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57 Home Remedies for Dry Skin


1)You should apply milk on you dry skin do get it soften.
2)Applying aloe vera can make you skin glow.
3)Try to use moisturizer that contains alpha-hydroxy acids.
Or else you can also go for skin care products live olive oil or else pomegranate lotion.This products you can find on line at .


Dry skin in some cases is manageable, but having chronic dry skin or severe dry skin is entirely a different story. I am tired of spending most of my time moisturizing my skin before going out; as the abnormal - flaky, wrinkled skin appearance affects my social relationship, as compared to those who have minor skin problems.

Sometimes it's hard to tell which products may be effective; and trial and error could sometimes lead to more aggravated dry skin. Maintaining sufficient moisture by applying cost-effective lubricants is a must. Recently, I have tried SR Lotion. it works wonders in the affected area. I wonder if others have already tried this product. I am waiting for my next order of SR Lotion today. The price is fine for something that really works, I won't mind the cost.


Ever since I can remember I have had a half dollar sized patch of dry skin on my right hip that never responds to any treatment. Doctors have been stumped by it as has my family. It never spread or showed signs of being anything but a patch of dry skin. Now at 27, I bought some shae butter (now solutions brand) to try to treat dry skin under my eye. Then I decided for the heck of it to put some on my hip. Twenty four hours and one application later, the patch is barely visible. And while still a bit dry, it's responding Better than anything else I've tried. Will b trying it on my boyfriends severely dry and cracked feet that have not responded to anything else when he come home n a few days


I have very dry facial skin as well as dry skin +red bumps on my upper arms. Managed improve my skin condition with Enriched Facial Oil...must be available from your local pharmacy or you can just search for it online. I use B. brand and it works for me - I am getting it from ebay. I am sure that there are other brands, but make sure that they are not too heavy for your skin.

Andres Pefia

For a homemade scrub, mix ground oats and honey. Rub all over your face—especially on your nose. This will remove dry, scaly skin while the honey seeps in as a moisturizer. Rinse completely off and pat dry, and your skin will be glowing and baby soft. Only use this remedy once a week.
Plain honey is an excellent remedy for chapped lips.
For super dry skin, use olive oil. Rub it in prior to a bath or shower. You may substitute peanut, sesame or sunflower oil.
A quart of milk in a hot bath is a luxury as well as a skin toner. It's a trick nearly as old as time.


Hi, I have a problem and not sure what it is. but as I was growing up, I had these white itchy patches, mostly on my arms. they then moved to my face so I started applying face lotion everyday, for years now. they went away but remained on my arms. I apply lotion and they never seem to go away. they would infact spread all over, from down my arms, to the side of my waist. the other day, one appeared on my lower arm, it was soooo itchy I couldn't stop. it started to turn red, and looked like it was ready to bleed. I went to my doctor once but he never gave me anything for them... anybody have these similar white dry patches? anything I can do?


I have tried many face creams and scrubs but this is all that really worked:

-5 Drops of Vitamin E Drops
-1tsp of Hydrate Skin Cream
-1tsp of Aloe Vera
- 1tsp of any Lotion containing Aloe and/or Shea Butter
- Judged amount of Baby Oil
-Judged amount of Any Face Scrub

Mix all of these ingredients in a small bowl or cup and apply on face before going to sleep 😴

Hope You Enjoy xo


Try using plain yogurt like greek yogurt or natural yogurt. just apply over the face and leave on for like 10 or 15 minutes. this also works for dandruff.


Grapeseed oil combined with a little aloe vera gel. 3:1 ratio.


DRY SKIN ON YOUR FACE ? I had it so bad it looked like Bee stings on my face. USE SUGAR !
It worked in less than a week , once a day rub the sugar on the effected area while in the shower (stay away from hash soaps that dry out the skin). After rubbing the sugar, continued my bath, when I was done , I Washed off the sugar with a Johnson's Baby Bar Soap ! Its great for the face. This worked and cleared it completely , jus before it went completely away I used St. Ives Body lotion -Oatmeal & Shea Butter on the areas and now its completely smooth and flawless !

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