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estelle :)

this is only for your if this doesnt work,bear with me im only i was at skool and i had recently come back from a nose waz a little sunburt,but mainly very dry.i told my friend and she offered me some burts bees lip balm.she said that beeswax was good for your skin.i thought she was crazy,but put some on.the next morning,my nose was SO SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Idk about all over your body..but, if you have a dry face, I can help you. Or, let me say, I can try. I was looking through this website for a remedy for blackheads and someone suggested TOOTHPASTE. I tried it and, well, it made my skin REALLY soft. It's been 10 minutes and it's still soft. Yes, it burns. Yes, your face may be red. But, once you rinse your face off and pat it dry with a towel, this will soon go away. Hope I helped. =]


The best cure for dry skin is an ancient exfoliation technique that has been used for centuries. It is a tree fiber mitten. It has been texturized in way that it rolls off anything on the surface and in the pores leaving your skin silky smooth and fresh! It is amazing how you can see everything rolling without even hurting your skin. It creates a dramatic difference right after first use. I love it! Search Ancient Exfoliation on youtube or google you'll find it.


Is your skin dry and/or oily? Well, the solution is the last thing you'd think of. Kitty litter. Yeah, sounds gross, but it's not. Kitty litter is made from a volcanic ash which has been cooled down basically. Spas use that clay in expensive facials, but you can get it for $5 at the most. Here's what to do:

Use new UNSCENTED kitty litter. Scented litter has dangerous chemicals that cab harm your face.

Get a small mixing bowl.

Take about 4 tablespoons of kitty litter and put it in the bowl. Mix it with 2 teaspoons of water or as much as you need to make it muddy or clay-like. Remember, this is going to be a mask. Add a little aloe if desired.

After mixed, apply the mask all over your face excluding the eye area.

Let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Your face should feel clean and silky. This mask can also help with cellulite and wrinkles, along with other numerous things.

Good luck(:


Vitamin E oil! You can get it at any CVS or whatever drug store you have nearby. Just look in the vitamin section, it should be in a small bottle and a tan-ish yellow-ish color.
Apply to the skin as much as necessary.


Bag balm. My best friend uses it on dry cow udders, and also on her dry skin and chapped lips. It works wonders!


2 Tablespoons of Real mayonase, and 1 teaspoon of baby oil..
Mix and aplly to dry skin area.
Leave it on for 20 minutes, wash off with warm water, then pat dry.
You can tell a difference as soon as you dry your skin! I just did my hands to test it out, and I was so pleased, I'm doing my whole face right now. This is amazing!


My 1 yr old baby girl has suffered with excema and excessive dry skin since birth. She is a huge scratcher so her belly, back of neck, wrists, lower back, and chest are all very scratched up. Basically her entire body is prone to excema.

When I was a child it was my face mainly but she is everywhere. I want to cry when I look at her belly. :(

I have taken her to many doctors and am still looking for relief, but some things that help are

-keeping her nails short (lots of her redness is due to the welts from scratching)

-having a few different lotions (she responds best if we rotate which lotion we give her every few weeks or so)

-washing her clothes and bedding with Ivory Snow or a sensitive detergent.

-increasing her OMEGA 3. I met with a nutritionist who said that excessive dry skin can be due to a fatty acid deficiency. I just started this option, so I don't know how effective it is, but I have heard great reviews from others. Take 1tps-1tbsp for babies (more for adults) of ground flax seed. I add it to her morning cereal. You can also take OMEGA 3 supplements. This is a pretty simple addition to any diet and if you see changes, you might as well go for it.


For dry skin ,u can make a mix of glycerine+lemin juice+rose water in equal amounts and apply it everyday before going to bad after cleansing your face ,beleiev its really works..


I have very dry skin especially in and after winter. I have tried every kind of lotion or cream that there is to buy. The best thing that I have found is Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion. It is so good and it completely heals my dry skin. I use it after showing and just whenever I feel the need. It works on every part of the body that has dry skin. Try couldn't hurt!

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