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Here is a chemical-free cure!!!! My baby had constant diaper rash and I tried all the ointments to no avail. One day, she was sitting in her little chair watching me dry my hair with the blow dryer. She was fussing as usual so I blew some warm air at her and she smiled (something she hardly ever did). I soon learned that a few seconds of warm air on her tush was not only comforting to her, there was a definite reduction in the rash at the next diaper change. Not one to argue with a miracle, I tried it again. Within just a few days, she was completely cured. My procedure: I would simply use plain water and cloth to wash her, then use the dryer to blow some warm air on her tush for a few seconds before putting on the new diaper. She loved the ritual. The warm air from my blow dryer was my permanent cure for diaper rash. I never experienced even one case of diaper rash with her again nor did I have even one case of it with my next two little girls.


Try this amd your baby will thank you! Mary Kay Overnight Extra Emoillant Cream. It is so smooth and works wonders on a liitle bottom..


This may sound odd but my son (now 10) was severely allergic to his own bowel movements to the point he would bleed and the area was just so raw. I cried everytime I saw it on his little bottom and everytime he urinated, it stung him like opening crusted sores and pouring alcohol over the area, or so I would imagine). Stupid me kept on using commercial baby wipes (no matter how 'gentle' they said they were, and that poor baby & I both suffered while he screamed murder in store bathrooms, at home, anywhere he had a bowel movement. I could not get the diaper off him fast enough as soon as I saw or smelled the movement, no matter where we were and I'm sure all you mothers know from which I speak). Anyway, I began carrying my own softest washcloths soaked in hot water in ziploc bags (don't worry, by the time the baby has a movement, the towel will have cooled. Do not add anything else to the water. Miracle of miracles after trying literally EVERYTHING on the market I could find, a co-worker of my husband's told me about a ointment/cream that so far I had only seen @ May's Drugstore made by Mentholatum, which of course made me cringe to put this on his bottom. But, trust me please, it is an ointment based calamine-like product that is sold in small jars (white with blue lettering) usually on the top shelf. [Editor's Note: This ointment is called RESINOL] Oh God, it saved his painful bottom and my sanity. Tip: It is also very relieving for adults who have had a particularly bad case of diarrhea where their anal area is very sore. It relieves the pain and stays put!!


I use pure aloe vera gel after ever changing if there is the slightest indicating of a rash


For diaper rash I mix aloe vera gel, Cornstarch and petroleum jelly into a thick paste and apply to baby's bottom
this usually works in 2-3 days and is very soothing. It doesn't burn like desetin or other brands.


I always let my kids go without a diaper so they could air out plus when I would put their diapers back on I would sprinkle plain cornstarch inside their diaper>Worked wonders on my daughters thrush rash.


wash child in a mild warm bath with about three table spoons of baking soda then apply a little cornstartch to bottom along with some desitin and rash should clear up ...... to keep from coming back put powder or cornstarch in diaper after every change


I put a tablespoon of white vinegar into about 2 cups of warm water. Dip a rag into the water, squeeze it out, and dab it onto the diaper area. I usually do this after each diaper change. The only warning is if the diaper rash is bleeding or there is sores DO NOT use it will burn the child.


Clean the area with warm water, aplly a light coating of A & D oinment to your babys bottm and than sprinkle with a little Johnson and Johnson medicated cornstarch baby powder. Works wonders. Try sprinkling a little Johnson's medicated cornstarch baby powder in your babys diaper at every change, a little more overnight. The conrstarch really helps to keep your bays skin dry and protected.


To get rid of diaper rash, gently wash the bottom with plain water and then blow dry the bottom with a hair dryer set on LOW every single time the diaper is changed. This usually clears it in a day or two - even the really bad rash that bleeds.

This ALWAYS worked for my 4 kids and the ones I babysat. Just make SURE that you don't get too close with the hair dryer! Keep it on LOW and constantly moving and just long enough to dry the skin, which should only take about 30 seconds.

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