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i started having problems with acid reflux or GERDS during my first pregnacy. my second pregnacy wasn`t so bad..... but over the years it`s gotten so bad i was prescribed meds. but after research and just reading the side effects, i told myself that i would only take my meds when my 'episodes' where unbarrible. and other times i would grab just a COCA COLA. room temp or cold. and honestly, it`s worked in the past and right now as we speak. you will burp, and pass gas. but it such RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea Jones

The mustard is working its been about 4-5 mins and its getting better by the minute thanks for the help!


One of the things that help me was get a cup fill it with ice and full of milk the. Drank it fastly down and walk afterwards this will cool the throat and will stop the burning!


Recently, My doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux disease, and prescribe a powerful drug for me, which needless to say, had all kinds of side effects! So I started researching alternative medicine ideas.... The one that really I can honestly say 'cured' my acid reflux was: 'Yogi' brand herbal tea: Egyptian Licorice Mint.
Every night about an hour before going to bed, I will fix a cup and drink, and still enjoy the diet, I've always had..... Acid Reflux Gone!!!

Lady Bug

I suffer from acidreflux, trust me baking soda really works! Pour some in the palm of your hand take and follow with warm water! You'll feel brand new.


Pureed apple gives instant relief. Keep a jar of apple sauce in the fridge and tins of baby food pureed apple in the handbag, glovebox and at work. I have had the flap of my oesophagus permanently cut open and was told I'd be on medication for life but I just either grab apple sauce or a tin of baby food and I'm fixed in 30 seconds.

Ron Paul

This is the ultimate cure for extreme heartburn. Take one teaspoon of regular kitchen honey and this will stop your heartburn in a very short time. Honey is also a healing remedy that will sooth and help in healing an irritated esophagus.


Eat an apple (or watermelon, or anything which is basic and can absorb the acid in the stomach) as soon as you get up, early every morning, pref before 6.30. Eat at least 2hrs before bed time. THE ABOVE TWO ARE MOST IMPORTANT. Do not eat overly spicy foods. Drink orange juice after meals to aid in digestion. Avoid excessive caffeine. Drink lots of water in general (not immediately after a meal). Eat sufficient quantity of proteins. Take multivitamins (B, omega3 esp) to reduce stress and relax the body.


Kefir Milk has helped me. You can get it at most grocery stores.


i have acid reflux and i just drink a warm glass of ginger ale and chew some gum and that does the trick for me...

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