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I swear by Herbal Ed's Salve - you can get it at Central Market, Whole Foods, or probably any health food/herbal store - you can ask for it by name usually. It is a little pricey, but, a little goes a LONG way - it cured my daughters rash after one diaper change!! Now, whenever I even see a hint of redness I use it and it's gone immediately by the next change. I also use Burt's Bees Diaper ointment on a regualar basis - again, Burt's is pricey, but, you don't have to use much at all, it coats really well.


Badger Baby Balm

When my son gets a diaper rash (its usually from some type of food he's digested/poopy diaper). We use Badger Baby Balm.

I stay on top of the dirty diapers as he has sensitive skin and some food allergies that show up in his diaper. The 'normal' routine is Creamy Desitin after a clean and dried bottom and then the diaper.

With a rash anything containing Zinc? seems to burn as he screems until we take it off. I found this product called Badgers Baby Balm (100% natural) and the first ingredient on the list is Olive Oil. It goes on supper easy and works great! I haven't been able to find anything else that doesn't burn when we put it on.

Amy V

My daughter gets horrible diaper rashes during warm seasons. A&D is the only thing that works. She just had a yeast infection and my doctor told me to use Lamocil (antifungal cream usually used for Athlete's Foot)twice a day, and on top of that A&D. I used A&D at every diaper change. It cured it in two days.


I used Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Made from natural ingredients.


Both of my kids get horrible diaper rash. My sister inlaw told me her great grandmother used a mixture of equal amounts of corn starch, desetin, and Maloxx. Mixed well and stored in a cool dry place. Well, this is by far the only thing that has worked for us! Make a small amoutn because it does go bad after some time!


My first daughter, when she was a baby had gotten a yeast need anti-fungal cream to get rid of that nonsense.

My 2nd daughter..believe it or not, would get a rash from being wiped during every change. That took me awhile to figure out. I just stopped wiping her after going pee and used wipes only after bowel movements. She never had rashes like that again after that.

Recently my niece has had a diaper rash that would NOT go away. So after trying a little this and a little of that I used them all :P I mixed vaseline, anti-fungal cream together then baby powder on the bottom AND in the diaper. Gone in 2 days after she had had that persistant rash for months. I also discovered you can use triple antibiotic ointment instead of vaseline to help clear it up even better.


When my daughter was only 2 months old she got a really bad diaper rash...i mean her little butt was beat red and when i wiped it she mind you this was not from having not been cleaned properly,this was from some unknown i tried the washcloth and just water the cornstarch the laying on the blankie with out a diaper EVERYTHING finally i was at the drugstore one day and i came across this stuff called 'BAG BALM' i was standing there reading it and it said it was used to treat cows uddewrs when they were i thought that if it was used to treat cows udders it could surely treat my little beaner butts tosh (her real name is hannah) and so i got her home and lathered it on real good and continued to do so for the next 4 days and to my surprise it WORKED!so for all of you wondering it is found at any local drugstore.....cvs drugmart...ect.....GOOD LUCK!


my daughter had a horrible diaper rash. it just seemed like she woke up one day with open sores on her bottom.

make sure that you haven't changed your brand of diapers, the rash could be an allergic reaction.

when they go to the bathroom there are acids that burn and inflame the rash even more so be sure to get the diaper off quickly. rinse them off in the shower or use a warm wash rag-baby wipes have anti-freeze in them that burns as well. when they are nice and clean apply the equate brand of a+d ointment thickly-about the size of a cherry tomato should do, add more if you need it. it comes in a tube and is no more than $2 located at all wal-marts.

it took me about a month to figure out the best remedy. the next best thing would be destin original nightime formula. avoid juices that have lots of acid, and feeding them yogurt while they have the rash doesn't hurt.

after doing this, her rash went away in about 3 days... completely, redness and all. now to help avoid rashes i use pure cornstarch baby powder and change, change, change!!!


To relieve and prevent diaper rash, bathe your baby in infusions of German camomile or bur marigold. This is a Russian remedy that has been used for centuries on cloth-diapered babies, who are particularly susceptible to diaper rash.

To prepare the bath, steep approximately 2 tablespoons of dried flowers in 1 cup of hot water for about 15 minutes, then add to bath. For practical reasons, I wash my baby with soap and shampoo first, with water running through his infant tub, then add the infusion to the bathtub, plug it, and let him soak for about 10 minutes. Keep the room well heated to prevent the standing water from cooling too quickly.


I was laughed at quite often when my boys were little and I used pure cooking lard on the affected area caused by diaper rash. The rash was gone within 24 hours. We had unbelievable results simply by putting lard on the rash.

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