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My husband has suffered a bad ear ache, 1st in one ear, then in the other. An excessive amount of yellow puss-like secretion was evident. We tried a bit of hydrogen peroxide in each 1st, which bubbled profusely, but ultimately didn't cure the issue. Finally he hit upon using 'Flowers of Sulfur', (aka Sublimed Sulfur for Compounding, available by special order Walgreen's pharmacy,coast to coast.) He simply mixed a wee bit of this powder with some olive oil and put it in the ear with a swab. Immediate, and profound relief occured. Note: this sulfur burns like the dickens if you accidentally get it in the eyes...flush well w/ water, it will pass.


I got a really bad ear ache/infection and I don't have insurance, but fortunately I have a 2 month old that I am breastfeeding, so I expressed some breast milk and used a dropper to fill my ear canal with it. I let it sit for 5 minutes and when I sat up and let it drain the pain was GONE! It was so plugged up I couldn't hear, and after this I was back to normal. I will try the other remedies once I'm no longer breastfeeding though.

Bill Siddons

I have had bouts of ear congestion for years and have suffered through too many middel ear infections. I found a product on line called the Ear Ease ear pain reliever. It is a special container that holds hot water and is designed to go around the ear. You hold it on for about 5 minutes or so and the heat relieves the pressure and dramatically reduces the pain. The Doctor told me that I have small eustachian tubes and that is why I have had these reurring problems in opening up my ears. I feel a constant pressure in my ear that at times can be unbelievably painful. The Ear Ease has been a life saver for me particularly when I have to fly for business and I am boarding a plane w/ a head cold or sinus infection. If you don't want to take medication or risk a nasty ear infection that lasts for weeks, check the ear ease out.


I used the white vinegar in my son ear it worked in less than 5 minutes. He was crying in pain and I had tried ear drops and rubbing alcohol over a matter of an hour and they did nothing and after four drop of vinigar and pulling his ear a little bit so the drops could run down his ear canal he said the pain was gone in less then 5 minutes. This was great he is now asleep, I will take him to the doctor in the morning but at least he was able to go to sleep. My son is 11 years old.

Alan Urdaibay

I had persistent outer ear irritation with a little pus formation. The ear drops prescribed me by my family doctor (called a GP here in the UK)gradually became less effective as the years went by. The doctor said this was due to increased resistance developing in the infectious agent (bacteria, I assume. I decided to change the environment in the ear canal by dropping lemon juice into my ear. This would create an acidic environment that would make life hard for the bacteria. My ear was inflamed and stung quite badly for a while. My ear infection cleared up for about 2 months and then returned. This time I treated the ear with a solution of sea salt in boiled water. My logic was that the bacteria that had survived the acid attack would find it hard to defeat the alkali attack - I have heard that sea water can clear up some skin infections. I now drop a few drops of boiled sea-salty water into my ear every week and things are OK. My doctor, by the way, had suggested drops of olive oil into the ear - I never tried that!

So my method was to combine methods already described elsewhere on the site.



I read many web sites with different remedies
This one really works my 4 yr old complained about her ear and was not acting the same. she doesnt swim so I knew it was due to her cold. I placed one drop of red vinegar Im sure any would work in her ear didnt wipe it off, told her to lay on her opposite ear and in 5min instant relieve


For the past two years or so, I've been dealing with a recurring ear infection, but due to an allergy to penicillin, there's been little that anyone could do. I've found that dripping chamomile extract into the ear and allowing it to sit for a few minutes helps with the pain, whether it clears up the infection or not (I'm assuming it does).


Was awakend by my 6yr old son crying at 12am. He had sore ear. Gave him some paracetomal suspension sent him back to bed. 2.30 heard him sobbing in his bed . Lokked on here found the lemon juice remedy.I new we had lemons down stairs put a few drops in waited 3 mins then emptied the ear. he went to bed said it still hurt a bit. thought it was not going to work. 20 mins later checked on him no crying sleeping woke him asked if it still hurt he said no its better dad. Thank you very much. From Scotland


one very good way to get rid of a ear infection is to pour a cap full of hydrogen peroxide into infected ear and lay on opposite ear for about 15 minutes and drain ear


I'm 13 and i've been up for 2 hours trying to find good remedies for ear aches. I decided to try baby oil. I put one tea spoon in a small cup and put it in the microwave for seven seconds and put a small amount on the tip of a cotton ball. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! :D

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