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adult with earpain

Ever heard of getting rid of hiccups by sipping water upside-down? well it may not work for hiccups, but it works for EARACHES/ infections! Just switch the water out with warm apple cider vinegar (diluted), bend forward while holding the cup below your chest and sip...
if you haven't mastered the technique of resting the edge of the cup on your upper lip while pouring, then you can use a straw but be VERY careful not to burn yourself!
hope this helps, it just helped me a ton!


VINEGAR!!! VINEGAR!!!! The pain was Unbearable, antibiotics hadn't kicked in, and from reading these posts, I tried Vinegar and Immediately it worked. I was able to sleep when before I couldn't even move my head. Once again, Vinegar

B mac

Ive had this nasty ear infection for 2 weeks now and it wont go away until came across this.

-take a garlic clove
-place in infected ear
-use band aid to hold in ear
-give it a couple of hrs or how ever long pain goes away.

Momma C

I have a 18mo old son and he has an inner ear infection. Try this remedy, it worked for my son to relieve some of his discomfort. Heat a coffee mug's worth of water for 45 seconds, steep a green tea bag in it. Get a diaper (they are after all soft and absorbent) pour the tea into the diaper and then fold it up securing it with the velcro patches. Put 2 drops of Olive Oil into your child's infected ear (or both if it's a double). While the diaper is warm have your child lay the painful side down onto it. Do this for about 10 minutes if possible. CAUTION: Make sure it's Warm, not HOT!! Easiest part is you can just throw it away when you're done and there's no mess! Ibuprofin or Tylenol will help too, but in the meantime while you're waiting for it to kick in try this! Good Luck!!!

Amanda F.

I am sick and woke up with an ear infection. Horrible. I took some ibuprofen and my father told me my Grandmother used olive oil when they had ear infections as kids. You heat the olive oil, dip a cotton ball in and put it in your ear. Needless to say, I was back to a painfree sleep. It helps to relief the pressure and pain. An ear infection will take a few days to get over so just repeat.

Tired of living like this

I have had a nasty inner ear infection causing earglue behind the eardrum, dizzyiness, low grade fever now for over 2 years. I've tried 3 different anti-biotics and one fungal medicine with no relief. I've have tried rubbing Tea Tree Oil behind my ears on the soft skin next to the ear canal witch only turned the earglue into a more watery fluid and burned the skin on my ears than it peeled. The only thing the helps with relief is Wally's ear drops with Sweet Almond Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Mullein Extract, Echinacea Oil, Garlic Oil. Also, putting Vick's salve in the middle of a cottonball then into your ear canal brings a soothing relief.


For the past 2wks I have been fighting this horrible cold, When I thought it was over I got hit again but this time it wasnt my sinus' I recently made heating bags, they are about 4' x 6'. stuffed them with corn not the kernnels you can find the corn, I used white corn and you can find it in your bulk section in a grocery store. heat it for 1-2min, lay down and place it on the infected ear. It offered me instant pain relief. just continue until the pain is gone. however this is just a temporary releif but helps when you need to get rid of the pain right away.


Ok, so a lot of people post things about the steaming cloth after putting it into the microwave for 30 seconds. Worked, but didn't do the job. So then as I thought about it, WTF is everyone thinking. Did not one person really notice it. Guess not, so let me help you out more. Take the rag run it under hot water, get some hot water put it in the mug(make sure mug is tall microwave safe and had handle) only don't let the rag touch the water in the mug. Stuff it so it sits in there nice at the top. Microwave 30 secs. Here is where it gets new. Take the infected ear and put it in the mug(rag didn't touch water so you know there's room to fit your ear) the heat will make a suction that pulls the stuff out and drain and the steam will soften it up to come put nice. Take the rag and put it on other ear at the same time so both ears are getting steam. Feels awkward makes you look crazy when you do it, but the pain is gone and works great.


I have had an ear ache for a month and a half now due to a cold I had. Go to a health food store and get ear candles! They soothe the pain and smoke out any trapped water/wax. Cut them open when you are done to see all the nasty stuff. I also baught some drops from the health food store.


Im 12 and I have my ears piercerd and im stretching so that creates pusie stuff along with my ear infection it sucks so I took out my plugs to avoid irratation and snagging I took a wash rag in a bowl with hot water,vineger and I think the saline I use to clean my ear lobes just to be safe and I put in in the microwave for 30 seconds and placed it on my infected ear and it worked in about 5-10 mins I fell completly better I also took a wd 40 straw like thing to increase pressure from can and sprayed.into bad ear and clogged with cotton ball works great!!!

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