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My baby had a bad rash for a week and desitin didn't help, so I used corn st.arch and it cleared up in a couple days


My daughter is 3weeks old and had a really bad rash to the point to where she had two blisters. She could fuss and cry after ever soiled diaper and after she passed gas. I tried vicks (my mom swears by it) DID NOT work, then I tried butt paste, cornstarch, desitin, lansinoh, I did daily baths and washed her butt after every soiled diaper, I allowed her butt to air dry for 30min. NOTHING WORKED...until my mom (works at a nursing home) gave me an ointment made by McKesson called Vitamin A & D which is used on the residents when they get a rash. I was reluctant but I'm glad I tried it. By the next morning BOTH blisters were completely gone.
The ointment might be hard to find. My mom gave me two small 5g packages. I'm almost out so I ordered a box at amazon.


When my girl was a baby she had a bad...Really bad case of diaper rash from being sick & having lots of diarhrea where it was so red & oozing & painful for her & not powder, desitin, baths & keeping diaper off her was working & it was so hard to know she was in so much pain. Nothing I was doing for her was easing her pain & her crying & screaming in tears..It was terrible..Then I had a brainstorm...I thought if my Cow's utter cream works wonders on her soar chapped weathered Teats..It must be good stuff..So I ran & got it & gobbed it on my baby's poor butt & right away my baby felt relief & next morning it was gone..seemed like a miracle..It's just fantastic stuff...comes in a big yellow tube & is a real thick creamy ointment similar to desitin & you can get it at any feed store..It blows desitin away..Cow's Utter Ointment..Go Figure..But from that day on , that's the only ointment I used on my baby & she never went through that again..Never got diaper rash again.I know it's not totally a home remedy, I guess, unless you live on a farm but I wanted to share that with all mom's with babies that get alot of diaper rash. It's worth finding a feed Store & getting a tube of that stuff..You will have a much happier & healthier little butt :)

lilys mommy.

So my daughter had this dark red rash on her bottom, I tried everything including hpa lanolin. But she was in pain whenever I touched it and screamed. So I made a cup of camomile tea, mixed oatmeal in until a mud consistency, then let sit till Luke warm. First apply lanolin, then cake on the oatmud mix onto rash, about a handful, put on diaper, leave on for no more than 30 min, then place baby in Luke warm oatmeal bath with 1/4 cup baking soda. She was no longer in pain after the oatmud and rash was 3 times lighter after a 20 min bath. Repeat till rash is gone!

Ms. Kat

I have been a daycare teacher for many years and can share a guarenteed solution to treating diaper rash. My parents ask my secret and here it is:

First of all - diaper rash is mainly caused by a lack of hygene but can also be caused by acid in the diet, prescription medicine, yeast infection, or uti. If my solution doesn't work consider that it can be caused by one of these.

Change diaper at least every two hours. When you do WASH the affected area with soap and water and pat dry. This is essential! Let it air dry a few minutes.

Apply a liberal amount of diaper rash ointment to the area. It's important that it's gel and not cream. The cream kind, like Desitin, burns when applied and your poor baby is hurting enough as it is. I also sprinkle some baby powder for good measure though it isn't neccessary.

Within a day the diaper rash will be much improved.

Sara (Whippersnaps, Quality Baby Clothing))

My son had a rash for 16 days. I tried everything from no diaper, cloth diapers, cornstarch, baking soda, over-the-counter diaper rash creams/ointments, name brand, off-brand, to prescription medicines. You name it, I tried. Nothing worked! Finally, I tried Lansinoh HPA Lanolin and in two days it was completely gone. It is pure, 100% natural lanolin. No additives or preservatives.I know it isn't a home remedy, but I was desperate.


My 2yr old had C-diff & her bottom was very raw. The only thing I found that helped her was a baking soda bath for 20 mins & after she got out I put Preparation H cream on her bottom. It worked VERY WELL.

diaper rash gone in a flash

my mom did this too all of us and i did to my son put corn starch mix with water on the stove make a paste let it cool down and paste it on your babys butt and let it sit for about an hour neaked bottom just the corn starch and then wash off diaper rash will be gone in a FLASH!


My daughter had an awful diaper rash due to switching detergent for her diapers and her being allergic to it. Nothing we tried worked and then my grandma brought me a bottle of silver water. After each bum change we wipe her down with a warm wash cloth, spray some of the silver water and let her air dry for about 30 minutes. Then before we put on another diaper we spray some more.
In less then 24 hours the rash is looking MUCH better and she is no longer in pain from it.


I took my little girl to the dr because nothing was working and i spent the money on the cream he said to use when i got it home it was for jock itch she has had 2 more rashes since and both times i used Lotrimin or other jock itch cream and both times in 24 hrs. It was gone.

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