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I dont know if any one else said this but baking soda is a life saver in my house. My daughter is very prone to ear infections so of course from the antibodics she is prone to diaper rashes/yeast infections. My cousin told me about the baking soda and well it works. I have a two year old son also who loves to help mommy with his sister and the first time i tried the baking soda bath he ended up dumping have of the box in the tub instead of the 2 tbsp and my daughter's rash was gone the next day. So the more baking soda in the bath the better just from my experciane anyway.

Diana R. Rodriguez

first wash your babys bottom with warm water and pat down her/his butt and let the bottom area breath freely for 10-15min. after each change, my daughter had a very raw bottom yesterday and i tried everything from desitin to butt paste.....i took her to the ER yesterday and they wrote a perscription for hydrocortizone 2.5%. I swear by it as last night her butt was as red as a tomato, and about as raw as it gets before the bleeding process. This morning her butt is back to normal and all it took was less the 24hrs!!!! Love it....p.s. Hydrocortizone could be used for a face breakout or rash as well per Dr.


VINEGAR AND A&D OINTMENT Guaranteed to work!!! My son at age 2 months had severe diaper rash to the point he was actually bleeding. My doctor told me to use vinegar, and I thought he was crazy that it would burn his bottom. But I tried every cream out there and nothing worked but this. Here's what you do: Run a sink full of water, add 2 or 3 capfuls of vinegar (little more for a large sink). Then dip babys bottom in water and splash it up on his bottom. Next lay baby on his tummy and use a blow dryer to dry his bottom (hold dryer far away and careful not to burn his skin). Last step is coat the area with A&D ointment. If you do this about 3 to 4 times a day it will be completely gone by the next day. Also do not use baby wipes! No matter what brand or type these burn and hurt a baby with severe rash. I cut up a receiving blanket and used those as wipes while he had his rash. Another tip...vinegar takes the heat out of a sunburn and you wont peel :) Hope everybody uses this tip to help their little ones because it works wonders :)


The easiest and most available cure is to separate an egg and after normal change and cleansing coat the babies 'parts' in the white of the egg. Allow to dry in the air of the room then fasten on new nappy (diaper)
Clears a bed nappy rash in less then 36 hours every time - and I have 4 daughters that can testify that this works !!


the best cream ever Mustela vitamin barrier cream!!!

Stephanie G Salazar

Apply organic coconut oil to diaper rash.
After bathing your baby in warm toxic free suds.
Or try a natural butt paste.


The only thing I will use on my son is Penaten Cream. Then once I have applied the cream I have an empty spice container that I filled with corn starch, and shake it on afterwards.It works great I started seeing results the next morning.


Diaper rashes may be due to the improper digestion of foods ...a high quality probiotic found at a reliable health food store may not only help the symptoms, but assist in treating the cause.


Silvadene ointment is the best cure for diaper rash. It is a cream usually used for burn victims and you will need a prescription from a doctor for it. It is a miracle for diaper rash! Clears the rash overnight! Second to that is Panaten cream. German over the counter remedy.
My daughter had some very bad food intolerances as a baby and some foods, like tropical fruits, would turn her bottom blistering red. The sign of such intolerance was a red ring around the anus like a target symbol. Eventually I found out from her gastointestinal doc that a dose of benedryl would help to stop the reaction internally instead of suffering through days of burning poops.


Nothing was working on my daughter. I tried every creme I could think of and the tea baths people raved over. Then finally at a party I met a woman who told me about a German creme called Penaten Creme. This creme is simply amazing! One full day and the rash is almost completely gone. Thank God! It is hard to come by since it is a German remedy. But very much so worth the search!

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