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Brew a bag of Lipton green tea while still warm place warm tea bag on ear as well as a dampened wash cloth that's been warmed in the microwave reheat as needed the steam and healing properties of the tea will really work the effects aren't immediate but within an hour your ears will feel much better.


Recently, i got over a pretty bad flu and i still had a very sore throat. About two days after most of my flu symptoms went away my ears started popping. Later that night my ear felt completely clogged up and i couldnt hear out of it. So, i drop up to walgreens, got the walgreens brand ear pain reducer, some cotton balls, and a bottle of nyquil. Right after i got home i put a few drops of pain reducer in my ear, sealed my ear with half a cotton ball, took the recomended dosage of nyquil and drank a warm cup of fruit tea. Within 10 minutes- my ear pain was gone, my throat was feeling good, and i was ready to crawl into bed for a painless night!

Krystal from Texas

Oh my geeze!!! Ok, so I have been sick for 2 weeks now, just thought I had a cold until I went to the doc and he said I had a little pnemonia, well up until then I had no ear pain or stopped up issues, he looked in my ear with that stupid light thing and BAM the next day... ear infection!! And I do not tolerate them very well at all. The last 2 I had put me in the hospital because the infection got so bad and the pain was worse than any I have even felt!! So this time when it came on I wanted to find some way to relieve it before it got to that point... So I came upon this site and I have to say THANKS to whomever posted about putting a wet washcloth in a mug and microwaving it (I used hot water to wet the cloth and put a little in the mug and microwaved for 30 sec, and after the heat was gone I repeated the process before letting it drain), then hold it to your ear and let the steam in the ear, then after a few minutes I took away the cup and let my ear drain... HOLY COW!! It feels soooo much better. I read lots of other things that sound like good ideas, but I do not put things in my ear, I just cant do it, the thought of having to relive that pain from the monster ear infections gets me and I will not take that chance, I know there are many who can relate or just do like to put things in their body like that, so here is one that works!!! Good luck to all!!

Aaron Reid

Hi my name is Aaron.. I have been up all night, with very bad pain due to ear infection. All my life I have had ear infections I jump on line to find a home way of working it out cause of no medical insurance, so while im writing this you will go through it all with me I have red all the things on here on how to fix it and im going to mix the best three that I have found on here and I will tell you how I feel after im mixing 50 part baby oil and 50 part and 3 cap fulls of rubbing alcohol vinegar... brb.... I mixed it all in a sauce cup put the cup in hot water to warm but did not mix with hot water. I put one teaspoon full laid on the opposite side for about 5 min and I let it drain I did this for about 45 min and right after the first one I felt a great drop in pain levels and now I still feel the infection but not pain full level is about a 2 out of a 10 where it was to begin with. I will now take 400 milligrams of ibuprofen for the inflammation of the infection and some Tylenol for pain so I can sleep. And in about 12 hours I will comment on this very remedy of mine and tell you if it has gone, gotten better or just did not work....


Get a nice hot water bottle and place it under the infected ear and sleep on it, that eases the pain, I'm on amoxicillin and pain killers and I still can't hear properly and there is goo coming out of my ear, whatever you do don't add oils because it sticks the the lining of tissue inside the ear canal.


for swimmers ear, or when fluid gets stuck in the outer ear, i take my hand to my ear a create an airtight seal between my palm and my ear. then i tilt my head sideways, and pump my hand up and down to create suction in the ear. do it for 15-30 seconds or so, and take your hand off your ear with your head still tilted and the water should come out at once.

unfortunately this doesnt work with middle or inner ear infections but its worth a try, it certainly cant hurt you.


i used the galbreath technique which supposed to help drain stuff out and shorten a recovery for a middle ear infection.

which you just basically open your mouth and move your jaw to the opposite side of the ear that hurts for 3 seconds or more. and repeat 3 - 5 times.

any way i thought i would share it

it actually helped take most of the pain away for my ear infection


My son had a pretty bad ear infection that developed, it seems, over night. He was crying and kept waking up screaming. My husband had gotten some over the counter earache drops from the drugstore, but that did not seem to be doing the job good enough.

After reading some posts and ideas, I did a few things. scraped/finely chopped and boiled an onion with 50% water/50% vinegar until the onion was see through. Then I separated the liquid from the onion. I placed the warm (not hot) onion on his ear (not in) then, when the liquid has cooled to warm, i filled his ear canal. I let it sit for about 2 minutes, had him dump it out, then put 2 small drops and put a cotton ball so it would not drip out. he was tear free within the 2 minute time. I do this 3 times a day with obvious infection and 1 time a day for a week after just to make sure it does not return. After the first 24 hours, you can use a weak peroxide mix (dilute with water) to break up any hardened puss. anything in there will be forced to float to the top.

Hospital visit avoided...5 year old sleeping through the night...happy parents!


After reading some of the remedies suggested on this site and others I gave my husband, who was experiencing a terrible ear infection, a dropper full of the hydrogen peroxide-then had him drain it, half a dropper full of collidal silver-then had him drain it out, and then a few drops of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with a couple drops of organic, cold-pressed olive oil. Healed him immediately and the pain has not returned.


Gramma Mary's Ear Ache Remedy

For ear aches, ear infections, even an infection of the inner ear that is un-responsive to antibiotics. I'm the youngest of eleven children and I had ear aches as a child and this always worked for me.

My mom would bake a medium sized onion(with outer peeling removed) in the oven @ 350 for about an hour or until it would prick easily with a fork.(I cannot vouch for microwave). Remove the onion, place it at the bottom of a canning jar, wrap the jar in a towel so as not to burn your hand, prick the onion to release the steam. Place the affected ear over the opening to allow the steam of the onion to sooth and penetrate the ear. You can use a smaller onion and a smaller jar for a small child, the opening will be better for their little ears) Leave it in that position until the steam is no longer being released, the heat alone feels wonderful. It almost immediately eases the pain.

I know of a child scheduled for tubes to be surgically placed in her inner ear for drainage due to repeated infections that were un-responsive to antibiotics, who responded to this treatment the night before the planned surgery. When the doctor checked her ear the infection was completely resolved and the surgery was cancelled. The childs mother wanted to know if she could pay my mom,just knowing a child was no longer suffering was more than enough payment. We know now that onions have a natural antibiotic property and the heat may also help to improve circulation. It won't hurt to try, and it just may help. So what have you got to lose, onions are cheap!
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