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I just read the list of remedies as I was suffering badly from Acid Reflux. I had 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. I felt better for about 20 minutes then I had another glass.
After an hour I felt a lot better but had 1 tspn of peanut butter and now I feel great! I think the combo really worked


Banana is an excellent treatment for acid reflux. Try green ripened banana before meals.


Foremost, just learn to say no to spicy Mexican at 9PM!! I'm on a daily dose of omeprazole but when going out for Mexican, I also take a Zantac 150 to hedge my bet. Tonight the Mexican food won & about 2 hrs after going to bed, I woke up coughing & choking because the burning in my throat & mouth is UNBELIEVABLE !!! Desperate, I found this website & tried the mustard & honey remedy. So far, so good !!! Thank you for posting these remedies -- good to know that I'm not the only one who suffers from this !

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I know I may not be a doctor but since I took anatomy class I learned a lot about Acid reflux. For fast Relief lay on the left side as much possible this way the acid will not be able to travel back to the esophagus. other simple Methods such as peanut butter and pickle juice will also Help relieve the pain


Thank you for suggesting Pickle Juice. I was sitting in the middle of the bed rocking back and forth praying for the pain to go away. I went on line to home remedies for acid. Reflux and pickle juice and peanut butter appeared several times. Within a few short minutes of drinking the juice and eating 2 slices of pickles the pain faded away. Thank GOD it works!!!!!!


I have no idea why this works for me, but when I feel the reflux beginning I take a mucinex. I keep generic, no colors added guafenesin from the dollar store(30 pills for $1) on hand, and it has always helped. I don't even know how I figured out this was helping, but it does. I'm think maybe a food allergy triggers excess mucus and stops the flow of the intestines downward, therefore causing the backup of acid from my stomach into the esophagus. Takes about 15 minutes for relief to be felt, but lasts a long time.


On behalf of my beautiful girlfriend, applesauce did the trick. She had about 6 big spoonfuls of it, slowly. It seems that apple products in general help. Between apples, apple vinegar, and applesauce (she was even talking to me on her iPhone at the time), you should be able to find something to help.


1/2 oz. of bread and butter pickle juice
will stop the burning in one minute or less. apple cider vinegar is the key and will work any way you take it but the pickle juice is mild, tastes good.
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Well it's 3:04am and I'm wide awake with Acid Reflux. I hate it. It really burns to the point that you feel you can't breathe, the more you swallow the more acid comes up, but alls not lost. I find that if you are quick to the point were you shoot out of bed. Chew 2 pieces of peppermint chewing gum. It works a treat. It works quicker than Rennie or gaviscon products. Chewing creates more salivor which makes you swallow more, so with the added mint it really helps. Try it :)


An apple a day keeps the doctor away !!! When I feel pain coming on I usually go for a yogurt right away. If not ill eat an apple and within 10-20 min I feel better !

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