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131 Home Remedies for Diaper Rash


brown flour in a pan on the stove..then apply to babys bottom.. it will clear it within a day or so... I have used it with all three of my kids and it has worked wonders.


For Diaper Rash, wash babies bottom with cool water, let dry. Then with a clean cotton ball drenched in whole milk apply onto baby's bottom and let air dry. Repeat process 2 to 3 times before putting a diaper back on. Rash should disapear overnight, or the next. Works great for teething diapers too. Also, add a little cornstarch to milk dried bottom before putting on the diaper this will help protect skin from urine and bowel movements.


Apply virgin olive oil when changing diapers. Rashes almost never happen.


Make a paste out of petroleum jelly and cornstarch, coat baby's bottom....
it works way better than store bought cremes.


after cleaning,wedge several sheets of toilet paper between the cheeks this will allow the iritated area to heal along with vitaman e intended for senior citizens not children


Salt in a bath before bed. Works over night. May have to repeat a couple of times. Helps with teething rashes.


Crush dirt dobber's (wasp) nest and sprinkle on affected area. This will dry up the diaper rash.


Wash the baby's bottom with running tap water after every bowel movement.


Dry the affected area with a soft cloth and apply a rashfree cream.


Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, lecithin, garlic oil, vitamin E oil, mullein oil, or zinc ointment.

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