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222 Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Aches


Had been suffering from an ear infection for a few days and my usual trick of getting rid of it with Ibuprofen wasn't working (normally it kills it off within a day or two). So, employing a bit of logic, I went down to the shops and got some TCP. 1 part TCP to 1 part tepid water and tip it into your ear and hold it for about 5 minutes. Do it twice and it's gone. It does feel like someone is pouring acid into your ear but the excruciating pain only lasts for about a minute after you get it out.


Someone once told me to warm up some olive oil and put a few drops into my ear to relieve the pain of an intense ear ache and then put a cup or rock salt in a pan and cook on the stove for a few min to dry it out and then put it in a dry cotton sock to draw any liquid out of my ear... It was amazing!!!


Best home remedy I've ever used for ear ache/ear infections is eardrops about 4 drops Tea tree oil in 1/4 cup water. Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal so its good for LOTS of other stuff too! But, when you use these drops, shortly after you put them in there's even a cooling type feel in your ear that is just so relaxing also!


Vinegar IS used in the treatment of ear infections. The ear spray prescribed by doctors contains Acetic Acid (vinegar), its used alter the acidity of your ear making it inhospitable towards bacteria. Yes it does really sting so take pain killers before you do it but it will treat the infection.


Ear infections go away naturally but the pain can be very bad. For my infant I spoke with a pediatric nurse (to avoid the doctors visit and fees) and she said infant motrin (or adult) reduces fluid in the ear and we have been using St. Johns Wart ear drops (only at night) from Whole Foods and they are helping our son! He is sleeping and feeling much better!


OMGosh! I completely agree with the last person to comment! PLEASE DO NOT USE VINEGAR IN YOUR EAR!!! I AM A GROWN WOMAN AND IT HURT ME SO BADLY THAT I CRIED!!! I don't know who thins this is okay, but I am in more pain now than I was prior to visiting this site...PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS, IT IS HORRIBLE PAIN, AND I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH MULTIPLE TIMES!!!


PLEASE do NOT use vinegar for ear infections. I tried it on my 14 month old baby and he screamed non-stop for about 30 minutes. He was literally shaking with pain as he held his hand to his ear. He only stopped crying when we put some prescribed numbing drops in his ear to ease the pain. The only thing that has worked on him is antibiotics and tubes. I really want parents to know that you will willfully inflict pain on your baby if you try this and it is the worst experience to be the cause of pain to your baby. I listened to these blogs and I hope to prevent another parent from doing the same thing. Go to the doctor.


Two days ago I had an ear infection, growing quickly. My ear canal hurt badly, I had a sore throat, and my head was so tender I couldn't touch it and it was shooting with pain. That night, I took echinacea tincture and ate two cloves of raw garlic, and got a good night's sleep. By morning I was about 80% better. I repeated the echinacea and garlic and by last night was back to normal. I also take a lot of probiotics in my diet (yogurt and kefir, which I make at home), so I'm sure that helped me weather the infection when it came. Luckily no need for a doctor! I read that one clove of raw garlic has 1/5 the antibiotics of a dose of penecillin. I ate it wrapped in a piece of bread to help with the taste and stinging on my sore throat. Echinacea tincture I took 30 drops every 4 hours or so. Hope this helps!


Alot of people are saying 'oh, just go to the doctor and get anti-biotics...' This is NOT always a good idea. Some infections are mild and can be treated at home until thet clear up on their own. If you take an anti-biotic for every little infection, your body will not be able to build antibodies to fight them on it's own. Vinegar, peroxide, alcohol, warm olive oil, etc... ALL very good suggestions. Also, add a little thyme oil (JUST A DROP!!!) to about 2 oz of warm olive oil and add a couple drops in your ear twice a day. Thyme has natural infection fighting properties. :)


i dunno about the tampon with peanut butter someone mentioned, but garlic infused in unrefined olive oil is great for the ears. So is mullien flower, with Garlic/ both infused in the Olive oil.

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