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Debra Fuller Vickery

I came to this webpage last week DESPERATE. My daughter's entire 'area,' was covered in diaper rash (she had been teething and going diareaha, so it was really tough to keep up with changing her). Anyways, this is what helped: APPLY THIS TO INFECTED AREA (external)... equal parts of PEPTO BISMOL, CORTAID, and TRIPLE PASTE. If you can spring for a doctor's visit, add NYSTATIN USP 100,000 units per gram too! Honestly, it went away in a couple of days!! Also my mom recommended Luke Warm Baking Soda Baths, so we did that every night as well!

Scarlett's Mom

Bag Balm

My daughter got her first diaper rash at 4 mos. We were using Boudreaux's Natural Butt Paste and are STILL happy with it. However, to get rid of the diaper rash we used BAG BALM. For two days we washed her bottom off with a warm wash clothes at every diaper change and used ONLY the BAG BALM. It COMPLETELY cleared up. We returned to using Beaudreaux's once it was gone and it hasn't come back.

The stuff is awesome! I bought it for around $8 at CVS. It comes in a cute green old fashioned tin with tiny red roses on it. It's original use was for chapped cow's utters but obviously it works wonders on diaper rash amongst other things.



My daughter is 14 months and she had a bad diaper that wouldn't go away I took her to the doctor and he told me just to let it air dry before I put her diaper back on but that didn't work. So I looked up how to get rid of diaper rash and this is what helped me and worked in 2 days. Wash the area with mild soap and water. let that air dry. then put on Lotrimin Anti-fungal cream (it doesn't burn your baby bottom) let that set in for a minute then put on A & D Zinc Oxide Cream/Diaper Rash cream (also doesn't burn your baby's bottom) on top then put on the diaper do that every time you change your baby's diaper and quickly the diaper rash will go away.


I used fresh aloe, straight from the plant, all over and allowed to dry. Then I put on cocoa butter, left over from my pregnancy. Then last I put a dusting of plain cornstarch in his diaper before I put him to bed that night. The next morning it was a million times better, I was about to take him to the doctors before, but this worked!

tabitha (former infant care giver)

no diaper, short bath, and wash really well with anti bacterial soap, pat dry.
no diaper is the best cure.If you can, find a small pair of training pants to protect the area from rubbing against carpet or anything else and prevent infection. apply no creams, lotions, ointments. If an ointment is necessary I recommend aquaphor (little expensive $5-$8), if a cream is necessary I recommend store brand with zinc oxide (I only say store brand because it is always cheaper).


I can't believe no one has mentioned my all time favorite diaper rash cure...BREAST MILK!!! It's free, has natural antibodies, and works like a charm.

My first child (I have 4 now) had a horrific diaper rash that would not go away. I tried letting her go diaperless, about 10 over the counter medicines, Maalox, browned flour, cornstarch, and even a couple of prescriptions and nothing worked. One or two may have relieved the symptoms momentarily but the rash always came back.

A friend suggested putting breast milk on it. I did right before bed and the next morning it was a whole new butt back there. It is my go to cure now. It works with pumped, frozen/defrosted and 'fresh out the faucet' milk (although hubby says it's weird to watch me squirt it directly on their butts). Whatever it works! Just pour or squirt it on, let air dry for a minute and put on diaper. Can't hurt to try it.


The absolute best remedy we have found for severe diaper rash was created by pediatricians from our state university.

Mix the following:
1/2 tube of desitin
1/2 tube of A & D ointment
1/2 tube of bactracin
1/2 tube of lotrimin
Maalox (not too much to make it runny)

Apply plentiful at each diaper change. I have seen it heal open sores overnight. I have used it for boils and infected sores also. It pulls the infection out quickly and removes the head from boils in less than an hour.


My son had the most sensitive bottom, and kept getting diaper-rashes that nothing helped.

Finally, a friend suggested Bag Balm. It's the only thing that would help, and prevent, his rashes, and now, it's the only thing I use for my daughter.

You can usually find it in Wal-Mart, in the pet section, of all places.


My daughter had the worst diaper rash last Christmas. She cried everytime we have to lay her down for a change. I tried all the over the counter cream but nothing worked. It is very frustrating, as I literally cried with her everytime when I had to change her. Her bottom is all red and bloody! One of the moms at the playgroup suggested to me 'Dr. Lee's diaper cream' and I tried it on for one time, and it was like MAGIC!!!! I couldn't be happier and no more tears or rash. I think Dr. Lee's Diaper Cream was formulated first as a home remedy by some mom as well. Anyway, I would highly recommend anyone who suffers a severe rash. This thing rocks!! I now can't live without it.


Im a Live in Nanny and recently we have started using nothing but cloth diapers on the infants again. Even though I change both children very frequently ( this could have been why the mother decided to go back to cloth diapers : ) ) the oldest has gotten a horrible diaper rash. The poor thing screams everytime we change him. Today I started using neosporin as a last effort before I was going to just ask the mother to take him to the doctors and its working GREAT! thank goodness for this site.

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