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8 Home Remedies for Fever Reducer

Herbal mom


This is a very old home remedy.

It always works. Does not hurt. Is natural and chemical free.

Can be given for many ills.

The catnip or garlic enema is a wonderful fever reducer

Enemas went out of style for years. They are coming back.

I work in a health food store. The enema is asked almost every day.

Moms are starting to give this home remedy again.

Coffee enrmas are very popular now.


Cool water enemas. Or tepid water enemas.

I have give my kids enemas for fevers. They always worked. The fever went down. Few times I repeated the enema about fours after the first enema.

Gave with a small rubber bulb syringe. Now older given with the red rubber bag.

Before giving enemas or home remedies, check with doctor if ok to give.

My mom gave enemas as fever reducer. Always worked. Better than giving mess.


Onions placed in socks


I learned this one from my Hispanic boyfriend and it's a remedy he and his family swear by. And so help me it works. Put vapor rub on ur feet!!! I know it sounds so crazy but it works. Smear that stuff on ur feet (not a thin layer, a decent amount) put on socks, huddle under the blanket and your fever will go down. Helps to dab a lil vaporub on the forehead too


Pour some vodka or vinegar in your hand and rub them on the ill person's legs from the knees down to the toes, rub the back of the legs as well. Do both legs. Make the person put socks on their feet and cover themselves in a blanket.


If you have a younger child and they have a bad fever and you want to try to put a decrease in their body temperatures, get a pair of their socks and get a potatoe cut it in half. Putting the raw parts against the feet. Wait for 30 min to 1hr and the temp should go down 5degrees. The potatoe should be brownish or black, because the body has cooked the potatoe. But i still recommend on you to take the little one to tho doc or er if its that bad.


a slice of lemon will help the person temperature down in seconds.

just put all over the body.. if no lemon you can use white vinegar, just put a bit to the person works for my children

Mia Nona

'Remedy to reduce fevers',Put a whole potato in the refrigarator, let chill, then take it out, slice it in slices, and place on forehead of fevered person, change when potato slices are hot to touch, which is in less than a minute. Keep repeating this.

The potato draws out the fever!!

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