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First of all I'd just like to thank everyone for their remedies. My 6 months old daughter had her first really bad diaper rash this week. I gave her a bath ever night of oatmeal and camomile tea. About a cup of oatmeal and one tea bag of camomile. I never made a cheesecloth bag for the oatmeal and I actually ripped open the tea bag and let then soak in a warm bath for about 5-10 minutes. When my daughter was in the bath I'd squeeze the oatmeal to get the parking out. For diapers i'd not use wipes, instead I'd used warm water and a cloth to clean her bum. I'd then used Medela on the rash and then I'd put penaten over her whole bum and used a regular diaper. Her rash was really bad when I'd found these remedies and after 2-3 days of doing the above her rash is completely gone! Thank you again for all the help :)


I read on here that someone had used it and it worked, and I still had some from when I was breastfeeding.. so that night I gave my 3month old a bath, dried her bum then applied the LANSINOH cream heavily to her blistering, inflammed diaper rash. Within 24 hours it was completely gone! I have been able to just use baby powder now, and if I notice a rash coming on I just apply it and VOLA, its gone!


My son has very sensitive skin, so every time he has loose stool or diarrhea he gets a diaper rash. I use oatmeal and alot baking soda in the bath. Then follow up with bag balm, athletes foot cream, hydrocortisone ointment, & bacitracin. Also I try to keep a cloth diaper on him. It begins to clear up after one night of the whole regimin. During his stomach upsets I stay away from anything acidic, including juice, fruit & veggies. Culturelle is a great way to get the digestive system normal. I usually brake open a pill & dump the powder in his bottle.


This may sound weird but the ointment is called Corona. Its for cuts, sores, chapping. scrapes, dry skin, and sunburns, but works great on diaper rash! I got mine at a horse feed and hardware store. You can also get it at walmart. Just a small amount will help instantly. Its a lanolin-based protection. And of course baby powder and desitin work great too.


We forgo wipes when our daughter has a rash and use a damp washcloth to clean and a dry one to blot dry. The thing that works best for us is the lanolin ointment designed for moms to use for sore nipples from breastfeeding. I used Medela and I know there are other brands too. I apply the lanolin to the irritated skin and then I apply Boudreaux's Butt Paste(zinc ointment) to create a stronger moisture barrier. The Butt Paste alone wasn't enough, I needed something to heal as well as protect and this seems to be the trick!


CORN STARCH POWDER! extreamly water on bum...protects skin and rolls all liquid right off baby.

caution: can be a messy applicaation, so keep a towel on hand

good luck for you and baby !!!


This treatment has worked for all three of my boys when they have had non-yeast infection diaper rash. ( if after several treatments a diaper rash returns, never completely cleared up or starts after a round of meds. have your doctor check.It could be caused by yeast which needs to treated differently)
Treatment:At every diaper change use clean warm water and wash towels or cotton pads to wash baby's bottom. PAT dry never rub as this can be very uncomfortable. Make sure to get in all the 'rolls' of your baby's legs. Apply a thin layer of Vitamin E oil ( from a health food store or pop open a few of the capsul forms ment for taking orally) again by patting not rubbing. As this product makes a barrier between the skin and outside moisture it will help lower discomfort when your baby urinates or has a B.M. Next at bath times elimate all washes and bubble bath since most have chemicals that can be very irriating to the skin. Instead make an oatmeal /chamomile bath. Add one to two chamomile tea bags to warm running bath water. ( never hot) Next cut a square of cheese cloth ( can be found at most grocery stores near canning supplies. really cheap and will last forever.) and fill it with a handful of Quick Cooking Rolled Oats. Tie the cheese cloth up to make a little bag, then add it to the bath as well. After a few mins you will notice a white-ish milk coming from the oatmeal. This is referred to as Oatmilk and is wonderful for the skin! Allow your baby to soak for several mins, giving the tea bags and oatmeal bag a squeeze every now and then to get more out of them. You can even run the oatmeal bag over your babies skin to soften all of them. After bath dry your baby by Patting ONLY follow with above diaper instruction and make sure to moisturize all your babies skin as well. This has worked wonders for my kids. ( all of whom have sensitive skin) You can use the bath for all the time if you like since it is great for all skin not just rashes , is really cheap to make your own , and will moisturize your babies delicate skin without dangerous chemicals! A nice plus. You can use the the bath like a sitz bath to if your little one is really uncomforable a few times a day by just putting enough warm water to cover baby's little tush until rash clears.( never re-use tea or oatmeal bags) If the vit-E is not enough esp. in the first few days of a bad rash I would recommend Bag Balm or California Baby Calendula cream. NEVER use corn starch as it can actually cause yeast to grow. Of couase change your baby often, and if you can, allow them to wear a cotton diaper without a cover. ( I know this makes for a lot of laundry but it really makes a difference by allowing air to move more effectivly around the diaper area.) Also a quick note. It you are using cloth I recommend using 1 cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle to remove all soap build up in the diapers as this can be a cause of the rash in the first place. Direct sun drying is also recommended whenever possible.( I use both and have found that switching between cloth for day and throw away at night can really help too.)If you are up to going to a health food store you can also grap calendula flowers ( either loose or in tea bag from) which have been shown to reduce the reddness of the skin and heal minor cuts / rashes similarly to chamomile.( both reduce inflammtion as well.) There are even a few product on the market for babies with this already in there. ( California Baby is one I really like.) Good luck to you and your little one.


My little girl got a diaper rash yesterday that was to blisters in some areas. A friend of mine told me about tea baths. She has 4 children and swears by it.
All you do is run a warm bath and through tea bags in the water. You need it to be strong so I used around 12 regular tea bags. You have them sit and play in the tea as long as they'll stay or until the water starts to cool. I was able to get mine to stay 20 min.
I then put triple antibiotic ointment on her privates and powder on top of that.
We did this around 9:30pm and by 4:30am it was completely cleared.


i am a first time mom and my daughter got her first diaper rash at almost a year old and i tried desitin and also a&d. then i talked to my mother-in-law and stepmother and they told me to get a cream call Pinxav and it works great but is very hard to find. i found it at a private owned drug store and also marcs.

Dave's caretaker

This is what I use to treat diaper rash:

1. PAPER TOWELS (select-your-size) used as wipes. I moisten them in
2. WATER (about 1 cup) that has been mixed with one small drop of BABY SHAMPOO, a PINCH of BAKING SODA and a pinch of SALT (salt is not bad in small doses, saline solution is used for the healing of skin wounds). Sometimes I add a small squirt of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (First Aid Antiseptic).
I do an initial wiping with the paper towel halves moistened in the mild antiseptic water.
I do a second wiping with the baby lotion or the Eucerin lotion. I spread it all over and then wipe it off with dry paper towels.
I let the skin air for about 10-20 minutes and then I spread the Bag Balm all over the affected area, just before fitting the new clean diaper.
I have seen it work really well, the skin heals very fast, within a day or two.

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