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I've tried MANY home remedies... Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda mixed with water, mustard, and a ton of others. Nothing ever seemed to work. I'm in the process of changing my diet, but I still get bouts of reflux.

A few weeks ago I had a pretty nasty bout. Lasted for several hours. Finally, no reason why, I took a couple large swallows of Almond Milk. Pain went away nearly instantaneously. Then, a week later I had another bout. This time I immediately went to the Almond Milk. Again... worked fast and was a Godsend!

I don't know if this was a fluke, or I just found what works for me. However, thought I'd share.


Mix two Oz. Apple Cider Vinegar with two oz. water.{Vinegar neturalizes acid}
Repeat if needed. no side affects unless you are alergic to vinegar.


My mom swears by soda crackers and they do work for me but for just a short time....I usually use tspn of baking soda in 1/2 water...makes you burp about 5 times and heartburn gone immediately afterwards.....I have a friend who eats a red apple immediately upon getting heartburn and gone for the day.....good luck!!!


I tried a lot of different things, including cutting out GERD triggering foods, raising the bed, probiotics, a gluten-free, low carb diet, apple cider vinegar and enzyme pills and some of these definitely seemed to help a little bit. The thing that seems to have really done the trick in controlling symptoms though is licorice tablets and licorice tea. I drink tea infused with organic licorice root throughout the day and take the tablets about twice a day (usually after meals). The tablets work instantly and I haven't had any symptoms for about a month now and have been sleeping so much better.


I was in so much pain! I didn't have any honey so I tried the celery. I stalk worked! Thank you!


As for as GERD, I suggest few suggestions in day to day life that will change the situation very positively without any medicines. 1. Eat only 75% of your apetite
2. drink enuf water 3. most importantly, when you sleep , sleep on your right hand side down or on your back. (Never sleep on your stumock or on your left hand side) 4. Always sit straight.


We find that probiotics and enzymes help me and my children tremendously!!

The pancreas is what makes digestive enzymes and puts them in our stomach to break down the food we eat. All foods have enzymes in them but anytime a food is cooked or processed it kills the enzymes. With our diets today of mostly cooked and processed foods it’s hard for our pancreas to be able to produce enough enzymes. Without enough enzymes in the stomach to break down the food the only thing our stomach knows to do is produce more acid to try to break it down. Too much acid in the stomach will cause heart burn, acid reflux, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

If a parent has a pancreas that isn’t producing enough enzymes then it is possible that their children can be born with a pancreas that doesn’t work well either. If the mother will take a supplement of enzymes and probiotics while pregnant she will pass these on to her baby and have a baby with a healthy digestive system.

Probiotics are the good, live bacteria that live in our body. One of the things they do is coat and protect our entire digestive tract (and also the ears and nose). When the stomach produces too much acid then it is forced up the esophagus and down the intestines and will kill probiotics. (Antibiotics also kill probiotics.) When the probiotics are depleted then the acid is traveling right up next to the throat, esophagus and intestines with no protection. This can cause them to get raw, inflamed, painful, and even bleed sometimes.

We use 'Digestive Health' sold by Core Health Products. 'Digestive Health' contains 13 different strains of probiotics and over 20 types of digestive enzymes.


I read suggestions and tried mustard. I was of course very skeptical about it! The idea of eating something acidic adding to more acid sounds crazy but the mustard actually worked!

When I first swallowed it (tablespoon)it burned very badly and thought to myself- this was a bad idea I will need to drink milk. But I gave it a couple of minutes and the burning had gone completely, my tummy felt great. It's definitely worth trying.


PICKLE JUICE!!! My new best friend third chronic acid reflux. I had a horrible bout with it one night when I felt like I couldn't breathe, I needed to burp but that acid vomit taste and I just couldn't burp. It hurt so bad even my ears were affected. A couple swallows of pickle juice and I burped with no struggle, and the pain slowly went away!!! I NEVER write reviews, nothing really works for me... But this does!!!


A Cure for Acid Reflux
I use Sauerkraut instead of any of the prescription or over the counter anti-acids, some are acid blockers which by blocking the production of stomach acids reduce the amount of acids
needed to process your foods, others neutralize the acids present.
Foods not properly digested can set and rot in your stomach and intestines. Cabbage when fermented in the
process of becoming Sauerkraut creates a natural enzime that causes the stomach acids to do their job without causing undue discomfort also the juice works as well, in some
countries Sauerkraut juice is sold for just stomach relief.
I used to suffer from acid reflux and was using a large bottle of tums regularly, then used Prilosec OTC. After using Sauerkraut
I have not used any other anti-acids (some of which are very hard on your liver) for over 5 years. Hope this helps, give it a try !
Richard Flynn /say no to statin drugs

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