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dr momma

My son gets horrible rashes if he eats or drinks to much stuff like anything with orange juice or tomato sauce. I had him checked by a doctor to see about food allergies but it was a no. Nothing they prescribed would help his diaper rash. Closest thing was Boudreauxs red tube sold in stores did great. Cleared it up by the next day. Im talking red, raw, bleeding blusters gone by the morning. But then one time of pooping after it heals and it was back. My mom recommend filling the bath tub with water and dumping baking soda in. Let him play for a good little bit and dry him off. Use corn starch like baby powder and pour in his diaper then dust his butt with it. I promise you NOTHING worked such a miracle as this. So i took a empty baby powder container and filled it with corn starch. We put a puff with every diaper change. It works like a dream.


My granddaughter had a bad rash. Tried everything we could think of. Talked to the dr. & he said to coat her down with Denorex shampoo.
You just put it on like you would calamine lotion. Worked great. I haven't tried this one but heard of doing the same thing with liquid maalox. Yep that's right. The stuff you drink for stomache problems.

Grateful Dad

First off, thank you all for of the posts and home remedies listed. Somehow, I managed to find this site while holding a screaming toddler with one arm around his back (couldn't hold him up by his butt, too painful) and typing with the other hand on the tablet.

So, after scanning the posts, I tried a 1-2-3 combo: baking soda and water to wipe the tushy, Crisco to coat (we only had butter flavored, no 'true' lard) and cornstarch to absord the excess fluid from the diarrhea.

The toddler is sleeping peacefully, thanks to all the moms, grandmoms, and other.

Diaper Rash Cream

Mix a whole tub of Vasoline and a whole box of cornstarch and a tub of desitin and mix that with a mixer or by hand and you have a good thick solution for diaper rash at anytime and you can store it and use it all the time or just when rashed

Nyia Johnson

My daughter is highly prone to ear infections , so doctors prescribe plenty of antibiotics. Which often led to yeast infections , on top of that she's teething, so here is the diarrhea. Often she would come back from her dads house always sick and with a severe diaper rash, I'm talking redness, blisters, don't wipe or touch my bottom rash. So my remedy is 1 ) use warm cloth to clean baby's bottom wipes don't help soothe. 2) let baby's bottom dry I used 100% LANOLIN CREAMi put it on her on her night change by the morning no redness I promise, also if you are going to get a diaper cream desitin a&d off brand on brand none of these will work UNLESS THEY HAVE 40% ZINC OXIDE GOOD LUCK

Melodys Mommy

What's great for diaper rash is 'Shortening' put some one your baby and works immediately.

My daughter has a bad diaper rash. I bought Disitin. Didn't work what so ever. Didn't have cash with me til 2 days. So my mother in law recommend Shortening, (lard) it was in my cabinet so why not give it a try. Next diaper change it was cure just a bit red. But it works wonders.


If your baby has a diaper rash use Lard. It woeks instantly.

My baby girl got a rash i tried creams andit never healed so my mother in law recommend lard n work my the next.diaper change.


I fill a cup of warm water and 2heaping spoonfuls of baking soda. Then, I wash off wipes in the water/bs mix and dab bottom clean. Or fill up a sink full of warm water with baking soda and rinse bummy clean. Gently blot dry.

I use Neosporin with antibiotics and spread thick. After rash heals, I continued Neosporin as my baby's diaper rash ointment. It's cheaper because you only need a tiny pea size when used as a preventative measure and one tube lasts awhile whereas the general A&D's, Desitin, etc are over priced, you have to use a ton, and don't really work well.

If you go to the doctor, they'll most likely prescribe an antibiotic cream anyway with a topical over the antibiotic. So to bypass the Dr, I just use Neosporin with Antibiotic, spread it on thick, then use a diaper rash cream (any will do) over the Neosporin to seal it in and keep stuff off the rash. Then, I use a tiny amount of Neosporin after each diaper change as his regular diaper cream. Works like a charm.


I would just like to say thank you to all the people that have posted on this site. It has truly been a blessing. My son had a really bad rash(either yeast or diaper) around his anus. My child also has genital eczema, but this time is the first that he broke out to the point that he is screaming and hollering because it itches and he is in pain. I was applying butt paste, vascoline, but no help. The doctors where no help either. So I finally placed him in the tub with oatmeal, twice. It helped with the irritation because he was raw down there, but the pain and itching remained. I finally went to the store an stock up on everything i could find (cornstarch, apple cider vinegar, pepto bismol, baking soda, chamomile tea,Flanders buttocks ointment, lotrimin, preparation H, Calamine lotion,tea tree, neosoparin. I was ready. I mixed the tea, with oatmeal and corn starch. And would placed the corn starch alone. It helped. And then i would place the pepto bismol, neosparin, and Flanders on this bottom. I also still did the oatmeal in the tube with baking soda. I also applied some cortiozone 10. It was a lot of trial and error and frequent trips to the pharmacy and stores but he is finally healing. Thank you Jesus. I saw result immediately and healing in 24hrs. I thank this site and the people that responded so much. God bless you all

Grandma Mimi

A 3 generation care giver, we grannys know a thing or two. Never stock up on diapers before baby is born, unless you want cloth. I recall paper diapers were new and super when my son was born. The big problem I had was my kid broke out from pampers and most others the johnson brand if they still make them was the only one that caused no more rash. Back then it was the perfumes used by many brands he reacted to. The game has changed in huge ways. Companies use anything cheap to make a diaper. If they somehow start in China I would wonder about the plastic. If your baby has a constant rash try new brands and different laundry soaps. Tide is a brand of laundry soap most adults break out from in my family, a baby wouldnt stand a chance. Its a good idea to avoid using baby powder too. It retains the moisture holding it on the skin not only causing skin irritation (barring they are allergic to the powder). It may cause a yeast infection as well, less is more on the bottom. If the rash does not go away no matter what you try its time to see a doctor. We did have one case where the child was born a diabetic and the urin was burning the baby. Ask for the test if it runs in your family. Diabetis cant always tell age.

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