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Laura T

My 6yr old was crying in pain for 2 hrs after I gave him tylenol and antibiotic ear drops for his ear infection. I read on here about the vinegar and tried it -- it has helped! I warmed up a little vinegar in the microwave, dropped some in his ear and about 5 mins later he's not crying anymore! Thanks guys!


I am not taking that weird antibiotic stuff, as most of it I am allergic to. I went to health food store and the guy recommended something for my ear. I have yet to buy it and I don't remember the name of it. I also know pro-biotics work to and pro-biotics also use for Bacterial Vaganosis and bladder infections, along with cranberry pills. Yet, there is another natural pill, which I forget the name, that heals ear infections. Go to the Health food store and they will tell you what to take.

When I was younger I used to use Vix and place on cotton ball, then place cotton ball in my ear. It hurt yea, but it took my ear infection away.

Also warm water, though it won't cure the infection but it does help with the pain.

Antibiotics are good if you can take the pills. I can't. I am allergic to most antibiotics. My doctor knows this, yet still gave me antibiotics to take.
I won't take that stuff, it's bad for me.


My 3 year old son is just getting over a cold and today he developed an earache. I placed a tsp of extra virgin olive oil in a small dish, then placed that in a larger dish full of hot water up to the rim of the smaller dish. Let it sit for a few minutes until oil feels just above body temp. Use a baby medicine dropper or your (clean) fingertip to drop it in the ear and place a piece of cotton ball to hold the oil in. W/in 5 minutes he was jumping around, not crying anymore. I asked him if his ear felt better and he said, Yeah, all better Mom!


Bring to a boil extra virgin olive oil, and 2 whole cloves garlic, use a dropper and put about 4 drops in your ear, and top with a cotton ball

Claudine Davis-Whitely

2 drops of Lavender Oil in the infected ear tice a day really helps.


I have eczema in my ears. No where else on my body, although I do have dry skin. I also have chronic eye dryness, which I wonder if it's all related, but that's another topic I'm sure. Anyway, after a particularly nasty secondary ear infection recently I was bound and determined to find something that healed my ears of the constant pain, burning, itching, and crusty weeping. I've been dealing with it for the past 10 years, and I thought I had to live with it. Pain is a funny motivator. My ear was swollen shut and the lymph nodes from under the ear down my neck to my shoulders were all swollen. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and oral steroids and a steroid creme. The oral steroids were magic. It took away the swelling, the pain and the itching! But quite soon after the last dose the itching returned as well as the crusty weeping. I knew the steroid creme would only be a short term maintenance solution. (I haven't even filled the scrip.) I want my ears to be healthy! Not just maintain the condition. I found an oil called miracell. See I had a sample sitting in my bathroom for months, didn't know what it was!! I put it on my leg to try it out and immediately knew it was quality. I got online looking for more and kicked myself when I learned I could have put it in my ears! I got more and I've been putting it in my ears now for the past few days, 2 or 3 times a day. I'm in love. It's a combo of oils and contains myrrh which is an antibacterial. I highly recommend this stuff! They have an oil called Calm Ear. I compared the ingredients to their main oil, Skin Relief & Support. Its the same exact stuff, only the FDA requires they put a paraben in the Calm Ear, the other oil is paraben free. The Calm Ear is hard to track down, they ended up sending me samples of the Calm Ear, and I just bought the main oil at my local health food store, its the same stuff.
My ear infection was severe and I'm glad I went to the doc for that. I don't know if it's a remedy for an ear infection, but for the eczema it is absolutely helping and I hope that it will indeed help my skin help itself to return to complete health. I am also cutting out dairy and sugar in hopes to eliminate the root cause. Good luck to you.


Guys, if you have the insurance and/or money to see a doctor, USE IT. Your hearing is valuable and a great sense you are gifted with. 3 days ago, after swimming in an abandoned lake (smart, I know.) I woke up the next day with a shooting pain in one ear so bad that my jaw was numb and I couldn't see straight. Of course, me being 15 and stupid, I didn't tell my mother and I figured it was just some wax buildup. SO I DID SOMETHING ELSE NOTSOSMART- cleaned it with the Qtip. I was relieved a little temporarily, like a few seconds, but the pain came back HARD and worse. I used my dad's ear drops (another stupid move, thankyouuu Jackie) and the next day, the pain was less and better. I popped an aleve and went shopping. I went to sleep happy like I was some genius at taking care of myself, but when I woke up the pain was back. My friend had slept over and I didnt want to let her see me cry, so I sprinted downstairs in tears to my mom to tell her about it. Her being in Level 2 nursing, she had a little knowledge about the situation. But, uhohhh, my doctor wasnt in that day. That morning she gave me some of my Fathers ear drops, but this time the pain remained horrid.
Later, about 2 hours later I was driven to Urgent Care and waited 5 hours to see that my little earache was a massive ear infection. now, that was yesterday. The nurse gave me pills and MY OWN eardrops and I had INSTANT relief for the night and was happy. But, that was last night and this morning the pain felt just as severe. Its so bad, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on my own and now Im waiting for my mom to wake up and her approval that I can take my medication again.
SO LONG SOTRY SHORT, your earaches could be severe. See a doctor. :)


I have another post on how I treated my son's earache with sweet oil and pressed garlic, but a friend of mine who is 60yrs old was telling me how his mom used to treat them when they were children. He said lots of people did this. It's completey gross and I have googled it and can't find it anywhere where anyone else has done this so I am curious to see if anyone else has heard of this rememdy. He said they would find a wasp nest that had larvae in it. They would take a fresh larvae out and squeeze it and put the goop from it in the ear. OMG,,,I'm gagging just thinking about it,,,but then again, if it's hurting bad enough, a person would probably willing to try anything to make it stop.


My 10 year old has an ear infection. I am giving him ciprodex drops. The pain has been horrible. He was crying it was hurting so bad. I used my garlic press on a pod and squeezed it into a little measuring spoon. Next I poured some sweet oil over the garlic. I microwaved it for about 15 seconds which was too long, it was too hot, but this gave it a little time to let the oil from the garlic mix with the sweet oil. When it cooled a little, I poured just the oil into his ear being careful not to let any garlic slip through. He told me the warmth felt really good and the pain stopped immediately. I was amazed and happy that he finally got some relief.


Heat can dilate the vessels, allowing white blood cells faster access to the infected area, but heat allows the infection to multiply!

The remedy should depend on the pain. Vodka in my ear worked for an acute infection.
Vinegar/rubbing alcohol are good preventative measures.
Do not take baths, take showers. The water/bacteria gets trapped in the ear easily if you take baths or swim a lot.

Hydrogen peroxide helps with very acute infections.

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