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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches


I'm a 17 year old male. I've been having bad ear infections and I could never receive instant pain relief for in the night time when the pain comes. So I browsed online and noticed a lot of ppl trying the vinegar so I tried it and what do you know instant pain relief


I had an earache, otitis externa, or swimmer's ear. I had no medicine handy so I put a few drops of Listerene in my ear canal and held it there for 10 minutes. Listerene kills germs, and it killed these germs. I did this procedure twice a day for four days. I seem to be cured.


I had a terrible ear infection in my inner ear(swimmers ear). I used garlic capsules, break them open and sqeeze out the gel inside into a very small container, then mix it with either olive oil or an over the counter ear ache reliever mix until thin then pour all of it into infected ear,let it sit in ear for about 5 min. then drain, may take a day or two but it will feel so much better.


I am not use to ear aches because I'm 57 and I don't think I've ever had one unless as a child and I can't remember. Anywho, I have been sick for three weeks with bronchitis and it's almost gone except it went into one of those sore throats you can't eat or drink it hurts so bad and a incredibly painful earache. I read the vinegar solution and because I drink braggs organic with the mother in it, apple cider vinegar before meals, I had it on hand and placed some in my ear as I laid on my side for about 20 min. When I got up I'd say it was about 65% better and I was happy for that...Then about an hr later I noticed it's almost completely gone! =)

Ear infected mom

I had a ear pain all night... I didn't sleep. I finally go the idea to come online and check out the home remedies as a quick fix. I tried the warm vinegar and alcohol mixture... it didn't work at all, and stung the crap out of my ears. I don't know if my ear infection is internal or external.

I finally called up my mom, and she told me to take a panadol till I go to the dr in the morning.

Take 2 panadol extras.


Hydrogen Per. eases the pain. I had an ear infection I could not shake for 5 days, no medical insurance. I work in a pet store and was given a sample of VETERYCIN (this stuff is supposed to heal just about everything, so I thought why not)... sprayed it in my ear 3 times through out the day and had felt like I was under water. Sprayed it another 3 times in the evening and then laid on a heating pad when I got home for for a few hours. Pain and pressure is gone. Good luck!


Slept on a heating pad pain slowly started going away almost instantly. Woke up with no pain.


put a damp rag inside a microwave safe cup. microwave for 1 minute and hold the cup to your ear the steam rises into your ear and loosens up any wax build ups causing discomfort. sometimes the drainage can be gross, i suggest using an old rag u can throw away after.


I've been having problems with the ear drops my doctor prescribed not working. I talked to my grandmother and she told me that when she was a kid, before there were antibiotic pharmasuticals, they would use peppermint oil for ear aches/infection.
I mixed 1 drop of peppermint oil to 20 drops of olive oil and used 4 drops in the infected ear. My pain was gone almost instantly and I felt 75% better than I had since I developed the ear infection. Reading in some differnt herbals I found that Peppermint oil has antibiotic and anti-inflamitory properties and it's a local anastetic as well.


When I was a teenager my neighbor (who was a doctor in Russia) dropped VODKA into my ear- it burned a bit at first, but the ache was gone after a week of pain... I'll never forget that!

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