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57 Home Remedies for Dry Skin


Vaseline, Vaseline and more Vaseline (no off brands as they are not thick enough or melt into the skin like Vaseline does when it comes into contact with your body temperature). Use thickly @ night and thickly during the day, esp. before showering & shaving. Use baby oil (any brand) liberally following shower. You will be most comfortable even after feeling like a grease monkey.


use mineral water instead of tap water to wash the face.


Hi girls! I used to improvise too with natural products on this problem (my dry skin), but then, one of my friends' advice made me feel sorry for my ideas: I used some 'natural' plant oil and made my skin even drier. Then, I went to a dermathologist. She made me realise that there are products, made by world companies that are 100% natural and aren't that expensive, as we, or at least I, was told. I tried this natural gama, made in Romania:
You should try this too, I strongly recommend it.

Best regards,


Save yourself alot of time, trouble and money and just start using glycerin soap. I started using it just by chance and my skin is beautiful and comfortable now, no more flakiness or itchiness. And no more using lotion! It also cured my acne and got rid of my oily facial skin but without overdrying it, it's perfectly balanced now. I don't even use facial lotion. And now my makeup stays beautiful all day long! No lotions, no toners, no remedies, no trouble, and no time or money lost. Great skin is as simple as using glycerin soap!


Legs have very few oil glands and are subject to dryness and flaky skin. Hosiery can actually accelerate the condition acting like a cheese grater on the legs. Remember to slather your legs with cream before putting on hosiery!


Dry brushing the skin will help improve skin tone and circulation while ridding of dry dead skin cells. Start at your feet and move the brush in long, gentle strokes in an upward motion, always going towards the heart. Continue with the rest of your body. Then shower, dry, and apply hydration.


Simply use vaseline. I rub it into my hands then put on gloves and my feet before putting on socks. My 80 year old grandmother has been putting it on her face every night right before bed and I swear she dosent look a day over 40!!


Evening Primrose Oil works great for severely dry skin. Take 3-4 thousand milligrams a day, but you have to be consistent. It takes about 2 weeks to see the results, but it really works.


To have well lubricated skin use almond oil daily. Apply lightly to skin and masage in till it dissappears. Your skin will be softer and dry skin will dissappear. Use lightly around eyes and gently massage before going to bed. Apply to rough elbows and knees daily. You will see the difference in 2 weeks.


Mix 1/2 regular lotion and 1/2 mineral in a bottle and apply to skin.

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