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Please try wheatgrass you can get it in powder form it works so fast..I swear by it.


I had a really bad cough for several months. I thought it was allergies because I have had them in the past and it was the season. The cough would not go away.

Finally I went to a primary doctor and then an ENT. They said I had GERD and started prescribing me different medications. So far I have tried Prevacid, Nexium, Prilosec, and currently Zegerid. It has gotten a little better but not enough to really be excited about. The Doctor gave me a list of things not to eat and I researched it on the internet and a lot of the suggestions on here are actually things the doctor told me NOT to eat.

I don't really understand why he thinks I have GERD anyway because I cough ALL THE TIME, not just when I eat, although it is worse when I eat.

Someone said to eat ice cream and I can tell you that it is my favorite food and I eat way too much of it and it usually makes the coughing worse. But I guess different things work for different people...


17 and have had Acid Reflux for about a year.. Sometimes it is lack of acid inside the stomach instead of too much. Eating an apple after a meal helps the food move along. Also a glasse of apple juice with a spoon of apple cider vinagar in the morning, sipping, helps keeps acid levels up the whole day. It may sound weird but juice with a tablespoon of extra vigin olive oil in it helps to heal the esophogas. All of these have worked for when my acid levels were down.


My PCP told me about this remedy for acid reflux:

Put the tips of your fingers (both hands) just below your sternum and apply firm pressure for 30 seconds. Firm pressure, but don't hurt yourself. FYI: your sternum is between your breasts,. This really works.


I have had acid reflux for a very long time. This was different than most though. I would burp up actual food plus the burning acid with it. I'm only 18, not overweight, don't smoke!, and eat really healthy. I had no idea what to do. Doctors gave me numerous prescriptions (prevacid, pepcid, nexium..and other stuff i don't even know the name of) --Nothing worked! Sooo.. i went to the home remedies. I noticed that apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and honey were supposed to work. Therefore, I made up something myself-- I warmed up a large glass of water (16 oz.) for about a minute in the microwave. Then added 1 TBSP OF BAKING SODA, 1 TBSP OF HONEY, AND 1 TBSP OF APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. It doesn't taste bad AT ALL. --it actually just tastes like a warm honey drink. haha. So far it's been helping- it helps me just burp up air. and nothing else. So far so good. I also eat Red Delicious Apples for a snack or with my meal because those help keep acid down.
Hope I helped!

dean t bahnson

I have been fighting acid reflux for several years abiut 7. That is when me and my wife were going thru problems with relationship and bills. We ended up getting a divorce,forecloser, and bankruptcy. Survived all that,but still dealing with my acid reflux.When all this started lost appetite lost weight fromhaving no appetite. Studied all the testimonials and decided to try acv and aloe vera juice and I am totaly impressed!!!! Will keep using this because it does really work!!! Wiating to see long term affects,but looks good now!!! Dino~~~~~~~~~~~


It's another waking in the middle of the night, 3rd in a row, thanks to the burning reflux. So I went online to see if I could avoid drinking the Pepto again. Read that it helps to eat rice, or rice cake, did it... not really any relief. Then drank the pickle juice...did it no help. Read to eat celery or an apple...ate the apple and I may have found the trick. I also read that chewing gum till the flavor is gone helps produce more saliva which helps to dilute the acid...lots of positive results on the gum...may give it ago if the apple doesn't work.


(If you only want to read what I do for GERD, Please skip to where you see the text surrounded by >> and <<. The rest is what my symptoms were, and story, etc.)
SO, someone in my family actually got a surgery done, that keeps the esophagus to stomach sphincter closed so food can't come up and out.

But, I don't want surgery, and not many people do. I used to get up at 2 AM every day to every other day puking for what seemed like hours. We went to the doctor after a few weeks of this going on, but the doctor said just to take tums before I go to bed or when I wake up before I feel like puking. That didn't work for me, unless I had a minor stomach ache during the day.
So one day, I was at a family friend house, and my mother left to go out, and I stayed with one of her older friends and ate some hot dogs with ketchup just before bed. I woke up at around 11 PM puking up hot dog and ketchup. So when we realized I ate just before bed, we came up with a little system that seemed to work:
>>I avoid any meat or food with tomato 2 hours before I go to sleep. (Foods like hot dogs, ketchup, ravioli, etc.) Those foods were the kinds that would get me up at 2 AM to go puke.
When I go to bed, I lay on my back, sitting upright, so the food doesn't leak into my esophagus. That seemed to stop my puking.<<
Untill 5th grade. I started puking every once and a while again, and this time with breathing troubles. Not when I was puking, but random times during the day, on my left side of my chest, just under my breast I could feel as if there was a bubble in my lung. It wouldn't let me breathe in or out very much unless I popped it. Sometimes I could breathe comfortably when it was there, other times I had short shallow breaths. But the thing is, when I popped it, I got very, VERY painful heartburn, especially while eating or laying down. I never really found a cure for this, and I still suffer from this, but very rarely does it occur.


I used to get terrible acid reflux, tried all medicines, did not helped. Then I stopped drinking Tea, Coffee, Soda Cans completely and started drinking milk with almonds before sleeping. I now get acid reflux very rarely. It's almost gone.


Had 2 hot dogs at approximately 6AM...I started to get reflux. took apple cider vineager and immediately threw up. So just for all of you supporters of adding more acid to a stomach with acid problems...doesn't always work. I'm 25 and adding acid to my system when I have indigestion/acid reflux or even heartburn has never helped my situation.

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