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57 Home Remedies for Dry Skin


Buy omega 3 fish oil softgels 1000 mg or higher and follow instructions, in few days you wont need any lotion.


As my doctor would always say, 'lotion lotion lotion!' I use Aveno lotion, and it will pretty much fix any dry skin you have anywhere. My elbows are always really dry and scabby, but now they are better thanks to aveno. Just apply after drying off after a shower.


After drying off after a shower apply grapeseed oil to the skin. It works!


Hiya :]

Do this once a month for smooth/nice skin.

After a shower/bath, take vasiline, and when I say 'Take' I mean scoop a whole bunch in you're hands and apply everywhere a huge layer of it. You're skin will not turn greasy, but you have to keep it on for about an hour or so to soak in. Yeah, it might sound like a pain in the butt right now having to wait an hour for it to soak in, but you only have to do it once a month for beautiful skin... choice is yours, good luck!


The Best& cheapest remedy for Dry skin is massaging Olive Oil in your belly, I know it sounds silly but it works wonders.... theres no harm in trying this for a week & check out the effects!!!


hot water and soap dry the skin. if you like to shower once a day or more, try using soap only every other time you shower or invest in a soap made of shea butter.


I used many products in my time, but I discovered a couple of years ago that Curel 'Ultra Healing' lotion worked wonders on my hands and heels.

I tried many plain and fancy night creams on my face for wrinkles and dry skin, but I just started on day rubbing this specific Curel lotion on my face at night and I'm very pleased with the results.

It's not really cheap, but a little goes a long way and it doesn't seem to wash off either.


I have found something from the store that works for me. I use Olay body wash with moisture ribbons. I know there's no boiling tea or mashing fruit but it works. I apply lotion after I get out the shower but even when I forget, my skin isn't to dry. It is a bit pricey (about $6.75), but my bottle has lasted about a month. I would even add a little baby oil to whatever body wash you already use. I haven't tried that but it can't hurt anything. I hope it works for you!


Apply a piece of banana ..for dry skin.. massage it on full face and leave until dry.
IT really makes u feel moisturised and pampered after a cold water wash.
Do not apply any cream or wash with soap or lotion for some time.


Beauty Mask for Dry Skin
1 egg
1 teaspoon of honey,
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and
few drops of rose water

Mix 2 tablespoons honey with 2 teaspoons milk. Smooth over face and throat. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Mash apricots, mix it with warm olive oil to form a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for 10 minutes, then wash off.

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