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I know it will sound extremely weird, but my mom is a smoker and we got this cure from my grandmother, her mother.

If you blow cigarette smoke, cigar, or other type of smoke from one person's mouth into the ear, it will make it feel better. This is my usual remedy, as I get earaches quite often.


Alright. I'm a fourteen year old girl at my beach house, where there's a skanky ol' pool that we can't resist swimming in, and the Atlantic ocean just a few steps away. I didn't feel like dragging someone out to the store to get some rubbing alcohol or whatever for me since there were none in this rental.

So... Duh. I got an ear infection.
Anyhow, anyone wonder why many of these remedies include rubbing alcohol and vinegar? Well, I just went to the doctor to get some real antibiotics for it and found out. First off: Yeah. This is what I recommend. Go to a doctor. But if not mix a solution of half rubbing alcohol and half vinegar and put a few drops periodically in your ear until the infection goes away. Obviously, the rubbing alcohol -being a depressant- kills germs. We all knew that. BUT what I bet some of us didn't know -Myself included- is that there is an acidic layer in our ear canal that prevents germs from bothering the eardrum. However, after someone does a lot of swimming this layer gets worn down and washed away. And their are still many species of germs that can survive the chlorine or salt in a swimming pool; so although obviously in a cleaner chlorinated pool you are less likely to get an infection than in a skanky one or in an ocean or lake. Although any amount of swimming still wears down the acidic layer in one's ear.

ANYHOW: Back on topic, the vinegar in itslef is a minor acid, so putting that in your ear helps restore the layer. The rubbing alcohol kills germs, although it may sting a bit. Mix these two together 1:1 and put a few drops in your ear each day. These will likely not immediately help the pain (For that, I recommend some of these steam or hot water things some people have said. Although the will not help the infection. And some sort of pain over the counter drug; Aleve, Advil, ect.)And Er.... Try and keep your head above water for the next week. Even swim team coaches make their members do something like this periodically to keep infection and swimmer's ear away. I really hope this helps, and tell me what you think!


Forget everyone else's, just put alcohol in your ear and then a hot water bottle on it and leave for 20 mins.. the only way...


Go see a doctor and get on some antibiotics but in the mean time try warmed up rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and put it in your ear for a about 15 minutes. Also try rubbing japanese mint oil on your sinuses and around your ear. Wont kill the infection but will help with some of the pain.


Really simple just get a cotton ball & alcohol heat up the alcohol real good then soak the cotton ball in it for a little bit & put it in your ear & you feel great(: WARNING: It does hurt a bit for about 15 seconds.


Im 14 years old and had a mild case of swimmers ear. I later that day went to a rock concert thinking that it might have just been stress related. This morning (the next day) i woke up with a huge ear ache! I couldnt even hear out of my left ear! I tried vineger and it helped for a while but wasn't as long as i would like. I tried Hydrogen Peroxide and that cleaned the infection but it still hurt like crazy. then i tried the steam thing i read and instant relief of pain!!!! it may still be clogged but it helped with the pain. First take a glass or a mug and fill the bottum about an inch or so with warm water than damp a washcloth with warm water and push it down into the glass. put in the microwave for 30 seconds and hold to ear as long as desiered. after you feel fine or the steam gets to hot or too much presure remove it from your ear and repeat later. it helped so much!!!!!


Don't bother with oils or vinegar stuff! They give brief relief but don't help permanently at all! They actually worsen it...Go to the doctors, get antibiotics and get some methyl inhalation liquid which you just add to hot water and breathe in the steam! I'm feeling better for the first time in 2 weeks!


i advised the staff person in this program im in to take a sock full of rice and tie it at the end and place it in the microwave for 45 seconds and place it on her ear. And instantly she felt relief of her ear infection.


I had a very bad ear ache yesterday. I was swimming the day before,so I believe it was the occasional swimmer's ear. Although,this remedy will work for any type of ear ache. First,get some regular cooking oil and pour about a teaspoon size amount into a small teacup. Next,heat the oil,just a little bit so it gets warm. Once the oil is heated (warm *not hot* ),get a SMALL knife and dip it into the oil. (This is used so the oil runs down the knife onto the knife's point to make a perfect droplet). Dip the knife into the oil and hold the knife over your ear so the oil drips into the ear canal. Do this repeatedly until the ear canal is full. Get a cotton ball and cover the area filled with oil. After you do this,you can put your head back in up right position. When you go to bed,make sure you sleep on the side opposite of the aching ear. I recommend doing this a little while before going to sleep. Once you do this,you will feel instant relief in 5-10 minutes!! This really does work!! I did this last night before going to sleep. And by the morning(today),the pain was gone!! *This is a two person job. Get your mom, or another adult to do this process for you. Because your head will need to be tilted all the way on its side for the oil to go into the ear canal. And you won't be able to look into a mirror when doing this.* My mom did the whole process for me. I got this remedy from her. And I thought I would share it with you so your pain goes away as fast as mine did!! I really recommend trying this,you won't regret it!! Hope this helps a lot of people.


This will help discomfort, but be warned, it WILL hurt for a minute or two.

Apple cider vinegar in a mug, heat it up for 30 seconds, then pour some very carefully on your ear.

It will hurt and leave your ear burning for few minutes, but then you'll feel much better than you were at first.

It sounds crazy but I just did it and it worked.

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