through my left ear drum at every movement. So I read up on this site about home remedy's and as much to my disappointment noting really worked, that is until I combined a few ingredients myself and not only did it work but I have not had an ear ache/ infection since.


First grate some garlic and onion, (QUANTITY IS NOT IMPORTANT) real fine so it looks like food puree into a sauce pan. Then add a small amount of pure olive oil to the mix, simmer on low heat for just a moment or two. Then take a lemon and squeeze some of its juice into the mix, stirring it together. With a cheese cloth or some other fine linen around the house pour the continence onto it and extract the liquid. Then for faster results make sure the liquid is slightly warm (TEST ON FINGER FIRST) before inserting a few drops into the affected ear(s). Let the liquid penetrate the ear for about 3 minutes before putting a piece of cotton ball in. If you like I use a piece of tape to hold the cotton ball in place i.e like when you are going to bed for the night. This makes sure the medicine is doing what it's suppose to all night, and you won't have to worry about your bed smelling like the secret concoction. ;) The liquid may or may not have a slight sting to it, i guess it all depends on how bad the infection is. For me it did however, and grew slightly warm but only for a few minutes, then the pain was gone. But I can say it pain was so minimal to the torture of the infection before the (POTION) as I like to call it. Repeat as needed or at least until 1-2 days after you think it is better to insure it does not come back, and there you have it, easy as pie.

Ian Montgomery

it is 2:50 AM right now, and I havent been able to sleep due to a terrible ear infection. Since I couldnt sleep, I decided to look online for a home remedy. I grabbed my laptop and laid on my side on my bed, holding my head up with my arm, with my elbow on the bed. Just lying in the position INSTANTLY decreased the pain. I have been laying like this for about 15 mins now and the pain is almost gone. Every couple minutes I can hear some crackling in my ear, which I imagine, is fluids and such moving around, begining the healing process. If I had known it was this easy, I would have sat up hours ago.


This is only for fungal ear infections, also called swimmer's ear, or ear infections caused by water becoming trapped in the ear. Use antifungal cream, the most common type being for athlete's foot. The one I bought has an active ingredient Tolnaftate, but there are others. Just apply the cream inside the ear. It helped me within a few minutes, and after a day it almost completely healed. This has the benefit that you can have it in your ear without having to lie down.


I am 25 and i have a condition known as surfers ear. Because of this condition i get reoccurring ear infections all the time. Treatment costs and doctors fees add up quick, so over the last year i have researched natural remedies.
This is what i have come up with with great success.

Take large doses of vitamin A, C , Zinc as soon as possible.
Eat lots of garlic and onion.
take garlic oil capsules and use the capsules as ear-drops putting 2 to 3 drops in the affected ear once or twice a day(it will stink).

Now for the magic treatment, Aloa vera.
Eat aloa vera, that's right eat it.
make sure not to eat the green skin or the yellow sap. Fillet it like a fish and only get the clear gel. It tastes vile so here is what i do to mask the taste.

add it to choc milkshake or banana smoothie add a little bit of brown sugar to sweeten the taste a bit. Eat as much as you can stomach, It works wonders.
I had very bad infection and the above treatment cleared it up in 2 days.

THIS IS FOR ADULTS, i don't recommend this for children as i don't know the dosage for children.



My daughter had a earache i just took a little bowl and 50% 50% i put water and vinegar and it healed her right away she was out on the computer...

thats it.


My cousin had the worst ear aches ever. She tried everything and they kept coming back. The doctors even wanted to put tubes inside her ears. It was to expensive for my aunt to pay for so my grandmother suggested that she used a drop or two of her own pee. It may sound grose and you may not want to try it but she never got another ear ache again. Another quick fact is the military tells you to use pee on wounds out on the field becuase its sterile.

F From JacksonvilleFl

White Vinegar!! It is about 3 am and I could not sleep due to inner ear itching and pain from my ear infection. I noticed that when I get a sore throat, it is always followed by an ear infection. I used my usual, cotton swab soaked in alcohol and that provides temporary relief but today the pain and itching returned. I read this site and found to use a mixture 50/50 of alcohol and white vinegar. I am not one to 'mix' things so I got up the nerve to try the vinegar alone since I used alcohol earlier to no avail. My right ear is not as bad as the left one, so I tried that one first. I placed 3 drops of white vinegar... undiluted in my ear and left it there for 3 minutes. While it was in there, I noticed that when I swallowed the fluid moved down further in my ear canal so I continued to make swallowing motions. I let that drain out and tried the left ear. This ear hurt and itch really bad, but I put 3 drops of fluid in it and it did not burn... I could feel it moving down in the canal as I continued the swallowing motions. I let that drain out and 'immediately' felt better. I notice that the pain... itching sensation is gone. Since that worked for my ears, I got up the nerve to gargle with white vineger... undiluted! Once you get past the taste, it worked! I had to swallow about a teaspoon so that It could get all the way down my throat. I feel much better and is headed for bed. This definitely worked for me!

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