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Bag Balm works the best for diaper rash,in can get it at feed stores,it's for cow utters,I have been using it for 20 years,it's AWSOME ,works's also great for eczema,burns,cuts,chapped lips etc.try it and u won't use anything else,it's in a cube like green can with a pic of cow utters on it.


My daughter would get these horrid diaper rashes whenever she would teethe. I mean red swollen bleeding. I had tried EVERYTHING!!!! What I found worked best was equal parts Nystatin, Desitin, and Hydrocortisone. You mix it all together and lather it on! Worked Wonders! Went away within 4 diaper changes!


breast milk! within 2 days has cleared up stool burn on our 7 week old. have used fresh pumped milk & from refrigerator. ....this is a no joke fix. i used cotton pads at diaper change with water, breasg milk & air dry & aquaphore .


I tried EVERYTHING for adult diaper rash - Triple paste, destin, Vaseline etc. - nothing worked. I talked to my 87 year old mother and she told me to take a cotton ball and dust the affected area with corn starch and sleep in the nude. I swear to you, the rash was gone the next morning. It saved me the money and embarassment of a doctors appointment.


This a Mexican thing, but works wonders! its a crème called ' Pomada de la Campana', Dr. Bells Pomade...My one year old got a bad diaper rash, allergc reaction to new wipes=( anyways! worked great, I put it overnight, next morning rash/redness was gone!! you can find it in like the Hispanic stores, or even online =) hope this helps

kelita jones

i swear by flour...yes regular flour in your pantry...all u dois fry the flour til its a lite brown let it cool down a little then put it on their butt,put the remaining flour in a ziplock bag its good for no more than 4 days then throw it out..good luck.


I was told to use aquaphor and plain maalox or mylanta in equal parts to heal a diaper rash. It's the same stuff you get in the pharmacy for the most part.


My son who had never had diaper rash before (he's almost15 months old) all of a sudden broke out in this awful diaper rash. We put desitin on it and it kept getting worse. Finally it was bleeding and oozing and we had to find a new approach. We cleaned him with soap and water, let him thoroughly air dry (he loved the being naked part) and put antibiotic ointment on. It started to clear up and then he would have a bowel movement and it would go back to being awful again. I finally figured out that it was his diet doing the damage. He LOVES fruit and had eaten blueberries and raspberries at lunch for a couple of days. They are acidic and that's what was eating him up. Now we will only have a couple of blueberries at a time. Poor little man!


Breast milk works the absolute best!!! Give them a bath then blow dry until they are no longer wet then apply breast milk and let it air dry. I did 2-3 layers then applied Lanolin. You want to repeat the breast milk and Lanolin application with very diaper change. My son's rash was so bad you could barely hold him (he was only a week old); it was red, cracked, bleeding, from his genital to inner thighs to his anus. The next day the whole rash was gone!!! It was still a little pink but it was like a magic trick 'now you see it, now you don't'. He has extremely sensitive skin so everything else made it 10x worse. Breast milk is FULL of anti-bodies so it has to be the best all time natural remedy!


Stomahesive powder mixed with vaseline
and desidin extra strength. Pricy but
it works for my grandchild. So says my daughter.

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